March 29, 2020


Austin Mayfield here on Sending on Amazon. Okay selling on Amazon. Everybody loves it. They love it but You could be missing out on a Cut of 16 percent of your profits Why do I say that? Okay, you could be missing out on an extra 16 percent in profits if you’re selling on Amazon Why why? NLP has a flat 6 percent per se Amazon Has a 12 to 22 Percent per sale Seller speak depending on the category depending on this depending on that NLP is that flat 6 percent, you might say Austen NLP or No Limit products If not as well known as Amazon, ok, you are absolutely correct But let me clue you in on a little back here You are probably driving out side Traffic To your Amazon store. What does that mean? That means you are paying for Facebook ads? YouTube ads Google ads no matter what you’re paying for you’re paying for ads Outside traffic, right? Okay. It costs the exact same amount to drive this traffic to NLP as it does Amazon Very simple, right, you know P is a fully trusted site. Check it up no-limit products Check it out. Fully trusted HTTPS. Everything dotted out about a knife You could be missing out on 16 percent of your profits So it’s worth the check everything in the description below. You need to get started self for free your first 30 days that I mentioned 50% Commission affiliate program Check it out, Austin Mayfield subscribe to the channel. Thanks

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