April 2, 2020
Scallog mobile robots @ Shophair

Scallog mobile robots @ Shophair

Aiming for faster productivity, we visited many companies and platforms, and we chose Scallog. Scallog’s advantage is its simplicity. I’m not a computer scientist but it’s very simple! Weight lifted: 600Kg Shophair is the leading supplier of products for hairdressers. The Scallog solution was set up in a few weeks, Installed in two weeks fitting smoothly into an existing process. Manual picking for fast-movers products, Scallog automated system for slow-movers products. Those orders are finalized and sent to the hairdressers. Nowadays, robots are becoming more common. Scallog lets operators concentrate on other jobs than collecting — thus improving storage. It won’t mean laying people off … …That’s not true! … It’s going to help us! Productivity X 4 Surface area + 30% Walking reduced by 65% For now, things are going well and we keep our fingers crossed for more growth! Shophair is growing fast. The Scallog solution will allow them to increase their efficiency. It’s a new generation of warehousing ! Optimized, Ergonomic, Efficient!

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