April 8, 2020
[Scaling To Millions] Scaling From Dropshipping to a Real 7 Figure Ecommerce Brand

[Scaling To Millions] Scaling From Dropshipping to a Real 7 Figure Ecommerce Brand

Hey, what’s up guys in this video, I’m gonna teach you how to build a seven-figure Multi-million dollar ecommerce business, and this is my partner Dorian right here my business partner in the econ and we’re gonna show you a whole team how everything works how we build a whole infrastructure how we scaled up from six figures we were doing before to seven figures now and how the whole company works and how to scale your own company to multi-million dollars, so you told our PPC marketing beast You got cattle Master product research and building up the stores and then the red guy over here Doing all that customer service and product Operations and we’re going to show you exactly how Everything is structured and how the whole company works as a whole and how we all make money so and we’re gonna explain in the whiteboard how everything is structured how we hire how we make our employees hire even better and Just how everything works with a white board So yeah guys the first thing you want to do when you make for like a hundred K is to buy a Ferrari No, just fuckin with you. So what you want to do is This is you with your company The first thing we want to do is to hire a division leader for store operations you want to start? With the division, which actually doesn’t make you any money Second you want to do is hire the division leader if you design design, you can make your videos your creatives and also you can make he can make the front end of your website turn You wanna do it is higher PPC Division leader It’s that way the money you gain you’ve earned is actually invested in Tier one people here When you have the structure next thing you want to do is hire VX This way you’ll be able to scale your company because efficiently I’m very fast because let’s say like Let’s say you would pay nobody for good. Beh $10 right because one high quality team member, but this way you can pay eighty ten dollars or even a little bit more or even a little bit more for your help division and you can pay for your v—aids four dollars Four dollars four dollars four dollars You will be saving a lot of money later on, right? So another advantage of this if if some of the VA Is folds out for in this instance If you find we can make make the best creatives and if he it folds out then you’ll be able to continue to work and scale because actually the knowledge is stored right here in your division leader and Your money won’t be My business partner just explain why we have three divisions We have the store operations, which is the actual like operation of the site order fulfillment Everything has to do with customers and just the conversion rate optimization Everything has to do with the actual store with selling, right? The other thing is the marketing which is the guy that I just showed you right there which controls all the campaign’s builds how campaigns build South audiences Google Ads Facebook Ads pretty much everything built it out we go in and scale it and Then the customer service or the design team as well customer service is one team design is another you want to have one leader? For each operation and they all work in unison So our plan right now for 2019 2020 and beyond is to have one person That does the store Creation then as soon as the store creation person is done sends it over to the designer, right the designers essentially The one that does all the just making the site look better Videos images everything for the actual ads and then the designer once that’s done the ads the videos everything We have everything ready for launch sends it over To the marketing head, right? To the marketing head that creates the actual campaigns our Facebook create someone Google has the ad copies Obviously the ad copies a little bit, you know, it takes a lot of experience to write a copy So sometimes we write them ourselves and everything We rather we write ourselves just just for like more Performance sake but this is our plan for 2019 and beyond is have one person created the store one person designed everything One person launch and then launch from our niche store. Like I’ve talked about from the niche one we want to create a lot of offshoots of That with like one product stores Right. So as I talked about in the one product store video that I did like two weeks ago We want to create a lot of one product stores because that’s the easiest way to really scale a store very fast is having one proven product that did well in our niche store This is the one to 100k a month is the one we don’t touch we don’t mess with We do those offshoots into one product source, just to pretty much scale the whole operation to a million dollars a month Which is the goal, but you want to have those people those like main Leaders in each in each section of the company and then obviously the customer service which is huge I talked about it in my last video customer service, you know, it can take it can take your whole store down So you really want to have someone that’s an expert at that and that’s Rekha that I just showed you and then you want to have bas on top of that like you want to have let’s say a Filipino VA and then another Filipino VA here and These to respond directly to the customer service manager They don’t respond to us. So let’s say me and Dorian which is my business partner We’re both here, we’re both just leaders of the company we also do pretty much we handle all the marketing and all the basic ads tactics everything and we teach that to the marketer and Then the VA s don’t respond to us. They respond to the leader And if the design we also have the A’s in the design team People from the Philippines as well that create short videos. They can create images. They can do watermarks thumbnails for videos everything They don’t respond to us. They respond to the designer and then the designer comes to us So we all operate in this way where this is pretty much the structure store creation designer marketer This is a structure for launch and we have the ACE growing out of that So that’s how you can build a pretty much like a team of like 20 people Without breaking everything up like without you having to sacrifice your time sending out emails sending out messages 24 hours a day is you have someone manage it for you without giving them all the Structure and all the tasks because if you give way too many tasks to one person you’re gonna burn them out It’s not gonna be efficient. You want to make them absolute beasts add one thing You don’t want to give your PPC? Manager like your marketer the task of creating the store Making all the designs learning how to do video editing because you’re just gonna burn them out They’re not going to do their job, which is ads properly the customer service same thing You don’t want them doing ads you’re going to be confused. You don’t want the market doing customer service You want everybody in one section and from that section you have the options which is the VA you can have 50 people working for you like that and you only communicating with like three main people for many people in our case We want to expand this section of the marketing the store creation What we want to do potentially is create a couple of stories every single week as one product source Scale them as much as possible and obviously like do that million a month and then keep scaling the niche one because you want to have multiple stores just in case like I talked you get one storm and Something happens and you don’t want that to kill your business you want that whole structure? to pretty much help you out and that’s I mean that’s How you scale it to multi-million dollars is having a proper team in place It’s not you mastering Facebook from 100km on to a million a month. It’s not you mastering like you need a specific Magical method to scale to a million dollars a month. No you need talent You need good people that know how to communicate with each other that can tell other people what to do That is the structure to make a million dollars a month. And that’s the structure that we’re building right here We’re just teaching them how to become masters at their own craft and at their own section of the company That is how you scale is just fine good talent So if you have a profitable ecommerce business right now If you’re making 10 20 K a month and you’re doing that sustainably your main focus is talent Your main focus is scaling this operation making sure that they know how to hire v8 those VA is our top-of-the-line Your your operation is top aligned. Essentially. You’re your top Position which is the marketing one, which is the one that makes the money is top-of-the-line as well. So that is your main focus That’s how you’re gonna scale to a million dollars a month If you enjoyed this video if you enjoyed the Camaro that we showed you outside subscribe to this channel and comment the word secrets Comments secrets down below for a special module that I did only for my inner circle I’ll send it to you right now become its secrets below Subscribe to this channel like this video if you like that and share it with someone that wants to make millions of dollars Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys the next one guys. Thank you so much for watching that video You want to watch another video on how we made twelve? Thousand in a single day. Click that little square right here There’s gonna be a video that says twelve thousand in a single day You click that you watch that video full breakdown on that. See you guys in the next one You

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