April 6, 2020
Sellosity Review and Bonus

Sellosity Review and Bonus

Sellosity Review and Bonus. Hi, Dez Futak here. What I’m going to do in this video is explain what the problem is with e-commerce nowadays why Sellosity is *such* a breakthrough in my opinion and why you should buy through me and then we’re going to do is we’re going to pass you over to Sean Donahoe who is the author of this fantastic piece of software and at the end I’ll wrap it up So, first of all what are the problems with e-commerce using wordpress specifically? Well the issue is this: Woocommerce is great if you just want to do a basic shopping cart and a basic link through paypal. As soon as you start adding in other bits and pieces for example if you have an account with authorize.net or you want to have stripe integration or you want to use braintree or this, or that…. well guess what? You’re gonna have to install another Woocommerce plug-in on top of the base plug-in. Now the last time I built an e-commerce website in this particular way I probably used the best part of over, ooh, I would say, TWENTY Woo commerce plugins in order to get the site up and running. Now if you use WordPress like i do (I’ve been building WordPress websites for businesses for the best part of eight years)… is the more plugins you’ve got to slow the website and also the more of a security risk it is for people who’ve got a WordPress website. So there’s a greatest surface vector for hackers. So, long story short, what Sellosity does in solving that problem, is instead having all these *separate* woocommerce plugins, the whole system is integrated, up and running, ready to go, in order to sell ecommerce products. Whether it’s physical products, whether its fulfillment through Amazon with drop shipping or Aliexpress, or whether, for example myself, i’m actually building a record label’s website the moment and they’re going to have digital downloads and, Sellosity is going to include that. I’ve actually talked with Sean Donahoe, the author of this software, and said that’s going to be coming soon, and additionally, there’s gonna be a membership built into the whole thing. So if you imagine taking 20 plugins and a whole bunch of other things, and integrating them, make it more streamlined, adding in extra features (all built-in!), you can imagine the benefit to you as a web designer or someone who is actually needing a website to sell your own products; it’s absolutely massive – you can’t imagine the time and headaches you gonna *solve* by using Sellosity. So the reason why I’ve come on here now I didn’t do many affiliate reviews at all nowadays, because i’m mostly focus on helping…. ….excuse me…. helping local businesses, but I’m actually….. ……I’m really, really excited about what this can do. So, i’m going to be using this for my record label’s website that i’m currently building. And why I think I’m qualified to provide you with a fantastic bonus is the following: all my websites I’ve built – probably over a hundred different websites for clients over the last eight years, so I’ve got good client base, I understand about what’s required in terms of security, backup, making the website optimized so it loads fast. I’ve actually got an unlimited cpanel account so I thought to myself: “What could i do which would *really* help people?” You know, if you’re shopping for a good Sellosity bonus, then I think this is a really fantastic one because i’m completely on the ball with this I don’t do a lot of affiliate reviews anymore i did do in the past, but my business model is now focused entirely on helping local businesses. So my motivation for this is, I want to help support *you*, whether you’re building a website for a client base, or if it’s for your own company, i can help you make sure that your Sellosity website is going to run top speed, it’s going to have daily backups – *automated* daily backups and I’m going to help you optimize the website as well, so you’re not just going to get me providing with a bonus, but i’m going to provide on-going support. That’s on top of the support for the software itself that you’ll get through Sean. So if you imagine having someone as a bit of a PA, because you can install on my server, you can have daily backups – i’ll even install the software for you once you’ve got me shown me your JVZoo receipt i’ll actually install WordPress & Sellosity for you – put the plug in there put your license code in there get everything up and running so you’ve got everything done for you. Now you can imagine that’s gonna probably take me about an hour per person, so I figured out I can only offer this bonus for about 20-30 people maximum. So get on board with with Sellosity, click through my link below, that will take you through to the main webpage. Now, I’ve done. I’m done. I haven’t got anything else to say – what I’m going to do is to pass you over to Sean – he’s going to give you a really good thorough overview of Sellosity. if you’re considering buying it, i highly recommend you do, and i know you’re going to get a lot of other offers for bonuses- and what they’re gonna do is, they’re gonna pile on all sorts of bits of software, and all sorts of things you don’t really need! All you need, is someone to help you set this up. Now I’m you man. So, watch Sean, click link below, and I shall enjoy contacting you after you’ve purchased. Alright thanks, and bye for now. this is sean donahoe, and i want you to do a record a quick video and show you what Sellosity could do this we have a lot of questions about our new smart commerce platform asking what it can do and how it works well it’s a self-hosted ecommerce platform built on a proven and stable engine already powers over 1 million stores that’s three times our nearest competitor and that’s 37 percent all online stores and the cool thing is you don’t have to pay high costs every single month just to get the basic features and then be charged hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month for apps just for the basic features you need to create a successful store it’s all built in this is very very important because a lot of people are ending up paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month for these basic features to be limited by the payment processes they can use or if you use end up on a platform specific payment processors no flexibility then left without any extra features they have to go buy all sorts of apps costing hundreds of dollars a month before they even made a sale we thought this was unacceptable that’s why we developed this system and we have taken this to the next level we have been you so much potential here and right now you can just see this is the Sellosity dashboard which gives you an at-a-glance look at how your business is doing this is a demo site that we’re building as part of the training so i’m giving you a kind of sneak peek as well and this is the store that we’ve built an only took a couple of hours to build a very powerful store import a ton of products in fact one of the things we can do we migrated an existing store on one of the popular SAAS platforms right over here because we have the ability to do that we also have importers for migrating products from Amazon if you have an amazon store ebay if you have an ebay store not only that you can also go and find powerful products for dropshipping we have a built-in dropshipping engine but we have a system where you can import from aliexpress as well on top of that we integrate fully automatically with many of the high-end print on demand services are you print on demand you’ve got that too literally we’ve tried to cram as much in here for the modern ecommerce entrepreneur as possible and we’re continuously expanding and optimizing this so that you can get the most horsepower out of this but as you can see this is a traditional multi commerce store with multiple products and everything else you can see this allows you to edit products in real time without having to go to all the complexities you can come over here and modify any products and we have that as an option as well that’s all built in and the cool thing is you can find ways to optimize your conversions we have everything mobile responsive we give you so much control over your store it would blow your way for example this is just a simple variable product you can see it’s highly optimized big buttons to drive people to convert simple-to-use they can choose for example what color they like and they can see ok that’s cool that’s good i want that click a button you’re done we have the optimization of descriptions upsells cross-sell related products everything is all done for you reconfigure the courting is our software you just fill in a few form fields press a button it deploys a pre-configured pre optimized store to your site all you’ve got to do is change the branding of our Sellosity product. it’s as simple as that and there’s so much control it will truly blow your way for example if we were doing this as part of a normal Commerce that’s fine you can see we’ve got our optimized check out and View Cart up here but maybe you want to promote on facebook well let’s turn off all of the distractions you can see the header navigation all go away they’re compressed and minified over here so all of the focus is on your product itself you can see we’ve got an evergreen timer here right now on this particular product you can also have a scarcity bar which says all your 83 out of a hundred sold go get it you can have all sorts of configuration options with this truly the sky is the limit you can customize your call-to-action claim your discount right now you can see all the different options here for this product you can see blow up any of the images and see what you doing it’s as simple as that now the other calling is this is traditional multi-product commerce, but we do something even cooler we also for the first time you can’t do this with many other platforms you can actually do funnel or what we call focused funnel commerce as well let me show you so i’m going to go over to a new incognito window and you can see we have this camping tribe claim your free outdoor survival magnesium fire starter kit and you can see this is all built-in drag-and-drop form we have a drag-and-drop engine so you can build highly optimized sales pages we supply a ton of templates that you can just use instantly and customized to suit your own needs you can see hey this is usually 15 bucks today it’s free you can see we’ve got evergreen time around here security seals to boost confidence and you know different example images you can do any style of page you like and like I said we got plenty of templates beautiful choose from this is a very simple one but we’re gonna claim our free firestarter right now so this takes us over to a highly optimized and focused conversion funnel and order page so again said hey get your amazing product all we ask that you help us with the shipping and handling it’s got a one of the scarcity bars that i mentioned, saying hey 2193 have already been claimed, hurry only a few left evergreen timer some and get this is a demo i was putting together so we got place all the content in here so if you’ve got any reviews put them in here helps boost social proof and confidence and we’ll just check out and i’m just going to put fill this in with some this is in test mode right now so im just gonna do redfish @ gmail.com 1234567890 and we’ll do 123 some street probably somewhere in Texas 5a zip code and then his cool thing you notice this is now added a Tax, because i’m in texas and so we can handle it taxes and you can also do shipping and you can create all sorts of smart shipping rules of this case you can see three plus shipping and handling three dollars 95 now that product that we had on the front end only cost me a dollar plus a dollar shipping which means i’m making almost a hundred percent profit on this free plus shipping offer that also helps offset any paid traffic, and by checking out i get a confirmed lead that is willing to spend money i get their real email their phone number their address we create an account and that allows us to do all sorts of follow up marketing we can just be targeting pixels we integrate with facebook google adwords for tracking and retargeting we fully integrate with facebook for store commerce literally we’ve thought of everything you and there’s so much i’m only able to skim the surface in this one demo so we’re going to check out with the demo card from Stripe we’re using stripe here okay and I’ll just put in anything because test but you notice we have stripe commerce here we also have the ability to stack paypal so we’re not limited to any particular platform restrained process… we’re not overly charged for our transaction fees and anyone else getting a slice of the pie here and we can use any payment processor we like adding other ones we recommend stripe, paypal braintree and many others *all built-in* to Sellosity! it’s all EASY to use, so see to you so we can just hit complete order and this is going to go and check out and we instantly taken to an upsell notice this: “Wait Fred!” it’s personalized we found that by doing this kind of level of personalization this is again a feature of Sellosity and smart commerce – many many platforms *cannot* do this again we are personalizing the entire experience we are able to do these focused upsells all-in-one platform you don’t have to have one ecommerce platform and then another crazy final builder it’s all built in so we’re showing this great product that is a complementary product we have we have all the scarcity features and say yes give me the forty percent off we can go through again i just got some filler text here right now because we’re in the process of building this and finalizing this but you can see the game okay yes I’ll take that upsell and what happens now is we don’t go through the checkout process again or anything else because we’re using stripe and that’s are supported platform for one click upsells – booom – instantly receives the money you don’t have to go off to some third party app the hijacks your checkout process it’s all done and dusted and now we’ve got a nice thank-you page saying hey your order is confirmed it’s on its way to our processing center but check out these fantastics items on sale right now and you can see all these wonderful products and the cool thing is we’re now taking them from a focused follow maybe from facebook maybe a Pinterest campaign google adwords campaign they have gone through this focus funnel and now they’re exposed to all the other stuff that we do as well so it’s a great lead in each generation for paid traffic making those metric ton of profits you can stack include as many upsells and down cells as you like it’s very easy to do and again you can use this to really boost your entire ecommerce audience all the one powerful platform and that is Sellosity. So, again, we’ve barely scratched the surface in this demo we have so many other cool things in here like i mentioned we have a drop shipping engine allows you to integrate with any dropshipper so if you get an orderly assigned a dropshipper they get instant email they can process the drop shipping fulfillment on your behalf and then send it to the customer we have smart mail which is behavioral based email campaigns so for example if someone buys particular product and you want to put the entire funnel around that paper problem maybe that focus fun with your show they buy a fire starter but they didn’t buy another product we can create an entire follow-up campaign based on that abandoned ricard recovery so much is packed into this we do one page checkouts where you can actually go to a product we could set it up on for example this focused one here and say okay they claim their discount and then the checkout appears right here they don’t get redirected they go to all sorts of other hassles that minimize conversions we literally put everything you need to maximize your conversions across-the-board we optimize everything for SEO so that you can take advantage of SEO opportunities maximize your rankings in the search engines there’s so much in here and like I said we are barely scratching the surface here at the moment back and see for example to show you the dashboard we have predictive analytics now this is for him testing this four part of our training right now but you can see that we just increased with that sale that we did it predicts how much sales you’re gonna make this month based on what’s already happening delineate what’s going on you can see how many items you’ve got orders you can see trends and all sorts of great data so you can see at a glance what your entire business is doing all built on top of the Sellosity platform it’s literally you’re not paying hundreds of dollars a month it’s one fixed fee and we’re continuously expanding this to add new features functions all the time so that is a sneak peek behind the scenes of Sellosity it is the most powerful ecommerce platform and smart commerce platform ever created and that is launching on November 17 at 11am so hope you enjoyed this i hope this gives you a little bit of insight into what we’re doing with Sellosity, and i look forward to seeing you on November 17th. take care Sellosity Review and bonus Visit DezFutak.com/sellosity-review-bonus to pick up your copy.

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