April 9, 2020
Selling online with Shopify – In a nutshell

Selling online with Shopify – In a nutshell

Selling online with shopify Shopify is a hugely popular online e-commerce
system that takes the hard work out of setting up a website to sell your products.
It’’s incredibly easy to use and very powerful. These are my top tips to get you started.…
Firstly, think about your company branding. If you already have an established business,
you will already have a logo, colour scheme and house-style.
Your web designer will create a unique shopify theme that contains your branding elements
and all the page layouts. If you don’’t want to work with a web designer,
you can often find gorgeous off-the-shelf themes and customize them to fit. Don’t forget that over half of all online
sales take place on a mobile device, so it is hugely important to get a layout that works
well on all devices. Once your shopify website is up and running,
it is essential to get the word out. The simplest and most affordable way to do
this is to get on social media and share the good news.
Twitter for example is an excellent platform to post about your products, your industry
and your company culture. Try and keep it fun and informative rather
than a constant sales pitch! There are some fantastic advertising tools
on twitter, and facebook now, and for a few pounds each day, you can quickly drive traffic
to your products. Finally, it’s worth mentioning the importance
of working with a shopify partner. We have access to an extended development
area, as well as a great deal of knowledge and experience with the platform. This will save you time, money and stress,
and ensure launching your online store is easy and profitable!

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