April 3, 2020
Should You Sell on Platforms Other than Amazon?

Should You Sell on Platforms Other than Amazon?

– Hey there everyone, Jamie Davidson here with AMZ Insiders. A little bit about ourselves. Myself and my two fellow
co-founders, Jason and Brad, did over $75 million
selling on Amazon last year. This year, we’re on pace to
do well over $100 million, and one of the most
popular questions we get about selling on Amazon,
and e-commerce in total, is whether you should sell on Amazon only, or whether you should
also consider selling on other e-commerce
platforms, and if so, when? So it’s a really good question, and I’ll share our take on it. We’re strong believers that you should really prioritize Amazon for a long while. There certainly are other opportunities. We sell a lot on Walmart, on eBay, on a bunch of other platforms, but it doesn’t compare
to what we do on Amazon. The reason is, is that Amazon is bigger than the next ten biggest
competitors combined, so Amazon just dominates the market in terms of e-commerce, and it’s where all the customers go, right? Over half people start
all of their searches by going to Amazon first. Only 20-some odd percent nowadays even Google when they’re
looking for a product, and then the whole rest of the world of e-commerce platforms and
websites make up the last 20%. Amazon’s already more
than half of all searches, which is incredible, and
it’s growing and growing. Their piece of the pie is
growing and growing and growing. There’s something called
the Amazon Effect, you may have hear that,
you probably hear that in the news periodically
when all these retailers are closing down, and frankly
the Walmart’s a target. Even the biggest retailers
are scared of Amazon, because of the power of the platform. And it’s why it’s such a huge opportunity to sell on Amazon particular. There, again, to my point earlier, there are opportunities to
sell on other platforms. We don’t recommend doing it any time soon. What we would recommend instead is, so if you’re selling on Amazon.com, which is the US platform,
instead of moving over to other platforms, what
you can do on Amazon is you can sell globally. So you can go from
Amazon.com and very easily start selling on Amazon
Canada, so Amazon.ca. You can sell on Amazon Mexico. You can sell over in Europe. Amazon over in Germany. And Japan just launched. We launched in Japan and our business took off in Japan last year. Australia’s launching, India,
these different countries. So think about it, this is all, literally you can do this
with one product, alright. You can literally take one product and sell it on all these
different platforms, assuming there’s demand for these products in these other countries. So you could either, you could do that, or you could go to a brand new platform. You could open your own Shopify store, and then have to run
advertisements and traffic to get anyone to find your website, because you’re buried behind the other millions and millions of
websites out there, stuff. Or like I said, you could really leverage the power of Amazon. So clearly, we’re, you know,
we’ve had a lot of success on Amazon, that’s what we believe in. And more and more, the ability
to leverage other countries, international sales, Amazon’s
made it easier and easier with every year that goes by to stay within the Amazon platform and really expand your business
on a global perspective, so from our perspective, we would recommend doing that first. And that’s a long ways, right. You could build a huge business in really any of these
countries, let alone all of ’em, before we’d recommend moving on to other platforms off of Amazon. Certainly there’s other ones out there, you could maybe, you can
test and do a little bit, but you don’t want to
miss the huge opportunity that is on Amazon by
spending too much time and too much distraction. Folks who have smaller platforms that have much much
smaller bases of customers as opposed, again, where
all the customers are, where all the traffic is, which is Amazon. So if you found this video helpful, talking about why we think it makes sense to really prioritize selling on Amazon, I’ve got a perfect free workshop for you. We’ve got it available for a limited time. Click below, check it
out, we talk all about the power of selling on Amazon, how we’ve built our $75
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following our exact same steps to create your very own e-commerce empire. Get you started on Amazon, or if you already have some
experience but really want to accelerate your business, again, be sure to click below. Check out our free workshop, and look forward to seeing you there. So if you like this video, be
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where else you’re selling and your own takes on it,
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  1. Hi Jamie, do you recommend opening new seller accounts for new brands you launch, or do you sell multiple brands under one account?

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