April 10, 2020

Shopify Integration Video – Learn how to integrate Shopify with ERP and CRM systems

Hi there. I see you are using Shopify as your E-commerce
solution… (Presenter) Yes it’s a great piece of software, but
like all e-commerce systems it requires a… large amount of repetitive data entry… Repetitive data entry…
Repetitive data entry…(Customer) Yes indeed! But TaskCentre can help you
break out of this loop! (Presenter) Tell me more… (Customer) Picture this… You’ve had a good days trading and taken
300 orders… Yes sounds good…(Customer) Shopify has processed the transactions and
holds a record of each one… And now your employees have to extract these
orders and rekey or manually import them into your ERP system. Yes… It’s tedious, I’ve given that job
to Bob! (Customer) So you’ve manually rekeyed all the orders
from Shopify into your business software, and are now faced with the task of placing
them with your preferred courier services. Yet more administration for you and your employees.
But it doesn’t end there. Once the orders have been placed, other information
such as order status and stock levels need to be transferred between Shopify and your
other business systems (Presenter) Exactly, yet more rekeying… (Customer) You said it, but there is a better way – with
TaskCentre’s powerful integration tools! (Presenter) TaskCentre can automatically manage interactions
between your business systems and Shopify…seamlessly. This means data is pushed
and pulled from both sources without having to type a thing. This Frees your time-starved employees to
concentrate on the more important things. Ahh that’s a relief…[pause] for Bob! (Customer) All of this automation doesn’t require any
employee administration, ever. (Presenter) Hmm interesting…BOB (head of admin) [uncomfortable pause] You’re fired! Only joking! (Customer) Oh dear [Laughing]….how mean (Presenter) [Presenter and Customer laughing, Bob nervously laughing] [Bob nervously laughing on his own] I like messing with you Bob, [Laughing] Yes, take that Bob. (Customer) For more information or a live demonstration of Task Centre’s Shopify Integration solution, please contact us now…

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