April 2, 2020
Sell on Amazon INDIA (BABY PRODUCTS) 🔥 TOP 10 BEST SELLING Products on Amazon (2020) 🔥 (BIG PROFITS)

Sell on Amazon INDIA (BABY PRODUCTS) 🔥 TOP 10 BEST SELLING Products on Amazon (2020) 🔥 (BIG PROFITS)

Subscribe AMAZING MARKETER Channel and hit the BELL icon to watch latest videos Hello Amazers, Welcome to another exciting episode of Amazing Marketer. We all know that year 2019 is almost over. In the year 2020, where existing Amazon seller will try to grow their sales and new sellers will try to establish themselves. Last year, I have shared TOP 5 MOST PROFITABLE CATEGORIES with you and most probably they will remain in trend in this year as well. You all loved that video in abundance. Thank you so much! Link of that video is available in description or in the I-card at the top right corner of this video. However, most of the sellers have one query on that video.. What are those products which can be they sell on amazon? So today, I am going to tell you about the same. Today’s category is BABY PRODUCTS So, I am going to tell you 10 best baby products to sell on amazon in the year 2020 Myself Sorabh, you are watching AMAZING MARKETER. Let’s Learn Something New Today!! Before moving ahead, Make sure to SUBSCRIBE this channel! Because I am going to tell you 10 best products in 10 categories. That mean, I will tell you 100 products in coming videos that you can sell on amazon in the year 2020. Now, I have a question for you. Do you sell baby products on amazon or planning to sell baby products on amazon? Mention YES or NO in the comments So, in today’s video, I will break down top baby clothes & baby products that are loved by new parents. If you deal in baby products or runs an offline or online store so, don’t miss out this video and end up crying over spilled milk. #1st Product – BABY WRAP BLANKET Also, known as SWADDLE Blankets. These are commonly famous by this name only. Most of the parents want to tuck their babies in blankets in winters. This is a perfect product for those parents. These blankets are available in cute designs Elephants, Dolphins, Surf Boards. even these are available in plane & stripes. We all have to understand one thing The best baby product has to be cute & practical making them irresistible to the new parents. so, this is the perfect product for selling. And, I would highly recommend you to give it a try. BONUS TIP Promote this product on visual platforms such as Facebook & Instagram apart from Amazon. Target those females who have recently become mother. You can use images showcasing babies warped in the blanket. So that, those mother can imagine that her baby will look cute like in this image. #2nd Product – BABY HIP SEAT This is one of the most popular product. Also, known as Baby Carriers. If you check keyword “Baby Carrier” on Google Trend you will see this product is in trend from past few years. And, its position is quite stable. However, to keep up with the trend, manufacturer are improving baby carriers designs a lot. For e.g. in this, parents can carry their baby without using their both hands. BONUS TIP If you deals in baby products regularly, or about to then, I would suggest you to create a blog. Publish two articles on that blog. Choose keywords that have “Baby” & “Carrier”. For e.g. you can write a blog “How to hold a baby properly”. So, it is low volume search keyword but it’s monthly searches are round about 4400. which is a good figure for a new blog. Once your blog start growing in next few months, you can write article on high volume keywords like “Baby Carriers” When you were writing on baby carriers, you already have a audience and converting that audience into a customer will be more easy for you. So, I would suggest you to deal in baby carriers and sell them through amazon as well as via blog. #3rd Product – BABY MOCCASSINS Whenever we talked about baby products baby shoes are the one that always give us the feeling of “AWW” because how could someone has so small & cute feet. as an amazon seller have to use this Aww factor to grow our sales on amazon. For this, these Baby Moccassins are the perfect products. These are available in multiple colors & various sizes in the market. Sellers on eCommerce platforms are selling these from INR 200/- to INR 1500/- on amazon based on quality. You can buy this product at the starting wholesale price of INR 30/- or 40/- per pair. Recently, searches of baby shoes have been increased on amazon. So, this is a good product to sell on amazon in 2020 and you can definitely give it a try atleast once. #4th Product – BABY DRESS Baby clothes are the most popular products to sell. The key point to note about baby clothes is that size of babies grow exceptionally fast in first few years. This is the reason new parents have to upgrade their clothes time-to-time. So, this creates a good opportunity for sellers to sell new clothes at regular interval. Now, let’s talk about what kind of clothes we should sell or what kind of clothes are always in demand? WE have to remember one thing, baby clothes has to be unique, colorful & vibrant but the biggest USP should be that it must be all-time weather friendly. Baby clothes should work in winters or lukewarm days. So, parents most like buy dress which is well suited for all kind of weathers. So, we always have to try that dresses should be colorful, vibrant and match all weather conditions. BONUS TIP In case of baby clothes or baby dresses, target only those parents who have babies from 0 to 3 years. This is the age in which babies grow rapidly. 5th Product – MOTHER & BABY BEANIE CAPS Tell me one thing, What could be the more cutter than a mother & a new born sporting matching hats. Nothing…right? So, this year a product that can be a trendsetter is mother & baby beanie hats This product is available in innumerable colors and designs. Most of the amazon seller sell this INR 400/- onward. And, the best part about his product is that customer finds it very appealing because it gives a feeling of two products at the price of one to the customers. So, this is a very good product and might be the most popular product in the year 2020. You can give it a try as most of the parents these days try to wear same clothes what their babies are wearing whether it’s a hat or a dress. so, you can try this product in this category. 6th Product – BABY GLOVE TEETHER One of the biggest milestone in baby’s life is his/her teething process. We all know that Teething process makes the baby starts that baby becomes very uncomfortable & irritated. and those babies started chewing something. The best product to help baby to overcome this teething problem is silicone baby glove teether. Sale of this product is quite good from last few months and competition is still low in it. so, you can try to sell this product. Remember one thing, you have to target parents who have babies from 0-12 months old. why? teething process starts around 4-6 months. 7th Product – BABY DINOSAUR JUMPSUIT To sell baby clothes, one factor is super important i.e. uniqueness. We all know that markets are flooded with thousands of design and positioning your product among them is a herculean task. Also, every parent want to dress their baby in unique clothes. So, without any question, this is the best product. A baby dinosaur jumpsuit. It is unique and has different design. It is extremely popular among the parents. so, you can try to sell this product. BONUS TIP The best part of baby clothes category is that it’s a niche, stable, and popular category from past 10 years. So, if you planning to enter in eCommerce especially with baby products then, this is a good product to start with. Also, if you are planning to establish long-term sustainable business so I think baby clothes is good category or product to start your business with. 8th Product – SPILL PROOF BOWL We all know that if there is kid in the home especially toddler. will of course get into some mischief definitely run here & there. And, most probably they will turn the house upside-down The situation becomes worst when they started playing with their food. And, throw all the food on the floor. The unique and innovative solution of this problem is spill proof bowl Most of the people don’t know about this product even parents have less awareness about it. Because, it recently entered in the market. But, trust me it’s orders are increasing exponentially day-by-day. This product has become a necessity to new parents and have made their life way easy than earlier. so, this is really an unique & innovative product that you may try to sell on amazon in year 2020. 9th Product – WARM BABY CLOTHES This is a must have product for parents. Every parents wants to keep their babies safe in winters and for this, they have to buy warm baby clothes. This is a great product to sell. And, we know that like we have just discussed in earlier products features related to animals are in trend like dinosaur, animal ears elephants, dolphin patterns. These are in trend! You can try these warm clothes for selling. 10th Product – BABY SLEEP CAP This product helps babies to sleep and sellers like us remains busy with constant sales. It’s sales has been increased exponentially in last few months months and keep on increasing day-by-day. These caps are available in various colors and the best thing about this product is it start selling from INR 50-60/- You can procure this product at quite a cheap price from manufacturer. and make a good profit margins by selling online. So, this is good product to make some good profit. You can try this one. these are the 10 products in baby categories that can make you a successful seller in year 2020. I will come up with more products in other categories in the coming videos. If you like the video, don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE. you can follow me on other social media handles FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKEDIN, TELEGRAM & INSTAGRAM. If you have nay query whether related to Amazon, eCommerce or any digital marketing stuff. ask me in the comments section. and finally, KEEP SELLING, KEEP SMILING !!

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