April 8, 2020
SEE — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

SEE — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

The moment has come. Centuries from now, almost all humans
have lost the ability to see. Some say
sight was taken from them by God… to heal the Earth. For the few who remain,
vision is only a myth. But after so many years,
the power of sight has returned. What is it? Something’s different. The children. They have the ability to see. My children… they have the power
that we would call magical or evil. We must protect them. For centuries,
we feared this day would come. The evil of light
once almost destroyed the world. And now it has returned. Find the children who can see… and bring them to me. Now they will come for us. If we give the babies,
they might leave us alone. -No.
-I stand with Baba Voss! These children are a gift. They will bring knowledge
that will begin a new world. We are family.
We are one and we fight as one. I have to keep you safe. The moment has come. It’s astonishing how the smallest moment
can change an entire world.

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