April 1, 2020
Selling Online: Products to Avoid With a Dropshipping Ecommerce Store [Oberlo weekly Q&A]

Selling Online: Products to Avoid With a Dropshipping Ecommerce Store [Oberlo weekly Q&A]

Hey everyone, my name’s David – and it’s
question time. Just like each week, we’re taking a closer look at questions that the
community dropped into the comments of videos on our YouTube channel. If you have questions
of your own, don’t be shy! Alright, here’s what we got today: Darko is asking if it’s illegal to sell
branded products from AliExpress with Oberlo. Thanks for the question, Darko. The best answer we can give is to avoid selling
products that are associated with a brand because that can land you in some hot water.
Totally not what you want when you’re growing your dropshipping store. Thing is, you can’t sell branded products
at your online store unless you acquire a retail license from that brand. Getting a
licence can be a complicated process, and it kinda takes the ease out of dropshipping. So instead of messing with all that, focus
on selling unbranded products. There are thousands of suppliers and millions products that you
can dropship that you can sell without having to worry about licensing rights. We’ll leave some links in the description
with resources to help you find products that you can start selling today. No license required. Hope that answers your question, Darko. Do you have a question you want answered?
Let us know below. We check through the comments section every day and we’d love to use your
question in our next video. And if you liked what we spoke about today,
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22 thoughts on “Selling Online: Products to Avoid With a Dropshipping Ecommerce Store [Oberlo weekly Q&A]

  1. Hey Oberlo, I am from South Africa and i want to start selling my product as soon as possible. Under variants,edits,then pricing. My pricing uses my local currency instead of the American dollar, how would i change that?

  2. You have Xiaomi products on your internal products list, can they be selled without problem ? or we can consider it as a branded product ?

  3. So I basically want to sell products based on movies and tv series (Merch) Like mousepads with a lord of the rings logo or a superman logo. Now If I make sure that the supplier has a license will I be able to sell it without having a license myself?

  4. hey i want to dropship remote control cars from aliexpress website, most of them are chinese brands will there be a problem with it..

  5. Hello, I've been selling online advertising for many year and would love to start a side business part time. It's hard to figure out what to sell. Example: I love health products including food, aroma therapy oils, candles ect. I signed in to Oberlo and there is a limited amount of products to choose. I'm really new at this. help

  6. Many Chinese manufacturers offer products copied from well known brands. In case of jewelry for example they use the same mold as the original brand. How to avoid troubles with this?

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