April 3, 2020
She Spends 1 Million Dollars Per Month on Plastic Surgery??? Lailli Mirza

She Spends 1 Million Dollars Per Month on Plastic Surgery??? Lailli Mirza

hi everyone and welcome to in at skincare I am so excited because last night I wish to research before I do my YouTube videos I can start looking around on YouTube to see what’s hot see what’s trending and out of nowhere I type in the keyword skincare and I got a recommended and suggested video from this girl Lele I excuse me if I’m pronouncing your name wrong I don’t know why she’s a wreck I think it’s Lili Lili Lili anyways she spends 1 million dollars a month she spent on maintenance to make herself look beautiful with plastic surgery in Dubai she spent 1 million dollars I’m so sorry my name is Leigh Leigh I think my production manager to sit for me lately okay she spent a million dollars guys in one month on her maintenance a plastic surgery a million dollars okay some of us are only so lucky to ever touch or have a million dollars in our life right a million dollars is like the goal that everyone’s trying to get to then you get a million you want another million another more than another going right but do we want it to spend it on our looks and our physique some of you might be saying yes but I’m saying no I would never spend a million dollars on plastic surgery ever okay I am NOT opposed to plastic surgery at all I’m actually partnered with one of the top plastic surgeons in the country here in Las Vegas so I’m not at all against plastic surgery I think plastic surgery is great I think it’s good if it makes you feel better I think it’s great if there’s something you don’t like about yourself that you want to fix I think it’s awesome but there’s also the extreme right is a million dollars per month extreme for plastic surgery um perhaps for one thing I don’t even know what her ages I have only watched a couple seconds of this video and I paused it because I couldn’t believe just what I even started hearing her say she’s a young girl does she need this much in plastic surgery I don’t think so let’s see what she says this is maintaining her looks this isn’t like going and getting full facelift tummy tuck skin removal weight loss surgery none of that this is just to maintain she’s probably in her 20s to maintain her looks I can’t even relate to this okay I’ve never gotten Botox in my life as you can see although some of you probably think I need it I don’t think I need it I like how I look I like to show my expressions I think my expressions show me I think it’s funny it’s comedic to be able to see what I’m thinking and what I’m feeling I don’t want to hide my emotions from anyone I want everyone to know exactly what I’m thinking and how I feel about it written all over my face and I haven’t gotten any fillers whatsoever in years I got collagen before maybe 20 years ago when collagen was a filler because when I was a child I got bit by a dog and I had a scar on my lip right here so I used to get a little bit of collagen filled in there and if there was any left over I would have them put a little bit in my lips they don’t use collagen anymore they have all of these different fillers and to me a lot of them are very thick or too thick for me I’ve never gotten any of them put in but I’m seeing how some of the girls lips a lot of times seemed too big or too plump and that’s not for me although lots of people like that and I think a lot of girls look beautiful I’m not dissing that at all it’s just not something for me but I want to do at all any time ever so enough about me let’s go back and see what it is she’s doing for $1,000,000 in Dubai of maintenance for her appearance people tell her she needs to find God and love herself um you know I am NOT someone who likes trolls or anybody trolling people are saying bad things about comments but whoever said she needs to find God and love herself she’s done that she god is definitely watching over her to give her million dollar to five for her fillers and so she will love herself oh she loves chrisphillip there’s no way she doesn’t so let’s continue and see what else she says [Music] [Music] okay I’ve heard of the IPL photo facial and I heard it is good so there’s nothing wrong with doing that it’s just they’re expensive it’s just with a lot of these different photo facials and things like that you don’t necessarily have to spend that money you can but there’s skincare that does the same things because she’s talking about this removes hyperpigmentation well so does Obagi skincare that we sell so there’s a Nance I have products that we remove hyperpigmentation much less expensive much more hydrating at the same time they’re also helping with wrinkles and getting rid of dry skin or anti aging so you know if you don’t have the money to do this you can do it simply with skincare so let’s see what all she says I have to know this girl’s age hi I don’t have enough time for you guys right now during this video but I have to do a series on this there’s no way I can get through it at all in one setting because there’s so much to talk about I can’t wait to see everything that she’s doing I’m guessing she’s in her 20s maybe early thirties but probably not I’m 47 I’ve never had any Botox I have no fillers whatsoever simply by a healthy diet good living great skincare taking care of myself getting enough sleep I don’t drink I don’t smoke all those kinds of things you can do all of this naturally I mean look she looks great her skin her skin looks beautiful but I’m sure if depending upon your age when you’re in your 20s almost everyone’s skin looks beautiful other than acne or different things like that your collagen is still built up you know it’s we don’t need to spend a million dollars I still can’t wrap my head around this so this is part one I’m gonna talk so much about this because I am completely mesmerized by this I want you guys to tell me if you had a million dollars would you spend it on plastic surgery please let me know I have to know if other people think that this is a smart investment as well I mean if you’re trying to find the richest husband in the world of like billionaire or something but there’s people I have lots of friends and dated billionaires and millionaires and all that and you don’t have to be that extreme with what you’re doing a lot of people just are happy with how they look naturally I’m aging I’m 47 years old we’re all aging but I embrace it I love it I love how I feel all I want to do is stay healthy and look good for my age that’s it and with the proper skin care products you can do that so if you yourself want to have healthy and beautiful skin and not spend a million dollars a month to maintain your appearance let’s check let me know if there’s anything that you need skin care wise if you have any questions we can send for consultation I’m here for you let me know in the comments but wow this is pretty cool I can’t believe people even even in this day and age have a million dollars stick instead on plastic surgery can you this is part one guys part twos will be coming up soon thanks for watching make sure you like and subscribe to my channel this way you can see the series I’m doing on this amazing and unbelievable plastic surgery story that she’s going through and we can all discuss it and see what we think and how we feel about it I still can’t believe it I’m happy for her if that’s what she wants to do because she shouldn’t tell anyone ever what to do with their money but if I were an investment advisor I would tell her she should be buying house after house after house real estate if you have a million dollars a month buy another house another Hou get one in New York get one in Hawaii get one in Vegas get one in Florida get one all over the country so you have something for your future so thanks for coming to join me I’ll see you guys soon again like and subscribe hit that Bell have a wonderful day

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