February 18, 2020

Selling Food Bulk Wholesale Online in Retail Reselling Food online GET $50 Product FREE

– Damian from Marketing Food Online, and I’ve gotta great video. I am overly excited to actually
bring this to you guys, my food entrepreneurs and subscribers, because this platform will
allow you to sell your product at wholesale in bulk to
literally 200 plus countries. And it’s a brand new platform, and you have a huge
opportunity to get your product in front of a lot of people
as well as buy these products fro other vendors and other food producers and resell them online. So let’s get right to it. (light music) Hi guys, so here it is. My name is Damian. Of course, as you may or may not know, this is Marketing Food Online. And I am super excited to
bring you this website. This website is called tundra.com. It is a relatively new eCommerce platform. But I am super excited about it because all of my food entrepreneurs, all of you guys, the subscribers, who are trying to get
your product out there and probably be viewed by more people than maybe Etsy or Ebay, but you’re looking to get it sold maybe at a larger quantity,
maybe in bulk or wholesale. This platform is gonna give
you the opportunity to do that, and they are relatively very, very new in the eCommerce world, buy I’m excited to bring it to you because of the fact that it being so new that you have an opportunity to get in and get your product listed and promoted. Now you can actually create an account as a seller or as a buyer, and, to make the video even sweeter, down in the description section, I’ve got a fantastic link that I was able, we partnered up with Tundra and for every new buyer
account that you create you’re gonna get $50
off of our first order. That is fantastic and phenomenal. And literally $50. Once you’ve registered as a buyer, you place an order for
$100 worth of product, you’re gonna get $50
of that absolutely free for simply signing up. By the way, this doesn’t
cost you anything to sign up. But check out that link and
of course, check out Tundra. I’m gonna give you a review
right now of the website and why it’s so important that I wanted to bring it to you guys, because I’ve had a lot of my subscribers asking the same question, is that they want to get a product sold and into the marketplace, but getting into grocery stores and getting in through
a buyer for some of them is very difficult and challenging, and I can understand that for sure. But getting your product in front of like an Alibaba situation, where Alibaba is a huge,
if you may or may not know, a international eCommerce
platform that allows you to sell in bulk to basically
everyone on the planet. This is the same type of platform, but it’s relatively new. Now the thing with this
is there are no fees. Zero fees involved with
transacting or opening an account or transacting on this platform. They have other methods and other ways to actually generate their money. It was created by a husband and wife. They basically made this
website for the purpose of trying to actually
compete with wholesalers and bulk product sellers
in regards to Amazon. There was a lot of Amazon companies who were creating private
label products for Amazon. Recently Amazon did away with that, and they’re actually not doing a lot, as much business with smaller vendors. So there was a lot of them
who relied on business from Amazon who no longer
had that private label, or creating products for
Amazon, as far as their income. This allows you to compete
on a huge global scale. They have over 200 countries, and I’m gonna show you,
I’m scrollin’ down here. And I’m gonna give you guys. So all of these, really quick, there’s three testimonials. These are small startup
businesses like you guys, and you’ve got a food product, maybe you’re in the final
stages of your packaging and you’re ready to get
it onto the internet and you don’t have a website, but you can get exposure
by getting on tundra.com. There’s three small companies. Now they create all kinds of products. Now, food and beverage is one of ’em. And let me show you this right here, there’s food and beverage. And I’m gonna click on that momentarily. I’m gonna show you a little bit about how the food listings
work and how they sell it. But they have home, really quick, they have beauty,
parenting, top-rated brands. And let’s go over here and I’ll show you. So if you were to shop. Now, I’m gonna do a video here about how to become a supplier. And I’m gonna do a
second video to show you how to become a buyer. Because you can become a buyer as well. Buy products in bulk and flip it on Ebay, sell it on Etsy, or put
it on your own store. But it’s a website that really allows you to purchase products in wholesale pricing and then turn around and
sell it and make money, okay? Now, the really unique thing
about a lot of these brands is that they’re really niche products. They’re really like mom and pop, you know husband and wives that are building their own little businesses. They’re really unique products. They’re unique flavors. Toys and gifts that are just super unique. But you buy it by the case. You buy it by bulk and then
break it down and resell it. So, as you can see here, as you go through the
categories on the left, it shows you all the different categories, but they’re subcategories, right? You see them here? Okay, so let’s go down, and of course, we’re all about food here. Now like I said, you could do this with any eCommerce business. You don’t necessarily have to buy food nor do you have to be a
supplier of just food. But the food and beverage
category’s pretty interesting. Let me show you this, and
here’s the reason why. So right here, this is a great idea. This is something that
you may or may not think of your product being in. But there’s a lot of food supply stores, grocery stores that shop on here. They actually boast, and I’ll show you in a second on the website, they boast of about, I
think they have 2,000 or so different registered
retailers that buy from them. Coffee shops, liquor stores, tea shops, everything under the sun
that you could think of. Now, this is their category. As you go through here, check this out. So they’ve got coffee,
tea, everything’s divided into these subcategories. And then here is how the listings look. So you create your own listing, okay? You wanna create your own
product, create your own listing, and then you set the terms. You set everything you need to go. So really quick, let’s take a look. I wanted to look at
actually these honey sticks. This was something that was interesting. I was actually looking to
buy some of these products and actually resell them. So, these honey sticks. So here’s a listing, this is how your product would look, right? So you take a nice beautiful photo, I highly recommend, by the way, very limited background. Make it very simple, your images, okay? Now you have honey sticks, that’s the name of the product. You have some reviews,
this one already has. This is the MSRP, okay? So per unit the MSRP is to be 1.75. That price, of course, you can resell at any price that you want. It comes with a display jar, okay? You can get it in bulk
without the display jar, whatever works. One case, look at this,
one case is 30 items. So you’ll get 30 of these packs and they’re $1.07 your cost, okay? So 32 bucks, you add it to your cart. Very simple, right? So let’s check out the overview. So when you create, this
is going to be a listing that you would wanna create as a seller. As I mentioned before, I’m
gonna get into another video on how to become a buyer and go from a buyer’s perspective
where your purchasing is. So, as you’re creating
this as you guys would do, as a seller, you wanna
create an overview, right? You wanna talk about the product is sold. How is it sold? By the case pack, how many’s in the case? What is your minimum? You can set that yourself. If you want a minimum of
at least $200 purchase, then so be it. If there is no minimum I would highly recommend you do no minimum, only because as you start to get your product in the marketplace, little by little you can
increase that or change it and say, hey, you know what? You’re doin’ so well now
you like 24 units per case. The minimum is $400. Whatever it may be. Where does the product
ship and how does it ship? What’s your lead time? How long does it take for you
to make the product, okay? Everything they need to know here. Seller performance, this is
one of their top sellers, 95%, over 95% satisfaction, okay? And then the product description,
very simply and easy. Again, very similar to a
lot of the other platforms. But the reason why I’m so
excited is that this allows you, this platform allows you
to compete, in a sense, the same way that these
vendors and suppliers did compete for Amazon’s business, you can offer it to all
of these other retailers, online eCommerce businesses,
brick and mortar stores, cafes, coffee shops, they all shop here. And there’s a lot of them that do, and of course this is a relative, like I mentioned, new website. But this company just got $12 million in first round investment
for this website, 12 million up front. So, they must be doing something right. But when I came across
this I got so excited, I wanted to really, I’ve
been bugging my wife to do this video, and she told me to finally
sit down and do it, but I was so excited to sit down and do it so I could share it with you guys because it’s a great
resource for you to get on. And again, when you sign up as a buyer, and again, my link is
down in the description, they are able to give you that discount. They gave you $50 off of your first order. That can give you a bunch of products. If you’re looking to
resell, in the meantime, you can do that as well. And they’re gonna give you $50. And then down at the bottom, of course, all this other information about us. And let me show you really quick about us on the company information. So here it is. It’s all about the local businesses, and that is you guys. Those food entrepreneurs who
are just starting from home, you’re starting from scratch,
you’re starting small, that’s exactly the people
they’re looking for. Unique products, mom and pop stuff, very small scale that helps you grow and scale your business even more, okay? So Tundra is remaining wholesale with a frictionless marketplace. So what that means is that allows you to independent businesses
to freely transact, scale, as I mentioned, and thrive. So we sell and deliver products directly from U.S. and Canadian
brands all over the world. So they actually have a lot
of companies from Canada as well and the U.S. So the reason why they’re
trying to eliminate the concept of fees and costs and all those
other things that go along, is that they’re trying to
make sure that as much money as possible stays in
those local businesses. So as you produce food products
and you sell them on Tundra, you’re making more money
without having to have such a huge chunk of fees taken out, okay? So here it is, by the way. This is the founders. Arnold and Katie, it’s
a husband and wife team, and they’re super, super awesome by creating this website
and this platform. And we’re so excited to be able to bring this resource to you guys. And then here’s just a fraction. Here’s a fraction of buyers and suppliers who sell all of their
unique products, okay? And have created brands on Tundra, and by offering them to
others to buy in bulk, okay? So let me go back over here again. Let me get back over to the main page. Now, again, you guys
are food entrepreneurs. So if you wanna sell here, that’s great. As I mentioned before, let me dig a little bit
deeper really quick, and to show you again how some of these listings are laid out. Okay, now, a couple of
tips to be successful in getting the attention
that you need are photos. This is so ultra important. Please do try to take, if you have an image of your food product or product that’s related
to food, obviously, you wanna make sure you’ve
got a solid white background or at least minimize
the amount of products and distractions you have in your photo. This is a beautiful, obviously, a beautiful picture taken
here that allows you to see the product in its entirety, okay? That’s what you wanna sell. You wanna keep your title to the point. Do not get too overly descriptive here. You wanna do that here, okay? And then again, keeping your pricing, you want to create, what you want to create as a seller, if you wanna do it individually
as a unit, go ahead. I highly recommend doing
case packs or wholesale larger bulk items because your transaction will be much more, as
far as the dollar amount, is gonna be much higher as
opposed to individual units. You can sell it however you want, okay? Now, keep in mind, though,
you also have shipping, okay? So the free shipping is
something you can have, or if you look into charge based upon case pack or quantity or
weight you can do that as well. So, all in all, that as a seller, that’s the gist of what Tundra is. Check out the link below, that way you can get that $50
for yourself absolutely free. And again, to sign up
and create an account, I actually signed up as a
seller and a buyer as well. So I’m able to buy products and sell, as well as we’re getting ready to load up probably about 20 or so new
items onto the platform. So, if you have any
questions about Tundra, please do ask me down
in the comments section. I’d be happy to get to your questions. And let me know, if you
get your products up there let me know how it was
as far as your experience creating your listing and
creating your products and your photos and et cetera, et cetera. And then from there we’ll go on. So check out the next video I’m gonna do. I’m gonna talk a little bit
more about being a buyer. And what’s the procedure
for getting into that. So, I’ll see you on the next video.

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