April 3, 2020
Selling with Shopify and Amazon – Where should you sell your products?

Selling with Shopify and Amazon – Where should you sell your products?

what’s good learn how nation in this
video we are gonna talk about Shopify verse Amazon and where should you sell
your product? what’s up guys I’m Andy and you’re watching learn how we create
video lessons and tutorials to help people learn how to use technology to
improve their lifestyle and in this video we are talking about how to make
money online selling products so like I said in this video we’re gonna talk
about Shopify versus Amazon and trying to decide where should you sell your
product. Well guys the first simple answer to this question is both. I mean
why wouldn’t you sell your product in as many places as you can but here’s the
great thing guys is that they actually can work together. With your Shopify
store you can link your Amazon seller account and list your products that you
have up on your Shopify store list those same products on Amazon and sync all of
your data. It’s a beautiful thing guys if you’re new to Shopify if you’ve never
heard of Shopify or if you’re ready to get started or wanna experiment with
Shopify there’s a link in the description below this video that will
get you a free 14-day trial with no credit card so you don’t got to put in
your credit card to sign up so you can browse that and check it out if you want.
The big differences between Shopify and Amazon guys is that Shopify is
essentially your own unique store with your own unique domain name if you watch
my previous video you learned about the Fisherman’s Factory one of my stores and
you can create your very own custom domain store whatever you want to call
it Michellescookies.om or you know
Rachel’s t-shirts Co you can create your very own store and customize the layout,
customize your products, customize all the pricing and everything and the only
thing you have to worry about on Shopify is paying the monthly subscription fee
for the program which actually is quite affordable as long as you’re making
sales and whatever payment processor you’re using whether that’s PayPal or
stripe they’re gonna take a small fee of every sale like two percent usually
which isn’t too bad. The only thing though about Shopify that you got to keep in mind is that you are going to have to figure out how
to ship your product so if you’re fulfilling in-house you’re gonna have to
box and ship your products to your customers or if your drop shipping you
know you’re gonna have to set it up so that the manufacturer drop ships the
product directly to your customer and we’re gonna talk all about drop shipping
on the channel and I’m gonna show you guys some step-by-step tutorials on how
to get that set up which can be a great way to make money online let’s talk
about Amazon now the huge benefit guys of selling on Amazon is Amazon FBA. If
you’ve never heard of Amazon FBA it is Amazon, fulfillment by Amazon. That’s what
FBA stands for, fulfillment by Amazon so essentially all it means is that you are
able to list your products on Amazon and offer Prime 2-day shipping. In order to
offer Prime two-day shipping your products have to be housed in Amazon’s
warehouses and Amazon fulfills the orders. For this Amazon does take a lot
bigger cut of the pie. You can find info on the percentages on Amazon FBA website
on like how much they’ll take from your sale to fulfill the order but guys this
is an absolute must in my opinion if you want to sell on Amazon you need to offer
Prime two day shipping and you are not allowed to do that from your house even
if you want to ship it in two days great but you will not get the little Prime
checkmark unless it is fulfilled by Amazon in their warehouse so for all
that guys that’s for another video but you are gonna have to send your product
to Amazon’s warehouse and they will pick and pack and ship it to the customers in
prime two day shipping, but as far as deciding between Shopify and Amazon and
where you should sell your products honestly you should be selling them in
both places but remember keep in mind like I said with Shopify you can connect
your Amazon account and use it as a sales channel to sell your product so
this is what I tell people all the time if you’re gonna sell a product online
start a Shopify store and then you are able to sell that same product through
Amazon through Facebook marketplace and through a lot of other sales channels
but Shopify will act as your main hub your main website and it adds a
ton of credibility. If you’re someone out there with a product um I don’t know a
surfboard company and you’re selling surfboards on Amazon and you’ve got a
name a brand name and everything you’re gonna want a website to back up your
name people are gonna go on Google and search for your store’s website to learn
more about your store to find out if it’s legit or not so why not use Shopify
as your website so that when people go to checkout your store to see if you’re
legit they also have the ability to buy your product directly from your online
store. Yeah you can use WordPress or another software hosting or excuse me
website host company to host your website but Shopify is a great way to
host a main hub website for your product that you’re selling. Check out the link
in the description below this video I’ve got a link to a 14-day free trial of
Shopify if you want to check it out and like I said we’re gonna be doing all
sorts of tutorials here on the channel to help you get everything set up and
looking professional because I’ve seen a lot of Shopify stores out there that
kind of look like garbage and no one’s gonna buy something from a garbage
website so I’m gonna show you everything you need to know some graphic design
tips and tricks and things to get your photos and your product listings looking
very professional so that people are going to want to buy. Alright guys if
you like this video make sure you hit that thumbs up button and leave us a
comment and let me know where you’re at in your online business strategy let me
know if you need help with anything if you’ve got questions about how to get
started and stuff and make sure you check out our other videos that we’ve
posted about Shopify about making money online because all these videos are
gonna help you create a base for you to get started and learn everything that
you need to to make money online alright guys thanks for stopping by
we’ll see you in the next video

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  1. thanks Andy! I've been thinking of selling childrens shirts online. right now I'm just in the brain storming phase, I still have A LOT to do but I've been doing a lot of research about what it actually takes to start an online business so this helped a lot. (: #LearnHowNation

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