April 10, 2020
ShipBob: Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Provider

ShipBob: Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Provider

Okay so the e-commerce big guys offer two-day
shipping, and maybe you’re a not so big guy offering competitive prices and great service,
but this shipping thing is holding you back. Well, let’s remove that barrier right now.
Bam- now you can offer two-day shipping too with ShipBob. ShipBob automatically manages
and fulfills orders from your online store from beginning to end. Regardless of the size
of your organization, we enable you to easily and affordably offer two-day shipping to your
customers. ShipBob gives you the fulfillment power and scale of a large national retailer
without having to build the infrastructure and manage it yourself. Here’s how: ShipBob
integrates with Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce and more, to automatically import your orders
without you having to lift a finger. Just like the big guys we have fulfillment centers
all over the country staffed with dedicated employees who help get products delivered
anywhere in the continental US, within a day or two. With ShipBob you’ll get the lowest
bulk shipping rates that we’ve negotiated for you from all major carriers. Plus, you
can send packages that display your branding, not ours, and ShipBob lets you track your
inventory orders and shipments and generate reports all from a single dashboard. ShipBob
takes the hassle out of fulfilling orders, so you can focus on more important things
like growing your business. Get started now.

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