April 2, 2020
Should You Choose an eCommerce Web Developer or a Web Builder?

Should You Choose an eCommerce Web Developer or a Web Builder?

Web builder or web development company – which one is right for you? So these are the things that you may ask yourself to determine the right answer. So who are web builders good for? Businesses who don’t have a lot of budget, or who don’t have a lot of products, or who really need something easy and fast and want to get up and running in a matter of days. Where web builders fall short are for businesses that have a lot of product data that require a lot of customizations. They need a lot of integrations, whether it be with a third party or their own ERP. Design – Are you satisfied with the design of themes they have to offer, or do you need more customizations to their default theme? If you require too many design customizations, then this is not the right platform for you. Integrations – This is very important. If you’re just trying to connect with the basic shipping and payment APIs, then a web builder works perfect. But, if your order customizations require integrations with other third-party vendors or their APIs, then again, this might not be the best solution for you. Marketing – This is something which is very important to all businesses. While most of the web builders really provide you with all the basic tools you need to get the ball rolling, to get you started. But if you have special marketing needs, or customized product feeds or shipping details which you need to extract from the system, or email marketing modules, then they do not really do the job which you are looking for. Next, programming customizations – Are you satisfied with the way their check out works, or their user registration, or the product details space look? If that’s the case, that is perfectly fine. But if you need a modified check out flow, if you need modified shipping or promotions module, then a web builder doesn’t really serve the purpose. Because they all have a very protected code, and you can’t really just go in and modify the core code logic to satisfy your business requirements. Some of the popular third-party tools do support and have modules for the web builders, but some of them don’t. And if you need a lot of customizations where one of these integrated modules are not supported, then a web builder really falls short. Businesses that need to be on the cutting edge of technology – consumerism and marketing – and be able to pivot to go where they need to go, they should really consider using a web developer instead of just going with a web builder.

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