April 4, 2020
Sephora Turns Smartphones Into Local Store Magnets

Sephora Turns Smartphones Into Local Store Magnets

[MUSIC PLAYING] In retail, you can’t think about
the mobile phone as a threat. You have to think
about it as a magnet to draw that client
into your store. I really can’t believe
how much of our traffic is now coming from
mobile devices and how many of our clients
are using search as the way that they really figure out
which products they want to buy while they’re
standing in the store. Sephora is a retail experience
that popped up in the US about 16 years ago, and it
was the first unbiased beauty experience that the
US had ever seen. My role has evolved
to be really focused on how we really talk to
our clients in every channel that there is– social
media, mobile marketing, and in-store digital. We thought about mobile. We really thought
about utility first. What will be super helpful
to have right in your hand? We really take cue for what are
our clients doing organically? We realized that clients were
looking on their mobile phones, searching for products
before they came into store. So we found great success with
Google’s local inventory ads. That really allows us to
target our clients who are looking for a
specific product. They use Google to find that
product and then will pop in just to grab that one item. But once they’re
there, now they’re going to use their Sephora
app to actually scan products to find the
perfect product for them, using ratings and reviews. They’ll look up
their past purchases to see what they bought last
time so they can replenish it while they’re there. Some retailers
might be concerned about how people are using
mobile phones for showrooming in their stores. We actually really
welcome our clients to take out their
phones in the store. A client that really
knows exactly what she’s buying– all the reviews,
all her options, everything that she needs to know– is
actually a happier client and will come back and
shop with you more often. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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