April 1, 2020
SEMclix eCommerce Demo Store – Module Live Edit

SEMclix eCommerce Demo Store – Module Live Edit

Hey guys, Chris Ehrlichman here with SEMclix. Just wanted to take a few moments and show
you one of many very cool features offered in all of our new eCommerce Stores powered
by PrestaShop. If you’ve worked with eCommerce shopping cart
software before, you’ve probably run into a situation where you want to re-organize
your sidebars. Whether it be wanting to move your category
block from one side the other or removing a block entirely. We make it easier than ever with our new eCommerce
websites. Simply login to the back office of your website,
hit the modules tab, click positions and select Run LiveEdit. Locate the module you want to move and simply
drag it to the new location. Click save in the bottom left corner and you’re
done. To view your change on the live portion of
the website. Click close live edit, and hit confirm in
the pop-up window. Looks, like everything moved over perfectly
and we’ve now completed our task. Well that’s it for this weeks inside peek
at our New eCommerce Software. Checkout our demo store yourself by visiting
the link below.

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