April 10, 2020

33 thoughts on “Semantics (Flutter Widget of the Week)

  1. Is knowledge of Web technologies necessary for using Flutter Web or just dart enough? I'm not a native developer but I want to learn Flutter for both mobile and Web. Thanks in advance

  2. Good job Flutter team
    .. im from Indonesia. I start to try make some apps with flutter. I have fun with this.. easy and faster

  3. Is there a specific use case for when you want to use this or would it be best practice to always use it in your app?

  4. This is awesome. Coming from native iOS development, I'm currently working on my second production project on Flutter and can't stop wondering how powerful and friendly it is. Thank you, Flutter team!

  5. One thing thing about everything being a widget is that it creates a huge nesting tree. A properly semantic app would be cluttered with these semantic elements and thus clutters the code. It would be nice if the built in widgets at least take in a semantic property

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