April 8, 2020
Should I hide my negative reviews for my products or company?

Should I hide my negative reviews for my products or company?

– For those of you who
don’t know me already, my name is Craig, host of Digital Startup, helping entrepreneurs like yourselves build and grow your first online store and today I’m here to answer the question, should I hide my negative reviews? So if this sounds like something
you might be interested in I’ll see you in just a second. (gentle music) In this video I won’t be
addressing whether you should use reviews or not as there’s
plenty of evidence out there that having reviews actually
helps with your online conversions, instead, I’ll be answering, should I hide my negative
reviews in my online store? But before I attempt
to answer the question, let’s delve into a little
more detail about reviews. So the first and often
overlooked type of review that you will find on an online
store is a company review, these are reviews that are
solely focused on the company’s service as opposed to
the company’s product, they’re especially helpful
if the company sells a unique or rare products or services
because the product reviews might not be available. A company review is also a
powerful way to build trust in your brand, the second and
most popular type of review is a product review, these
types of reviews solely focus on the product that’s being sold, these types of reviews are
great if you sell uncommon products because it helps
the customer gain faith in the actual product, it
serves less of a purpose on common products like mobile
phones because these tend to be reviewed by professionals on
other popular review sites. If you want to host your company
review or product reviews on your website, you
have a couple of options. You can self host your
reviews by using any inbuilt features that your chosen
ecommerce platforms provide, for example, platforms
like Magenta and Shopify have the ability for
customers to leave reviews on the website but remain
detached from independent review services, personally,
I don’t tend to use built in reviews because they
carry very little weight. Then you have the third
party review services, such as Yotpo, Reviews,
Trustpilot, Google customer reviews and there’s a tonne more. The great thing about these services is that they can assist you
with SEO and help promote how well your products
or company stands up so if I were to use a search
engine to find information about your products or
service, these websites will likely be returned
in search engine results. This way your potential
customers can gain the confidence they need in order to make a purchase. Both the self host and
third party solutions allow you to curate your
reviews so for example, when a customer posts a
review for your company or products, you can pick and
choose which of the reviews that you want to appear on your website, which promotes the debate,
should I hide negative reviews on my online store? Just to be clear, you
should know that this answer is based on my opinion with
some reasoning behind it, if you think differently, I
welcome you to leave a comment below with the reason
behind your thinking, it’ll be good to get
some fresh perspectives, so if you ran an online
store and you were to ask me if I thought you should
publish your negative reviews along with your positive
ones, then my answer would definitely be yes, I can
understand if there are many of you out there that are thinking,
why the hell would I want to do that, and for a time,
I was on the same page as you but this is what I’ve learned
and experienced over the years You have your keyboard
warriors, which are the types of customers that write
four page essays on why your company or products are crap
because the delivery driver just happened to knock
over their garden gnome, suffice to say, everyone will
always get a negative review and that’s completely
natural, I would say it’s more unnatural to look through
reviews and not see any negative ones, frankly,
as a keen online shopper that’s probably spent far
too much money online, I’ve never been put off
by the negative reviews because at the end of
the day, things happen and you should never let a negative review put you off as a consumer,
on the flip side, if the negative reviews
outweigh the positive ones then there’s clearly something wrong, so let’s say that a customer
does leave a negative review on your website, let’s
say the customer leaves a product review that
the item they received was either damaged or
faulty, publish it anyway, third party review services
allow you the opportunity to respond to these
customers to put it right and now the whole world
can see that your company has acknowledged the problem
and are willing to fix it. Maybe you respond with
an apology and an offer to send out a replacement
item, either way, you look like a hero,
if you’re still worried about publishing negative
reviews, then you can adopt a strategy that I’ve
used a couple of times when signing up to a third
party review service. Until you receive right around
50 to 100 positive reviews, curate your negative ones,
once you feel comfortable with the amount of reviews that you have, go back and publish all the negative ones, if you have enough positive
reviews then your score overall will hardly be
affected, so if you found this video useful, hit that like button and if you’d like to be
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  1. Hey! Do you agree or disagree? Do negative reviews put you off purchasing something? Let me know your thoughts.

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