March 29, 2020
Set Up a GoDaddy Website – and Make a WP Blog!

Set Up a GoDaddy Website – and Make a WP Blog!

Hey You Guys it’s greg welcome to this Video Where We’re Going to set up a website With Godaddy So if You Just Bought a godaddy Domain Name and you aren’t sure what to do next to get a beautiful blog or Website live For the World Then This Video Is perfect for you Or if You don’t even Have a domain Name and You’re Going to start at Godaddy and Buy One Which is a great Idea in my Opinion then this Video is also perfect for you So what are We going to Make today, well why, don’t we Check it out? you In This Video you’re Going to learn how to Make a WordPress Website so to do that we need the Godaddy Domain Name and We need some Web Hosting Just Two things that you need [to] get and Those are things that We all get Us? Web developers Business Owners Anyone who runs any Sort of blog in A professional sense online Needs that and we’re Going to See how to get it of Course Once You Have a domain Name from Godaddy I’m going to show you how to choose your own Hosting Platform so there’s about A? Thousand Or 10,000 Different hosts out There and I want you to be able to choose the one That’s the best for your Needs in Terms of? Services and Price and I have a pretty good One I’m using Currently They are in My Opinion the Best in Terms of Price and Service and They’re Called Hostgator So I’m going to show you how to set everything up with them but you Can choose Whatever you Want Once We do that the Process is really [simple], We just click A? Button Or Two and Install WordPress and That Part’s super, Easy you don’t need to know any Code [or] technology Html cSS Php Database Stuff Xml C++ none [of] that you don’t need to know Any of it Once We have WordPress Installed We’re Going to learn how [to] Master WordPress How To Install Google Analytics how to install Google Adsense and how to do some online Marketing and of Course A few other Hidden Tricks for my Experienced Readers to Keep Everyone, happy like how to get Backlinks and Traffic to your blog Alright so the basic Three steps are Just Domain Name Hosting WordPress and We’re Going to See how to do that in an ideal way for a beginner [for] a brand new blog that wants to Someday Become Something big So let’s get Started open Up your, Web Browser of Choice and visit geo Dadd why? [Com] Finding your Perfect, Domain Name isn’t easy but it is out There if You Just Look Hard Enough As you search Around you might See that the domain Name [you] want Is taken for example [I] Already Bought this domain name A? Domain Name Consists of Keywords Which Are Just Popular, words, People are Searching for When, They Read About your Topic or within your Nice By moving These Keywords Around Or even Removing Them if you’re Lucky and Searching again You Can Hopefully Come up with the perfect Domain Name in Terms of being Brandable and also ranking Well in Google or Maybe you’ll Just Create the next million-Dollar Idea like twitter [comm]? Once you’re Satisfied Make Sure you have the right Extension like Comnet Or Org and Click, Add to cart Your Domain Name Is not Technically off The Market until you Buy it though so let’s go Ahead and do that right now Just Click Continue To Cart Now on This Page let’s Scroll Down and Say no Thanks to [Privacy] [Protection] [I] don’t think you need it and you Can Always Add it Later on if You want and then let’s Also Say no Thanks to email Address Because Hostgator Gives Us that for free Click Continue Now on this Screen the only Important things We need [to] do are change the term Period to typically one Year Which will of Course Reduce our Price and let’s also scroll Down and Make sure that, We don’t have any other Options that, We don’t want perfect? If you find There’s a Promotion for choosing Two years Instead of One by all means go for that and it’s also worth it to Try out A promotional Code so go Ahead and Look at fatwallet [comm] Where I’ve Had Success before Once You’re Ready Just Click Proceed to Checkout Godaddy Is going to ask you to Sign in Or [create] an account which you can do in Just a matter of Seconds Finally it’s Time To enter in our Billing Information and our Payment Information I always prefer [to] Pay with the Credit Card and It’s Time to now Click place your order Hopefully your total Is even Less Than mine and it Should Definitely be Less Than $10 so let’s place our Order And if This is your first domain Name Purchase With Godaddy then air Fist-Pump to you It’s Probably my 100 so my name but I get the Feeling I hear [you] You’ve Locked Up a domain [Name] and Now it’s Time to see Where that domain Name lives in The Upper Right Click on your Name and then [in] The drop Down Menu that Appears Just Click on the Manage my domain blank your domain Name is now Living as, Just A blue Link, over Here in This List and If You Click Through to it you Can Manage some fun and Interesting settings you don’t need to change Anything at the moment Though We’ll do that Later on when we’re Experts at domain Names? And if You visit your new Domain Name you’ll just See some blank Whitespace Why, do, We see blank White Space because? We haven’t Gotten our Hosting yet Which Lets Us do things on this Space and put Up blogs and images Videos and More So that’s the next Step Let’s go Ahead and get our Hosting Space so We can Make this not Just A white Space and Let’s Tell that Web host About our new Domain Name to connect everything alright So Check out the settings if [You] want but you [don’t] need to change Anything at the moment what We do need [to] do is to go and get Hosting so let’s do it you So for Starters you Can, visit the site if You want to I guess Meet WordPress But you don’t need to be on this Site and you don’t need to click download WordPress either Because our Web host of Choice Today Hostgator Has Unlimited Copies Of it and It’ll Set up WordPress for Us but Sometimes I like Clicking Showcase Just to see who [Else’s] using WordPress like Bloomberg Angry Birds and The Walt Disney Company Alright so We’re Going to visit Hostgator in A second to See if They’re all about But I’m also going to bring in our Handy Stopwatch so We can See how getting Web Hosting and Getting a domain Name if You need it Takes About as? Much Time as it does to Check our emails Which for me Is four minutes Alright so Let’s Click start and We’ll Keep an eye, on that as, We go through? First step is to visit Hostgator at Wwh Ost Geto are Calm Alright and we’re Also going to Keep Track of how Many Different [Snappy’s] We see Throughout the tutorial that’s snappy Right here so I choose Hostgator Because – oh? It’s the first to come out With new Products Like These they have Award-Winning Live Chat Support Up Here [and] you Pretty Much get more Features Than you Could ever need To try out on your new blog you’ll Never run out of new Things to play With So first step is to click get Started now right Here And we’re Going to get the Hatchling Plan Today because it’s the most basic Cheapest Plan one Step up would be the baby Plan No and that’s Just good if You want to run unlimited sites but the Hatchling Plan Is perfect if You [want] to run One WordPress Site Or blog Same Thing And we can See that it starts at 395 per Month but that’s Just what the general Public Pays [you’re] my audience so We’re Always going to get better stuff and I’ll show you how you get A special Discount in One Second I Just want you to know that you Can, also click Compare all Plans and You get This Really Epic Detailed list from Hostgator Showcasing What There [Are] Three most Popular Plans Hatchling Baby and Business come With Things like A $300 Credit to try Google Adwords or yahoo bing and Most importantly Hatchling Comes With Amazing [Wordpress] Hosting right Here Alright so that’s all we need Today but This List is Obviously Pretty cool to see you know about it [alright] So now it’s Time to See how to get our discount This Is Just an Example from a previous Video Tutorial that People Followed But what I’m going to do Is? Leave you a link Like This One Beneath the Video believe Me not Everyone Sees Or finds it but it’s going to Say something like it biggest Discount at Hostgator and then you just Click Through it and The Discount will Be Applied Automatically so Already We’re Going to get the hosting Down to three Dollars a Month that Same Amazing hats and Hosting the Discount will be Applied Automatically and I May earn a small Credit if you sign [up] through my link that Comes at no cost to you so big Thanks for Helping me by the way [alright] so now we’ll click on get Started [and] We’re Going to go to the Hostgator order Form so you’re in the right Place Step one, We just need to choose a domain and I Already Bought it so i’m going to click I already Own this Domain I’m going to enter in my word Blog Tutorial Side Spell Alright not Bad [and] I’m Just going to choose the Dot-Com Here We don’t need to get any of the other Extensions Because I’m not Worried about Copycats at this Point But the Dot-Com is the Best if You Thought net [Dot-Org] or something it’s not going to hurt your site People Just Think of the Dot-Com right away so i like that In step two it’s Time to choose a hosting Plan Just Make sure you Have Hatchling Selected and Then for Billing Cycle We can see that 12 Months Is a really good Price it’s Actually the Lowest Price right Here? But Even More Importantly Perhaps 12 Months is the ideal amount of Time to Make your blog Success and Make some Money from it or Move on to Another online Adventure but it’s Important to give your [Blogger] Website a chance of Success and It Looks like Even [Hostgator] knows that so we’re Going to choose it Next Choose a Username and A Password and Come Down enter your Billing Info in Step 3 so I had Autofill Take Care of that In Step 4 Make Sure to Uncheck all the additional Services you Can, add them [later] but, We don’t need Them at the moment You want to Pay the least Amount Possible and in Step five or done all right so It’s going to be Thirty One Dollars if You just get the Web Hosting and you [have] my personal word that These are Actually the best deals Available Today it might Expire in the Future If it does Just Let me Know [in] the Comments and I’ll help out but for now Let’s Keep Moving Check This Box and Then Proceed and Click Checkout Now Congratulations and Welcome to the Hostgator Family when you See This Screen it’s now Time to Check our Inboxes? okay so We’re in [our] email now and I want you to look out for two emails this Hostgator will send you if you Don’t see These emails Just ask host Gators Award-Winning live Chat They’ll send Them over Manually? What you want to do Is Open up the one That Says Hostgator Calm your account Info? This Is an Email from a previous tutorial I made with the Hostgator Account Info so I’m just going to show you it as an example but you’ll be doing it for real So it’s going to Say your Domain Name here that you Registered and your type of Hosting Plan what, We want to? Do right now is Just Copy Down your first Name Server and your Second Name Server These Two pieces of Information right here Because We need to enter Those in it Godaddy in Order to Connect your domain Name With your hosting Space [Alright] so now that we’ve Registered your Web Hosting and we’ve Gotten your Godaddy domain it’s Time to connect it to really Easy Weather [icing] Domain Name There All right so [I’m] Just going to right Click Copy and then paste Those in our Text file Where, We put our? Godaddy Customer Number my Kittens Are Having like A, [we’ll] rumble right now sorry about that Alright Great That Looks Good so [now] let’s go to go Daddy go dad Daddy [Alright] you Can Click on the Ad at the top [too] and Make Them get Google a little Money I think that’s Funny and Now we need to log in so up at The Top Click on your Name to open the Drop-Down and Like i said before this is a really Important Section what, We need now is to click on the link that Says? Manage my domains Right Here under Quick links Click that and it’s going to ask us to Sign in and Once You Sound Back Into Godaddy it will Take you to the Manage your Domain Section You might Just have One Domain But Whatever your Domain is you Should find it in Click on the blue Link So here’s your perfect, Domain which, we’re using, we’re Going to click on the Link To Open up the settings and Now Where it Says Name servers, we’re Going to click Manage [Alright] and Now, we’re Going to click Custom and then, we’re Going to Say, We want to enter Custom Name servers Click Here and Now it’s Time To enter in The two Name Servers that Came in The Hostgator your Account Info Email Exactly as they are in This Line and Then in This line so i’ll show you how to do that so we Can open The Text file again and Then I’m going to copy and [paste] the two Name servers in You Just need the part that starts with [Ms] Whatever your Numbers Are and Ends With Com for the first one so the Portion I’ve Highlighted is perfect Copy and Paste and Godaddy The first Name Server and Then Copy Paste The Second Name Server the Second Name Server will all will always be a higher number so the first one is like Mine it’s eight four nine seven next one’s A four nine eight So the Second Name Server is always the one that’s a higher Number Copy The Second Name Server Paste Alright and we’re Good to go that’s perfect Another Looks a little weird at first but trust me as you Set up more Websites it Becomes Really Second Nature and You’re Going to get the Hang of it Perfectly and [That] okay Button Should turn Green for you so then, we can just Click, ok? It will Validate for A Sec and it means, we did it right so now, we Just hit save Perfect and if it doesn’t Say your new Name servers here right away just give it a second you can Refresh The Page if You want and Then It’ll [Show] up Correctly You’re all done to enter your Name Service and Connecting your new Domain [Name] With your new Hosting However This Process Can Take up to 72 Hours to Completely Work across the web For Me it’s a lot, less it’s more like [2] To [4] Hours Because I’m in A busy Tech Hub like A busy City and the server’s Update Quickly But what’s going on it’s Just? Propagation Is what it’s Called and Godaddy is telling Every Server that When you know someone Visits your domain Name [that] it Should go to Hostgator So i’d really like to hear Below in the Comments How Long this Takes you Guys so that other People Can know What to do as, well and Be encouraged if it’s quick for you Guys Or know. What to do if it’s taking longer The Nice Thing is we Can move Forward Now and Actually Install WordPress While our domain Name is connected to our hosting Because to Install WordPress, We Just have to go? Into our Hosting Space and you know Install A few Things right There And we can Just go Ahead and go in and do that right now so [Open] Up Billing and The first Step We need to do and need to know how to do Is just to [Login] to that place We were before Where We got that Congratulations Welcome to the Hostgator Family Message get Back There Because that’s? Also where We install WordPress and I closed all my Browser tabs, so we need to See, how to get Back There [Alright] so to do that we Just click on this link That Says Hostgator Billing Portal and then Log in With the Information from [That] Billing Email so let’s click on Hosting and Get Ourselves to the right Place Alright so Lots of fun new Easy tools to play Around in This Section of Hostgator but for Now it’s Time to move Forward with the Main event of the tutorial and Install your Copy of WordPress [I] think This Should Take Us about Two minutes and After That we’ll learn as much as Possible in WordPress as We Can today all right and if Not got Plenty more Tutorials on the Channel so let’s do it go Ahead and Come Down to where it Says get [Started] With WordPress Today and Click that Link and [Now] all we need to do Is select your domain Name from this list Which Should be Pretty Easy Unless you’ve Made Like a Million WordPress sites Like me Alright There We go there Is and we’re Going to leave the Directory Box blank, don’t write Anything There and Just Click next Now you need to enter [some] Information like A blog title So this can be changed later I’m Just going to go Through Quickly the [Only] Thing you need to Really Focus [on] here is your email Because WordPress will Send you some Login Details and Your Admin user this is what WordPress will understand as you’re using them so when you publish A blog Post It’ll Say publish by Whatever You write here like Greg or you know Tennis Guy 22 or something That’s what [It’ll] Say so Make that one Serious and Good All Right Now Check The terms Box and Click Install Now and Cross your Fingers This is the Famous WordPress One Click Install you might Have heard of that And we’re Doing it Together? [Alright] Success We got the Green Checkmark? Installation Complete you do not want to click on the Installation details you just want to Take These and Copy Them and put Them someplace Safe Like in A blank note file or you know A word doc what you, do want to do now is click my installs Upper Right and Change your Password [All] right so let’s Log [Didn’t] Thinking, We’re Going to come down to our new Install at the Bottom click Reset Password You might Just have One WordPress or you know A lot in the Future Choose your Name and Just Write a new Password [Alright] so [Obviously] I’ll do something Different Click Update Password and Now Let’s Click Admin Login [Alright] so I just Paused the Video not to tell you three things the first [one] Is that if you visit your [Wordpress] Admin Login Link like, We are at right now but [you] Don’t See This WordPress Login You See some Sort of Blank or error Page then it’s either because When you just Install [Wordpress] it Can Take between Two and Four [Hours] for This Screen to start Working Because your Server and other Servers in your Area are Updating To Understand Where your Website Is also if You Just Connected your Domain Name from Godaddy to your hosting it Can Take up to 72 [Hours] To Start Seeing your Website live Because of what’s Known as Propagation That’s Just so you know if you Don’t See This WordPress Login Screen but You, did Follow the Instructions you Probably Didn’t do Anything Wrong [Just] [Take] a Break and Come back a little bit Later The Second Thing I wanted to Say Is we’re Now going to start? 10 Steps to Master WordPress in 10 Minutes [I] hope you’ll stick [with] us because this is Where We’ll learn how to Make [A] complete [Wordpress] Blog Or Website it Should be A Lot [of] fun and the Third Thing I wanted to Say Is we’re Going to get Rid of the Stopwatch because I think, We want the Full Screen but I’ll just use that for my Reference Okay, it’s night Time and we’re Still working Yeah except for him All right so it’s Been A long day of Setting up [the] Website and I just want you to know I get When I set this Up it took, me Way [longer] than the Time Spans of A video like this so if You Had to stop the Video and Review A couple Steps [Or] you know Just Just Call up someone for Advice that’s okay? I’m here for you and I want to Take Congratulations because you’ve Now set Up a domain Name You Registered Hosting and you Can solve WordPress and Everything Should be [Working] Together so not Congratulations to like oh Congratulations you, Watched a [youtube] Video but actual Congratulations That you’ve Accomplished that much and that you now [have] a Website and A blog that [you] Can Show the whole World that’s right [Lila]? Series so like I just Mentioned if You Have Any Questions About how your Website Is [working] Or if it’s not working Just drop me A Question in the Comments Below the Video or post A? Topic in Our Forum at the WordPress Experienced Calm I hope you’re Really, happy with your site Though and So i put that little Timer at the Bottom of the Video Why, do you, Keep Fighting you are Always Fighting Ocean Fighter Alright go Keep Playing Like i said We’re Going to move Forward with [10] Steps to Master WordPress Now I hope you Enjoy this next Part in my Video tutorial you don’t Have to Watch it if you want to Take your WordPress Website [you] know off Into the Distance Right off With it Into the sunset and Install your Own Team and do Whatever you want then that’s great that’s what you Should do but this is meant [for] you? If You Just want to learn a little bit more About WordPress you Know Things you Should, do [Right] [away] and Things That will Help your Foundation Make you a better Word Presser than other Beginners out There then I think this is for you All right Guys Listen But I only ask for one Thing in Return Edge Please Rate The Video With the like or Dislike Thumbs-Up Thumbs-Down Please Post A comment and Please Share the Video With your [friends] I [Said] [Three] Things but that Would Really Help me it Takes two half Seconds and it’s free and We YouTubers Need You Guys to Help the you know to Keep doing what, we do and to Keep Giving free Advice We can’t do it Without? an Amazing and Hopefully Loving Audience like you guys you Don’t have to love me but um You know Just it Would Mean A lot I’m Basically going Pewdiepie on you here as More Comments More likes There Must be A way more Comments More Dislikes but Know that I just Really Could use your Help on this one and I Appreciate Every One of you guys Because I love you know, interacting with you I love making [the] Videos for you and [I] Believe That the WordPress World and the WordPress Word Should be Spread Freely and Everyone Should learn in A Do-It-Yourself Manner And Try to Help as Many as i can but you Know I need More Comments [To] Please [you] [Tube] alright I’ll yeah, okay i like you guys A Lot um and Let’s Keep going Let’s do This Thanks for Watching

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