December 5, 2019
Shopify, WooCommerce, or NOT – OH MY with Phyllis Khare

Shopify, WooCommerce, or NOT – OH MY with Phyllis Khare

hey welcome to episode 12050… why is so hard ??? 12057 or episode 4 depending on
how you look at it. If you saw my last episode it was all about the confusion I
find in the e-commerce shopping world if I want to create my own products. Take a
look at that because that sort of goes along with this one because today I’m
talking about the online shopping platform – the store that you create – the
place where people come to buy your stuff. I just want one dropship interface
to create all the stuff to have in one storefront that’s all I want – that’s all I want. Now I’m all for having a bricks and mortar store – in fact I have this
fantastic Pinterest board called My Fantasy Retail Store where I kind of put all
the things in it and it it’s like an amazing collection of really cool stuff
so go check it out. And long ago and far away I actually had an e-commerce store
back when there was a thing called Yahoo stores and I represented about 20
high-end American crafts people and I highlighted and showcase their work on
my store and that was back in 2004 but now I want to focus on the online
version of having a wonderful store. And I know there are some people who have
been in this industry for a very long time and have this all figured out but
for those of us who are just dropping back into this space it can be very
confusing. And in the last episode I talked a lot about those places that you
can actually create the stuff but now how do you present it online? Where is
the place that you present it? You can have a Shopify store with installed apps
from all these places where you’ve been creating stuff and it will feed your
Shopify store. And that Shopify store can be connected to your Facebook page which is connected to your Instagram business account
so that you can showcase the things that you’ve made on Instagram by tagging the
products in your post and by having a shop or a store up on your Facebook page. This is a beautiful way to design it and like I said the only problem is some of
the things I want to sell through the store I can’t connect through Shopify
like VIDA. Or you can use WooCommerce and connect it to your WordPress site and
you can have all that connected up to your Amazon – fulfilled by Amazon account (Or not) but and this is a big but people it’s just so frustrating when all the places
that you’ve created stuff don’t have a Shopify app. Now inside Shopify they have some really nice integrations. You can just open up all of these different
integrations like you can sell it on your Facebook page your Instagram
account on Pinterest you can sell it through Messenger – lots of different ways and it’s just the click of a box. Now I hate to tell you this but once you get
your store all beautiful and everything’s connected and you’re
showcasing everything that you want you still have to get people there – right? So
you still have to market it – you have to do something that really stands out… just
how to get that one out 🙂 Please Like Share Comment in any order that you want – I like them all I appreciate it. okay people back to work.

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