April 1, 2020
Shopify VS Amazon FBA | Which Will Bring You the Most Money First?!

Shopify VS Amazon FBA | Which Will Bring You the Most Money First?!

What is going on Winners?! In today’s
video, I want to talk about Shopify vs. Amazon FBA, which one should you get
started off with first in order to make the most money in the shortest amount of
time! I want to share with you guys a story about how I first got started with
Shopify, and my experience with Shopify versus Amazon FBA. I started the two around
the same time at late last year, and if you guys don’t know what Shopify is,
Shopify is a online marketplace where you build your own Shopify stores. So, you
basically build your own online store and you drive traffic to it in order to
make sales. Amazon FBA is much more, in my experience, just more
ideal for beginners doing private label only because Amazon is the world’s
biggest online marketplace and they already have the traffic. They already
have the customers, they already have the demand for products if you were
planning to private label your products. So, what made me get started with
Shopify? So, late last year I got laid off from my job and I was looking for
other ways to make money. I heard about Shopify through YouTube, and how cool it
is to make your own online store, customize it the way you want, and simply
drive traffic to it in order to make sales. So, you can be holding physical
inventory or you could be using a fulfillment center to hold inventory. You
can even start a Shopify store and link your products directly to Amazon
fulfillment centers for Amazon to ship out the products for you. Now, I have
personally never did this yet, I do plan on doing it later this year when I grow
my brand just a little bigger. But, basically I started Shopify late last
year, I saw some people having success with it until I started making my own
Shopify store. I had a online Shopify store doing clothing, I was selling
women’s nightclub wear, dresses, just a lot of like sexy clothes for
women, and obviously there’s already a lot of big sellers online that are
already doing that. So, I wasn’t really thinking about that, I was just really
excited to get started and to take action like what I usually do. So, I
started my own Shopify store and I held all my… all my clothing in my apartment, and
I was shipping it out myself. Now, the biggest, biggest challenge there was that
I was not getting traffic to my Shopify store. And as I mentioned earlier with
Amazon, there’s already traffic – millions of people shop on Amazon every freaking
day. If you are to start up a Shopify store from scratch and expect someone to
find it, good luck! There is, honestly, it’s so hard, in my experience, it was so hard
to drive organic traffic to my store. I was putting in hundreds of dollars
through Facebook Ads, I had an Instagram page and I was
doing ads on there. I just kept driving… trying to drive traffic organically to
my Shopify store, and it was really hard. I was investing… I was losing more money
than I was making. I think, I was making like a few hundred dollars a month, but I
was like, maybe like in the low hundreds. I mean, like maybe like two or three
hundred dollars a month. But, I was dumping in literally a few hundred a
week just on Facebook ads, and Instagram ads, and it took up so much of my time
because I had to engage with online influencers on Instagram in order for
them to hopefully accept my offer when I shipped them out like a dress, or a piece
of clothing, and I hope that they were to repost that, and claim. Like, and just
influence that for me and claim the coupons went on, and it was just… it was
just a nightmare for me having my own Shopify store when I knew
nothing about driving traffic, or how to drive traffic to it!
Now, if you are a Facebook Ads expert, and you know all the secrets to making a
very good Facebook ad, and driving traffic,
and targeting the right audience, one thing about Facebook ads is that you need to
know your audience. There’s a lot of research that goes into it. You need
to place your ad in front of the right audience in order for your ads convert,
in order for customers to take a look at your store, and that does even promise
that they’ll buy something. But, the one thing I liked about Shopify was that it
was so easy to build your own store. Now, if you are already an Amazon FBA private
labeller, you can start your own Shopify store and start listing your products on
there, maybe one or two products, or whatever, and have that online… your URL
to your Shopify store on the packaging of your products. That way customers, when
they buy your product through Amazon FBA, they can be like, “oh this this seller has
an online store”, which is the Shopify store that you just created, and
hopefully they can check all your other products. But, honestly I don’t think that
is a really good way to convert. It does take a lot of time for customers on
Amazon to really organically find… organically decide to go on your online
store, and start buying other products. And it’s also hard because you, obviously,
start off with one product on Amazon FBA, you don’t have a lot of products
to put into your Shopify store. So, I don’t suggest starting a Shopify store
until you have a customer base, an audience that you found, and then
have your Shopify store. If you have no audience, and you’re just driving cold
traffic, good luck! I would love to hear some success stories where someone has
made a Shopify store and drove very good cold traffic to it in order for it to
convert. I know a lot of people use Shopify to do drop shipping as well, I’ve
never done drop shipping, I was really into Amazon FBA after I found out
about it at the same time about Shopify. Anyway, going back to my Shopify
store, I honestly I failed on it, did it for about four months, and I was
asking friends to look at my website, and they gave me back their honest opinion.
They said that my clothing was really nice, and the prices were fair. I tried to
like price it at just lower than average because I obviously wanted more
customers to look at my products and just kind of get exposure before
making profits, and a lot of people came to me and said that websites really nice.
Like, they thought it was made by a professional, but it was made by me. I
just spent a lot of time playing with Shopify everyday, and their platform is
so easy to use. Honestly, you can build a Shopify store that’s
decent-looking in maybe a week if you work on it every day,
and if you need help, their support group is amazing. They can help you, they can
look at your store, and you basically figure out everything on your own on
Shopify. You don’t really need a course to start Shopify, your own Shopify
store. From experience, they have templates for you, where you just
literally just upload photos and put in your text, your prices, and you just kind
of check how you want your Shopify store to look like. Now, that takes a
little bit of time, but as I mentioned I do not suggest you guys to start a Shopify
store without a customer base, just don’t do it. Unless you are, again, a Facebook
Ads expert, and you know where your target audience is, and you know where to
find those customers – do not start a Shopify store. So, I know a lot of sellers
on Amazon are putting their Shopify store link, basically their
website link, onto their packages and making themselves look like a legitimate
business, I think that’s awesome! I am starting to do that as well. The reason why
I have not started my own website for my products yet, is because I only have two
products in one niche, and then I have two other products in a different niche.
So, if I were to have the online store with only one or two products, I think it
looks a little silly because when you go to an online store, you obviously see
hundreds of products. You see at least a few, right? And,
if your Shopify store only has like one product… I think that’s a little
lame, and I won’t be really convinced as a customer that you are a big business,
and that you are obviously a big company. So anyway, that’s my two cents. If you
guys are planning to start a Shopify store, I suggest you guys get started. You
can play with it, I think they have like a free two week trial, you can obviously,
you’re welcome to play with it, and you will find that it is so easy to use. You
don’t need to hire anyone to make your Shopify store. You can do everything
on your own. There’s been a few sellers that have asked me have I started
Shopify, or what do you think about Shopify, or should i do Shopify? And, my
honest suggestion to you, is you should focus on one thing at a time. You should
focus on mastering one thing, then going to the next, and then going to next,
step-by-step. If you are just doing everything at the same time, not only are
you not giving it your full attention, you’re not going to be able to learn
everything super quickly, and you’re going to make a lot of mistakes on the
way. So, if you are planning to start your own online store on Shopify, I suggest
getting that traffic first, work on selling your product organically through
Amazon first. Make sure you’re getting some steady sales – by steady sales, I mean,
at least ten units a day steadily for your products. Then at least you get some
customers and then at least you have that customer base to build a target
audience or a look-alike audience on Facebook in order to drive them to your
Shopify store. And as I mentioned, another way to get exposure for your Shopify
store is to simply put the website link of your product onto your packaging when
you have a few products up. Anyways, I hope this video has helped you guys. This
is my honest opinion about Shopify vs. Amazon FBA. I’m not saying don’t do it at
all, I just want you guys to focus on one thing at a time, and make sure you gain a
lot of knowledge and experience on one thing first before you hop into the next.
That is the best way to learn things, in my opinion. Okay guys, give this video a
thumbs up, and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below, subscribe to
my channel, and I’ll see you guys next time!

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  2. Yes, I agree that having only one or two products in your Shopify store will look kind of weird. When is it decent enough to start one?

  3. Thank you for this great content Tamara! I was wondering if you need a sole propriortership business number to start shopify, can you just file it under personal income tax without a business number for the beginning ?

  4. Hi, first of all, four months to develop any business is not enough time. Secondly having a Shopify store actually helps you get more products from manufacturers when they see that you already have a store. One thing you could have done is to keep your Shopify store but not spend any money of ads until is was a better time to do so.

  5. Awesome videos Tamara!!! I love the fact your from Canada! As i can relate to the subjects closer than say someone from the US explaining things about amazon. Keep up the great work, your subjects are on point!!

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