April 4, 2020
SEO and Internet Marketing?  Interested in a video series on the topic?

SEO and Internet Marketing? Interested in a video series on the topic?

This video is a little different than my usual
videos. This is a screen capture and the reason why I’m doing a screen captures because I’ve
been receiving quite a few private messages or PMs through YouTube on some people asked
me if I would be coming out with videos or a series of videos related to SEO search engine
optimization or Internet marketing around how to get ranked on google. I guess this is
because some people can watch my videos have gathered that part of my line of work is internet
marketing as well as web design so that said that prompted this video on reaching out to
you my subscribers people that watch my videos and I want to get a better understanding is the
something that everybody wants to see is a something that would be beneficial to you
so what like to do is post your comments below and let me know is the something that’s you
want to see and if it is maybe you can provide more details as it would be a little more
engaging this way I can provide you the exact details that you’re looking for so it would
be a series of videos all related to basically starting a website putting online finding
a web hosting company, getting domain registered marketing that website and tickets to taking
it to its full permissions so I’ll be shown you some tools tricks and basically get what
I do on on a daily basis so again please post below as that will appear the way that these
videos are going doesn’t mean that I’m good to be stopping producing any other videos
it just means that I will also have a series of videos related to SEO now you might ask
yourself why screen capture compared to my other videos perhaps looking into the camera
or video recording something the reason for that is because as in shooting these videos
what I wanted to is show you I want to show you my screen I will show you the examples
I want to show you the tools that are available to yo so that’s the reason for the screen capture
if you like this video please give it a thumbs up more so if you like this video and one
see more videos related to SEO please do post your comments below thank you for watching.

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