April 1, 2020
ShopIsle PRO Vs Free: Extra Features To Make Your Store AWESOME

ShopIsle PRO Vs Free: Extra Features To Make Your Store AWESOME

Are you using the free ShopIsle WordPress theme and want to see what you get in the PRO version? Or you are just considering this theme for
your website? Either way, you are in the right place! In this video, you will see the differences
and I will show you a detailed demonstration of each PRO feature so you can take them into consideration toward upgrading your e-commerce business to the next level. User Experience in online shopping is a must. Because the PRO version of this theme has Enhanced Cart, you should definitely consider upgrading… Your clients will also have the ability to
manage their cart easily in a popup window without changing the page… This helps you gain more sales too so it’s
a win-win situation for sure! Matching the colors of the website with the
color of your choice it’s hard when you have limited options… With the PRO version, you will get full-color
schemes support so you will be able to set every custom color as you wish… There are five sections you can customize
on the Frontpage of your free theme without the possibility to change its position, but
with the PRO you will get five additional sections; Categories, Map, Ribbon, Services
and Shortcodes… You can use them all to enhance visual and
user experience on your e-commerce website… Moreover, you will be able to move each section
with ease by simply dragging the section into the place of your choice… Once a product will get sales and reviews,
it will be featured automatically in this PRO section as a popular product category… You can select one, two or more categories
to be featured here. In the ribbon section, you can set a custom
background image which has parallax effect on scrolling. The text and call to action button have customizable
fields here and you can use this section to enhance your marketing efforts and display
discount for a specific product, like in this example… Selling physical products in a local store
can be enhanced with this feature… Use the map section to show your online visitors
the location of your store. They’ll be happy to enter if they are nearby. The more services you offer the more value
you deliver. This is the section you can use to showcase
minimum three of your best services… and you can customize them accordingly… Willing to create and add more custom content
to your front page? The Shortcode Section is meant to let you
do just that… Simply activate the section and paste the
shortcode in the specific field… add a title and description, contact in our case, and
then your contact form, or any other shortcode based custom content will become visible on
the front page right away… If you want to apply all the features mentioned
in this video, upload, install and activate the PRO version of Shopisle WordPress theme
and everything will be fine.

11 thoughts on “ShopIsle PRO Vs Free: Extra Features To Make Your Store AWESOME

  1. Hello! Your plagin Shop Isle Companion incompatible with wordpress-4.9.4-ru_RU. It works correctly only with wordpress-4.5.2. If it possible, please fix compatible with new version

  2. How do you remove the overlay from the header on the shop isle theme? The code that is given on the forum does not work. And it seems wrong to have to purchase the pro version just to ask a simple question

  3. When i buy and install the pro version do i need to restart everything from the beginning or it will just upgrade and add the additional features?

  4. Hello,
    first of all i wanted to thank for this awesome theme for woocommerce that nobody can find better than this.
    i have a problem that i dont have that drop down menu near the shop, to see the categories. how can i fix it?

  5. Hi, Why do you use in Shortcodes section [pirate_forms]? Can you explain to me that? and how can I do show this form, thanks!

  6. Do I have to make a new child theme for the pro version? Or will the free child theme work? Or do I simply change the name of the file and the theme it points to?

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