April 7, 2020
Shopify Killer: SaleJunction Ecommerce Store Builder

Shopify Killer: SaleJunction Ecommerce Store Builder

So, thanks a lot for visiting the SaleJunction
eCommerce store builder JV page. This 25th November, we are coming up with the launch
which will allow your customers to set up their eCommerce Store without having to worry
about any recurring payments at all. So, this means this specific launch for SaleJunction
eCommerce store builder is a product which is a pay once use lifetime product and it
will allow your customers to set up their own eCommerce store at just a one time payment
and without having to worry about any recurring payment out there. So, there are others hundreds of platforms
out there which are used for building eCommerce store now a days. Those platforms includes platforms like Shopify,
evolution store or big commerce. But the biggest problem with all those platforms out there
is that they charge a hefty recurring payment every month for creating and setting up the
store. Those kinds of payment include payment of
99 dollars per month or 149 dollars per month or may be 199 dollars per month as well and
it is very hard for a new guy to start an eCommerce store and start to pay those kind
of heavy recurring payments every month and to grow their business and it is very hard
to grow their business by paying their recurring amount. This specific launch is created for a WordPress
theme. It is a WordPress theme which will allow your customers to set up their own eCommerce
store using WordPress. It has a one time payment license so your
customers do not have to worry about recurring payment at all and they can actually invest
the money that they would be saving into building and growing their business in itself. This specific launch has a eCommerce store
builder thing, it includes no recurring payments and your customers can sell both digital as
well as physical products using the product, using the theme. It includes the payment gateway like PayPal
and they can actually track their sale statistics within the theme itself and this theme is
translation enabled so, this means your customers can actually a translate the website in any
language that they want. It has got all the features that your customers will be getting
at Shopify and Evolution store anywhere out there as well. This is a very perfect launch, it is coming
at a right time because the shopping season is just around the corner and I am pretty
sure once your customer start to use this eCommerce store builder I am pretty sure that
they would be loving it for sure for their own eCommerce store as well. So, do promote this offer, it has gotten exciting
funnel. we have a front end as this WordPress theme. We have an OTO which includes plugins
to transform the eCommerce store into a full fledged marketplace with multiple vendors
just like Etsy, Code canyon or those kind of marketplaces and then we have an OTO to
win other exciting WordPress based product as well and it is a high value product as
well. So, I am pretty sure that once you start to
promote it you will be seeing great conversion down the funnel and since shopping season
is around the corner, lots and lots of people are trying to build an eCommerce store at
this point of time. So promote this offer at twenty fifth of November
at ten a am eastern. Your customer will absolutely love this offer and I am hundred percent sure
that your customer will actually thank for your promoting this offer as well. So grab your swipes, there are swipes included
in the JV page itself and do promote your offer telling them that this is a one time
payment product and you do not have to invest lots and lots of money to build their eCommerce
store and they can build their eCommerce store in just a matter of few minutes. So thanks for watching this JV page presentation.
I am pretty sure and I will absolutely love to see you on twenty fifth helping this launch
and promoting this offer to your customers. So thanks for watching the sound. Thank you

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