April 1, 2020
SEMRush Tutorial ✅ Semrush FREE Trial & Pricing | Make Your Competition CRY! (Sem Rush Review

SEMRush Tutorial ✅ Semrush FREE Trial & Pricing | Make Your Competition CRY! (Sem Rush Review

SEM rush review SEM rush tutorial what’s
up guys so today I’ll be showing you how to use the SEM rush keyword research
tool and how it can help you increase your rankings on Google and give you a
valuable insight regarding competitive analysis, to ultimately get you more
traffic. As an online marketing specialist, SEM rush is a must-have tool. So if
you’re in the business of online marketing or SEO or even maybe trying to
grow your own business online then you’re going to need some powerful
helpful tools to help you figure out what to do next to help you scale and
sustain your business and perhaps you may have a limited budget right and the
reason why I’m pointing this out is we, including myself have quite a
limited budget, meaning that we have to pick and choose between lots of
different tools that could potentially help us in our business. And I’ll be
honest with you right now if I had to pick or choose between one or two
tools, out of hundreds of different tools that could potentially help us
with our business, with keyword research video creation backlinks and all that
type of stuff. So getting back to the topic, if I had to choose one or two
tools to keep, that could help us transform our business the most. SEM rush
will be my first choice without hesitation. So essentially the way SEM rush works is due to its large database of keywords
okay so it’s around about 100 million keywords I believe in their database,
I think it’s even more now since that fact was actually like an old statistic
from three years ago. Pretty much it scraps the search results and keeps the
information in its database, and when we enter a keyword or a domain it will tell
you how much activity is around the keyword. What sites are ranking for that
keyword, all that good information that you can use to help with your business,
and making very important decisions. But I personally use it as a
quick way to assess a potential market I might enter, so I’ll have a quick look or a quick glance of the search volume, of the keywords, the type of
keywords, of course the competition so it’s a very powerful tool for
competitive analysis. I even use it to see which articles my competitors are
ranking for, I mean sorry which keywords those articles are ranking for, and
I’ll pretty much reverse engineer their SEO and steal their traffic so I can
basically steal all their leads and stuff. That’s pretty much what you can do
with SEM rush, so you can do quite a lot with the tool. Very very helpful, so I
don’t know if you guys can actually tell but this account isn’t in my main SEM rush
account. This account was literally made, purely for demonstration
purposes so I can give you guys a bit of a rundown, of what you can actually do in
SEM rush so what we can do right now is we’re
gonna pretty much search up the keywords so we’re gonna be searching up online
marketing. I’m gonna be doing a full on analysis, of what we can actually expect.
So let’s just search this up right now. And as you can see, we have a lot
of valuable information regarding the keyword, online marketing so, as
we can see here the volume is nine point nine K per month, which is a lot of
traffic to be honest and there’s ninety two point seven in the search results.
There’s a lot of information for CPC distribution and some of the trends
within the niche and the keyword itself. And of course a lot of other alternative
keywords that we can actually look at, and some more related keywords within
the niche itself. And we can actually even go even deeper and like have a live
update of like the organic search results. The ad copy and stuff, so like
maybe you might want to set up an ad for this particular niche
and get some leads off it. So you have all of this
information right here, we have some ad history here if you want to get into that. So we have a lot of information guys, so we can go here and
look at the full report and we can even get more information for this
particular niche. And yeah guys as you can see, we can even get even more
information regarding this particular niche for the online marketing keywords.
So we can have a full on report of some more keywords in the market, that we
can actually target if we don’t want to target online marketing. So it’s very
very helpful tool; a lot of valuable information here, we’ve got some related
keywords here as well so we have a lot of helpful information here. Ok guys so we finished the keyword research section so we pretty much had a look of the
features, regarding the things we can do with the keyword analytic section of the
SEM Rush tool. So now what we’re going to do is go into the
domain analytics section, and continue to see the information regarding the
forbes.com domain. As we can see here guys, thirty nine point two million views is quite a lot of traffic. It’s actually insane and we can say that
it’s worth sixty four point two million dollars so basically we have a lot more
information regarding the domain here and of course you guys can do this for
your competitors websites. So like maybe you have a competitor who’s ranking on
top of the search, so you can see like what they’re ranking for. We also have the backlinks that we can check out, to see the type of backlinks that they actually have right here. So in my honest opinion, the backlink tool for SEM rush isn’t nothing special like it’s not really
designed to like assess or analyse backlinks in a lot of detail. So that’s just my
personal opinion though. This is the backlink tool so
it’s nothing special in this particular tool anyway like that its main features
are the keyword analytics tool and the overall domain analytics tools.
So that’s also what it’s used for and we
also have some organic keyword information so we can see here like majority the traffic is coming from the US and you know I mean
UK and Australia where I’m from because I’m paid keyword information is well
liked and of course we have the organic keywords that there are Forbes domain is
actually ranking for so they are ranking for a lot of big keywords he from
Pokemon go which I find pretty amusing to be honest and yeah we have some
competitors that um excuse me Forbes are actually going against and yeah a lot a
lot of information here that you can pretty much use for your own benefit
when you pretty much analyze your own our competitors websites so but like
this is just like that the start of like analyzing your competitors website like
the thing I like to do the most or like how I basically like still their traffic
or still their leads is by going to the organic research section so let’s just
do that for right now okay so as we can see here we have more information and
that’s all right I like the thing I like the most is that we can actually see
where what they’re ranking for and what page is actually ranking for that
particular keyword so okay so we can obviously see the Forbes is number ten
for the keyword Facebook which is incredible okay and they’re pretty much
ranking number ten for this particular page right here forbes.com slash
company’s slush Facebook so if you’re like I don’t know pretty much competing
in like a weight loss a lot ago maybe it’s something like a weight loss
product and you want a pretty much rank for the keyword or how to lose weight
okay I know it’s very competitive almost use this as an example lucky you could
like pretty much putting the domain for the top competitor of that niche and get
all this information and see exactly what page is ranking
on top of the search reverse-engineer sorry our that page select here’s the
thing guys like you figure out that you don’t know mean is persons on top of the
search okay you’re putting these details or his domain into the search bars to
get more information but the thing I love about this tool is that you
actually find new keywords that they’re ranking for so like maybe you’re trying
to rank for health to make money online okay as the main keyword you want to
rank for but this person actually is ranking for all these are bugs short
long tailed keywords that are more profitable that you probably would have
never heard of and this tool which really like gives you all the keywords
that they’re ranking for so you can just steal their traffic and just copy them
like that’s what I love about this tool can you start to like see the magic of
how powerful this tool can be I mean guys this information is just extremely
valuable like you can literally see the exact page that is ranking for that
keyword and you can pretty much just copy them and just one up and pretty
much like I’ve some overall just one optimal everything so like if they have
more backlinks than you just get some more backlinks so if you want to find
out what your competitors are up to how they’re ranking their websites and their
articles and overall just have a big advantage when it comes to the SEO game
using this amazing competitive intelligence tool then I’ll be leaving a
link so you can get semrush and Schreyer for free the arm below so you guys can
like test it out before you actually get it and pay for the main thing so you can
see if semrush is right for your business but again from my personal
experience and from all my other SEO friends we which we live off sem rush so
i mean you’ll be crazy not to get SMS rush it’s just an amazing tool
all of that being said the link will be in the description down below and yeah
thanks for watching today’s review and i’ll see you in my next video

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