November 22, 2019

Selling on Amazon vs. NLP

Okay NLP Vs. Amazon Right, why do you want to sell on relevant products as opposed to Amazon? the number one reason is Money It costs too much. Okay Amazon eats into your profits. They charge me anywhere from twelve to twenty two percent per Sale to sell on Amazon, right? In LP Charges a flat Rate of 6% Okay, does that sound a little cheaper than this alright now stick with me stick with You might say well Amazon there’s a whole lot more popular I never lot other people selling on Amazon that I do on NLP Here’s the kicker Driving Outside traffic This is a no-brainer, okay Everybody events on the Amazon or if you’re selling on Amazon and you’re successful FBA or whatever. However, you’re selling on Amazon. You’re successful Amazon seller you’re driving outside traffic What does this mean? What does out traffic? FB ads Facebook ads. Okay Instagram ads YouTube And Google take a look at that you’re spending money driving outside traffic To sell your product on Amazon. Okay, you’re driving traffic from these ads to Your Amazon problem Right very simple it costs the exact same amount To drive those people to nail NLP You know, please very trusted HTTP everything Very trusted site and we’re just up and coming. Okay, so you can start selling today make the switch today The script links in the description below subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so already Austin may feel give this video a thumbs up hit the bell icon c-note five. Mana traffic content. Thanks

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