April 8, 2020
$$ Sell on Instagram! $$ Step by Step How To Instagram Shopping + Facebook Store Tutorial Bonus!

$$ Sell on Instagram! $$ Step by Step How To Instagram Shopping + Facebook Store Tutorial Bonus!

You may have heard of Instagram shopping
but you might not know what it is or how it works. At the end of this video you
will know why you should be using Instagram shopping how to set it up and
use it to its full potential to convert your followers into paid customers. Now
the two are linked together, you need to have a Facebook store in order to have
Instagram shopping activated and that’s great news because you will learn how to
do both in this video so let’s begin with a couple statistics on why you
should be selling on Facebook and on Instagram according to statistic
Facebook has 2.27 billion monthly active users in November
2018 and according to similarweb Americans spent an average of 58 minutes
on a platform per day and Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users and
according to HootSuite 60% of users discovered products on Instagram and 90
percent of the top brands are on the platform
therefore these platforms are goldmines of traffic and attention and connecting
your online store to these platform represents a huge business opportunity
Facebook stores have existed for a couple years now so it’s not really a
new feature however Instagram shoppable posts is fairly new and represents a
huge business opportunity if you’re not using them yet since so few businesses
are using Instagram shopping you can have a huge competitive advantage if you
start offering your products within Instagram within posts there are tons of
cool features you can also use them in videos and in stories and I’m going to
talk about that at the end of this video I’m going to show you really how to set
everything up first and I’m gonna give you all the information you need before
you get started so before you get started I like to invite you to head
over to ecwid .com and sign up to create an account the link is available in the
description below and what this will allow you to do is create your online
store quickly and easily you’ll then be able to connect it to your Facebook
account and to your Instagram account you can also use this as a website if
you don’t sell online yet if you already sell online and you’re frustrated with
your current ecommerce solution you’ll be able to add your equit store to your
current website and I really believe it’s the best thing for you if you’re a
small business owner if you’re a marketer if you’re a creative if you’d
like to learn how to set up your ecwid store really quickly I have a vid
that shows how to set up your ecwid store in five minutes above if not just
keep on following this tutorial you’re gonna learn everything you need to know
to connect your store to Facebook and to Instagram okay so the first thing I’m
going to show you how to do is set up your Facebook store now there are a
couple important things that you’ll need to know before we get started first of
all in order to activate the Facebook store feature you will need to have a
paid ecwid account so you’ll have to upgrade to a paid account to be able to
use the Facebook feature the second thing is you might want to have a good
look at the Facebook merchant terms and conditions and there’s one thing in
there that might touch a couple of us it is downloadable goods you are not
allowed to sell anything that is not a physical product so if you have these
products to sell online you won’t be able to add them to your Facebook store
the last thing I wanted to point out before we have a look at how to do the
integration is the fact that it may take a while for you to be approved by
Facebook so it can take up to 48 hours it depends on how fast they’re gonna
process your request so you’re gonna have to be patient but once your store
is approved all your products or part of your products depending on what is
approved or not by Facebook will be pushed to your Facebook store page so
without further ado here is a quick overview of how to set up the
integration if you have an activated equites Facebook shop feature you may be
leaving money on the table ecwid merchants see a 15% average increase in
their revenue when they activate this awesome feature it only takes a couple
minutes to open your omni-channel facebook store and start selling on
tablets and mobile phones through your facebook business page each and every
sale will be synced to your ecwid control panel reach more customers and
allow them to shop through your facebook business page simply by activating your
equity Facebook store today here’s how to start selling on Facebook
open your ecwid control panel under sales channels click on sell on Facebook
and click on connect Facebook page log into your Facebook profile and select
the business page where you would like to add your Facebook shop then click
Save except the Facebook merchant commerce
terms your equity store will then sync to a
new Facebook tab your store is now connected to Facebook
click on visit Facebook shop and check out your new Facebook shop it’s as easy
as that to get selling on Facebook with ecwid now you can sell your products on
your facebook business page not only on desktop but also on mobile and tablets okay I’m gonna stop the demonstration
there and give you a couple more pointers there are a bunch of tips and
new features that you really need to inform your customer about I’m gonna
show them to you in a couple seconds but if I have any tips before we have a look
at them it is inform your customers because a
lot of people don’t know especially about the subscribe button it’s really
interesting it’s going to notify them when you add products to your online
store and I think that’s one of the most powerful features that are available
right now with the Facebook integration because people are constantly looking at
their Facebook notifications and if you can easily push notifications to your
customers by them just clicking on that subscribe button then it’s a very very
powerful tool and I think that really has to do with the 15% of conversion
rates that equit has created for their customers simply with this integration
okay so here we go I definitely recommend you take notes on this part
these are the new things that you can do with your Facebook store thanks to the
ecwid Facebook integration here’s a couple takeaway tips and new
features you and your customers may also love you can tag products in your photos
when posting to your Facebook feed the embedded product link will send your
customers directly to your product in your store if they click on it you could also share your product
catalog by clicking on the share collection button share individual products on Facebook
from within your shop by clicking on the share button and don’t forget to tell your customers
about the new subscribe button in the shop section that notifies your
followers when you add new products to your store learn more about requirements when
creating your Facebook shop in the link in the description
don’t leave potential revenue on the table activate your ecwid Facebook store
today so here are a couple tips for you the
first thing I would do is inform my customers that the shop tab is available
it is a fairly new feature some people might not even notice it because a lot
of people don’t look in that area on your page but inform your customers that
it is possible to shop on your Facebook page the second thing you might want to
do is if a customer is talking to you through messenger about a specific
product you can share that product with them directly within Facebook and then
the last feature the subscribe button definitely inform your customers about
it and encourage them to subscribe to your Facebook page you could do that
within Facebook with a post but I’d go further than that you can inform them by
email if you have an emailing list ask them to subscribe to your Facebook page
you could do it in YouTube videos if you have YouTube videos it’s a great way to
send them notifications for free you don’t have to like set anything up
there’s no development to carry out it’s an excellent feature that will notify
your customers within Facebook the second you add new products your online
store and that’s about it for the Facebook
integration I’m sure that there will be updates and new things that are going to
come in the future so definitely stay on top of that within the what’s new tab in
ecwid and by following equites blog and keeping up to date with all of the new
features that are coming out with regards to selling on social media
platforms awesome once your Facebook store is set up you’ll be able to
connect your Instagram account and start selling on Instagram you’re actually
going to need to use the Facebook integration to be able to use the
Instagram integration now as you may already know Instagram was brought out
by Facebook so it’s the same company at this point and the both of them work
together to be able to enable Instagram shopping now there will also be an
approval time for Instagram shopping another thing you might want to know
before you begin you will have to have an Instagram business account so go into
your settings and check out business profile and make sure that your account
is a business account before you begin this process ok cool once you’re ready
let’s have a look at how to do it did you know you can sell your products
on Instagram by tagging them in posts that feature your products you can now
take your products directly on your Instagram feed as well as on your posts
and on stories so customers can click a link to purchase them in your online
store your instant Instagram shop is available in 44 countries and only takes
a couple minutes to set up to enable shopping on Instagram on your desktop
computer in your equity control panel click on all sales channels then sell on
Instagram if you’re not yet selling on Facebook you’ll have to enable selling
on Facebook connect your Facebook catalog with your Instagram profile
inside Facebook business manager then on your cellphone and Instagram go to your
profile go to settings tap shopping and continue select a product catalog to
connect to your business profile all right I’m gonna stop the demonstration
there just like I did with the Facebook video I want to just talk to you a
little bit about the cool features that are available in Instagram before I
actually show them to you because once again you’re gonna have to inform your
customers about them and one way that I suggest doing that is writing it in the
description so you could put a little emoji with a finger
that’s like pointing or clicking and you can say shoppable post or you know click
on the post to see the products in the store you’re gonna have to like educate
a little bit because these are new features at this point of course for now
it’s still a fairly new feature not very many users know that you can actually
shop on Instagram it’s becoming more and more popular but you will have to tell
your customers in the post that it is actionable and that they can click on it
and purchase your products my second piece of advice would definitely be to
go back over your old posts and find the most popular ones and then go make them
actionable because if they’re your most popular posts then they should be
actionable for your customers to be able to purchase your products that are
within those posts and my last piece of advice would be to go to your messages
and if there using Instagram really well you probably
already have template messages that you send out to new followers if you don’t
I’m gonna be showing you how to do this in a future video where I’m going to be
telling you how to increase your ecommerce sales from day one and in that
video I will demonstrate how to do this but if you’re already using this feature
then link to your Instagram products within your messages that you’re sending
to your customers okay I hope you took notes now you’re
going to see this demonstrated in the next part of the video
to tag products and posts tap the products in the photo you want to tag
and simply select the products you’d like to sell you can take up to five
products per single image post or 20 products per carousel post you don’t
even have to create new posts because you can add text to existing posts by
editing them this is an excellent opportunity if you’d like to go back to
your best posts and make them shoppable if you aren’t on instagram yet consider
this instagram has 1 billion users and 80% of them follow at least one business
early results show that promoting products through Instagram effectively
creates new income streams for small businesses start selling on Instagram
with ecwid today I hope you enjoyed this demo of how to create your Facebook
store and how to activate Instagram shopping now like I already said in this
video this represents a huge business opportunity if you’re not yet selling on
Instagram the only hurdle is getting approved it might take a little while
but after that you will have actionable posts in your Instagram feed I hope you
are as enthusiastic as I am about these awesome features if you’d like to learn
more about how to use ecwid and set it up
check out my equity commerce power course it contains everything you need
to know about selling in multiple places online building your online store and
generating targeted traffic starting day one if you liked this video please hit
the like button and hit subscribe for more Ecwid tips and tricks

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  1. Thank you for Sharing. You are the only youtuber that shows how to import a store on FB. I'm new to FB and IG. Also your voice is very calming. Thank you!!!

  2. Hello, loved the video. Although there is some confusion to me on all of this and maybe you can respond. I presently have a Shopify store and an instagram account on one topic/niche and considering creating a new IG account. So, does all of the steps have to be established as mentioned in your video above if one owns and has own a Shopify store? Is it possible to just integrate Instagram shopping with Shopify and make that work? My goal is to build traffic on Instagram and promote my shopify store which I am re-developing over with new products. Any pointers you can point me too that would help me understand more clearly on how all this works?

  3. WOW THANK YOU! – i gave my self one week to figure this out and if i couldn't i was going to hire someone! – LAST NIGHT (day 3) @FROMMISSLANE INSTAGRAM STORE WAS SHOPPABLE OMG!!!!! – thank you so much for the amazing detailed tutorial! #SUBSCRIBE

  4. Daniella! You are amazing! I am new to this and heard you on the Ecwid podcast! Your videos have been so inspiring and helpful! Thank you. #NoE

  5. So, Basically I can't do a shoppable instagram without setting up a facebook shop? Which fb won't let me do because the website is asking for my personal info such as SS and Tax ID Number bank account which I entered all correctly and they don't let me continue from there. It's really frustrating.

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