April 6, 2020
SAP Ecommerce Assignment 1

SAP Ecommerce Assignment 1

Hi all I will walk you over the first SAP assignment on your ERP E-commerce class here we will be registering for a Developer trial Account on SAP cloud services in order to
do that we have to Consider the services of SAP HANA cloud platform SAP NetWeaver gateway Demo system SAP Fiori Launchpad Demo edition and SAP Splash and Build these are the services we will be using for this class Please note that if you already Have a SAP
communication network or SCN ID you should be using the same email to register for the Other services that would allow your accounts to be linked please Use Lamar email always for working on this assignment and it is Recommended that you use Google Chrome for all of these assignments so I will start the chrome browser look at this
URL HANAtrialondeman.com so Go to that platform/URL you have to click
on register and you have to Provide your first name last name email password re-enter password store Your password somewhere throughout all the services please use the same Password so that you do not forget your password later on and Contact preference provide that information terms and conditions you have To agree to those and then register so once
you register what happens Is that you will receive an email with a link
that allows you To activate your account and once you activate your account click continue To proceed to the SAP HANA cloud platform cockpit which is basically The administrative tool for HANA cloud platform you will also receive another Email with links to several useful resources
now you can access The HANA cloud platform cockpit using this URL over here which You need to basically save in your favorites
because you will Be using that URL all the time and this is
the URL From your assignment so this is the most important URL for This class Because through the semester you will be using this account HANAtrialondemand.com/cockpit since I have already registered after You register you will get your log in and
password And so please come here and log in to your
account so I will do mine so when you log in to the cockpit You will often see the dialogue that shows
news and announcements Which describes updates to the platform The platform can evolve quickly So your first screen is (you may have different screen because I Have tried other things before here) so I
would suggest that if You are here may be you are here I am not
sure because I have Tried other things where it will take you
I am not sure However you always go to your personal developer account click On a few places and go to your personal developer account And mine is this number trial so I would go
here So always click on that click on the p######trial once you do That this is the first screen that you will
see so wherever You are you have to come here so this is your first screenshot See look at here I am in overview I am in
the p###### trial And your no is different than my no so you
go to Your no and then you take a screenshot of
this and this Is basically your first screenshot so your
first screenshot is Taken and then you have to set up your web ide service In order to do that navigate to services so
I navigate to Services and it would be showing a number
of services which Can be activated so find out web ide services from here Keep looking OK here it is if you see that it is greyed not enabled then click on there it will be
enabled So SAP Web ide is a web base tool that enables You to create and extend end user applications for browsers And mobile devices so I click on this Ok now I have To click on open SAP web ide so the editor
will Open in a new browser tab and every time you have to Access web ide you can go through services after you Logged into that HANA cloud platform cockpit ok take A screenshot on this page and this will be
your second screenshot for The assignment now what we will do is remember we are registering For different services right so next what
we will do is We will go for NetWeaver gateway demo system now SAP NetWeaver Gateway is used to create services that consumes date on SAP ERP systems Ok the ES4 system is publicly available system used for demonstration purposes To register for the account on this system
you need to navigate here So I copy the link and paste it to my browser and that would take Me to my SAP community network here you have to click the link For sign up so you will see that it gives
us the notice that SAP gateway server has been upgraded to ES4 you will need to Register and so on so sign up here when you do that log in Using the same credential you used to create your HANA cloud Platform account the same credential that
you used before use the Same thing so when you do that and you accept the terms and Conditions you register and if your credentials are valid you Will see the success message and then you will receive an email With a temporary password and then you can access the demo system At this one the URL that is given here provide your credential You receive in the email and you will be required to create a New password because you have been given a temporary password So you will be asked to create a new password and once you Created the password then you can continue to the web GUI for The gateway demo system and you can close this window so you have To take a screenshot of this so let me see
if I can sign in Using my id and password because I have already gone through It myself and I have an account so I will
just continue So it says that your account exists so I donot have to do that But what I will do I will go back here Remember they have given Me this URL now to log on so I will come here I will Get in here and I will log on so this is the
page where you Should ultimately come and take the screenshot this is your Third screenshot the difference between your work and my Work is that I have already registered for
all these services So I do not go through the registration process
but you have To go through that I just use my id and password To get in next I have to create a destination In this step we will create a destination
that serve As a proxy for NetWeaver gateway system these allows The application to access the data and avoid cross domain request Which are not allowed for security reasons
so I have Now return to the HCP or HANA cloud platform cockpit and navigate To the destination page and click on new destination so I am Already here in the HANA cloud platform so I will go here And I will go to the destination that is
what they said But before that let us see where the destinations are let us see I have come out of it so let us go here and
I have to look For destinations is it here let me check its
within Connectivity I got the destination so go here and I have to Create a new destination so the name here is ES4 I have given It to you type its http description is ES4
again since I have done it before it is telling me it
exists yes It is I am just showing you how to do it so
can Ignore that and then here the URLI have to
type it In the https and then SAPes4.SAPdevcenter.com
and this is given here So this is the URL you have to type in SAP
es4.SAPdevelopmentcenter.com Proxy type is internet authentication is basic authentication User and password so Basic authentication I have my user and my
password and I save This and then if the new property button is
greyed then just Refresh it and then click on that new property in additional properties You have to add the following three properties So you have to choose Web ide usage within that you have to type
in odeta_jen Take it from here so web ide usage are odata_jen then odata_abap And bspexecuteabap and then the next one is web ide enabled and web Ide system so you have the next one after
you enter that you do the next One as web ide usage and web ide enabled so basically I already have Done this as this is already I have already
done you can see that and These are my properties so when you have completed the configuration save The destination and it is added to your destination table like mine have Been added so take a screen shot this like
es4 this one and Then paste it to your ward document and this will be your fourth Screenshot you will not see the ES4 cloning
as it is I have done More work so your screenshot will just show ES4 now so you Can see the connection by clicking on here
so you can see success Nconnection to ES4 is successful ok ow we move on to SAP Fiori demo Cloud edition so we have to navigate to SAP Fiori trial and see It in action so I would click URL come here
paste it in a new Tab and if I click in see it in action also
before that Look at SAP Fiori this app adheres to the
concept and can be Deployed on cloud or on premise experience SAP Fiori in the Cloud for demos productive use
so you can get more information From here and I will just see it in action
and then to create a Personalized account that enables you to deploy apps to the launch pad Click customize and extend so here click get started since I have already logged in you know I donot
have to create an account You donot have to do it either you just
can log in with your HANA Cockpit or HANA cloud platform id and password the Fiori account is Linked with your HANA cloud platform id and password so when the Connection is complete you will see what is new dialogue box and then Click ok and then you will come here and take a screenshot of this And this is going to be your 5th screenshot
now you can click The extend SAP content for customizing your Launchpad so I can Come here and I can click that and I can customize my Launchpad from here There is also a pencil icon in the bottom
right corner you can see That that will allow you to personalize your

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