March 28, 2020
SEMclix eCommerce Demo Store – Facebook Commerce Page

SEMclix eCommerce Demo Store – Facebook Commerce Page

Hey guys, Chris Ehrlichman here with SEMclix. Today I want to take a few moments and point
out one of many very cool modules that are included within our new eCommerce website
powered by PrestaShop This module allows for direct integration
with Facebook. Your products will appear within a specified
tab on your Facebook page. Any customer using Facebook who visits your
page will be able to browse all of your products without leaving. When they find a product they like, they are
directed to the specific product page on your website, where they will now easily be able
to complete the checkout process. As a store owner making changes to your facebook
commerce page easier than ever. Simply login to your eCommerce website Click the modules tab Use the search bar and search Facebook PS
Shop Tab Now click Configure You will notice all of the features included
within this module Some of the features include Logo Upload Customize display image sizes Promotional links Upload custom homepage banner Custom HTML content Choose to show specific products to appear
on your Facebook page or have the module dynamically upload products as you add them to your store Pick featured categories and much more. After clicking update, all of the changes
are applied immediately to you Facebook page Well that’s it for this weeks inside peek
at our New eCommerce Software. Checkout our demo store yourself by visiting
the link below.

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