April 5, 2020
Salon Business Plan for 2019 – Genius salon marketing funnel to attract new clients

Salon Business Plan for 2019 – Genius salon marketing funnel to attract new clients

hey it’s Dustin with salon marketing
University and in this video I’m going to teach you about a marketing funnel
that we’re using in our salon to generate a lot of new leads so if you’re
looking to get new clients in your salon then you want to watch this video stick
with me. okay so before we get started some of you might be wondering what the
heck is a marketing funnel so let’s start with a definition real quick. as
you can see this kind of looks like a funnel and the philosophy behind it is
you get a lot of traffic prospective clients up here into your funnel I’m
going to show you how to do that and they’re gonna go step by step by step
and a certain percentage of them will actually become clients through this
funnel. and so it’s an automated process and that’s why I love it it’s all done
online once you set this up it automatically
works for you and you don’t have to touch it ever again I mean maybe you’ll
want to create a new marketing funnel at some point create new content or
whatever but the thing is once you create this
and it’s successful you don’t never ever have to touch it again
you’ll automatically get new clients all the time. So here’s my goal for you. I
want you to get at least 10 new clients per week and this funnel is going to
help you do it if you’re able to get 10 new clients per week which is pretty
easy to do in a small city and really easy to do in a large city if you’re
able to get 10 new clients per week and have a 40 percent or greater retention
rate of those new clients then you’ll have a full clientele in six months or
less that is just the math behind it. Now if you live in a bigger city you’ll be
able to get more clients than ten per week and hopefully you’ll have a higher
retention rate than forty percent I mean the industry standard is more like 50
percent but I like to strive for 60 percent so if you’re getting more than
10 new clients per week and higher than 40 percent you’ll be having your full
clientele in you know less than six months four months five months you’ll
have a full book so that’s what this whole thing is all about. I’m going to
teach you the funnel that we use in our salon to do that. So here’s the thing if
you’re a salon owner then this is really valuable to you as an owner because
you’re going to help your employees build their clientele quicker which
means salon professionals are gonna be attracted
to your salon they’re gonna want to work for you and it’s gonna make you more
money. If you’re an independent stylist then you also want to do this because
you can’t always depend on the salon owner to do the marketing for you. Oftentimes if you’re working for yourself you have to do this stuff for
yourself anyway so it works either way. Now here’s the thing I want to start off
by saying website if you’re a salon owner you need a website that’s kind of
like a no-brainer everybody probably already has a most everybody has a
website their salon or if you’re not you need one. But here’s the thing if you’re
an independent contractor and you still work for yourself in a salon that has a
website you still want your own website because all of this stuff in the funnel
we want to point to your website not necessarily the salon website because if
they go to your salon website maybe it’s not going to convert the way that I want
it to convert and maybe those new clients will go to somebody else and not
you so this is your strategy to build your clientele so you need your own
website if you’re an independent contractor so that’s what we’re starting
here. Well let’s back up a little bit after you’ve created your website we
need to drive traffic to that website so that it can convert visitors into
clients. That’s the whole goal. So how do we get traffic to your website the first
way that I love and this is how we’ve built our whole salon is through web
site SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization so what you’re going to do
with your website after you’ve created it is optimize it using keywords in all
the text that you have and just make it like a really useful website so that
Google recognizes it and ranks you in the top three positions of local Google
search when somebody’s searching for a new salon in your area you want to come
up in the top three results there. If you’re not in the top three results
there’s still another way to kind of cheat the system you got to pay for it
and that is through Google search ads so if you haven’t if you have a website if
you haven’t optimized it in a way or Google hasn’t recognized it or for
whatever reason you’re not there in the top three results most of the
click-through traffic is gonna be in the top three results if you’re not in the
top three results and you can actually pay to be in the top three results and
that’s just through Google search ads. you’ve noticed when you do a local
search there’ll be a little ad up there it looks just like an organic search but
it’ll have a small little ad text next to it that so few volts an ad
but it looks just like one so so people click on that and they get to your
website so those are two ways we can drive traffic to your website. Now how do
we convert traffic once it’s on your website this is really important first
thing I want to talk about is a YouTube video so I think all salons should have a
YouTube video a promotional video 60 to 90 seconds long that just really helps
build trust with people watching it people love watching videos. People scan
websites but they watch videos and so you can actually build trust by just
communicating through video every YouTube video that you create whether
it’s are really you know nicely professionally done promotional video or
if it’s just one that you throw together with your iPhone either way it needs a
call to action your call to action is going to be click the link below for
some sort of offer you need to decide before you make the video what is there
off are gonna be so you have to decide is it gonna be like a 10% off your hair
appointment is gonna be a free eyebrow wax if you get a hair appointment is it
gonna be a dollar amount off there’s gonna be some other upgrade or whatever
it is you decide what the offer is once you figure out the offer is you’re going
to put the call to action in your YouTube video at the very end and you’re
going to say if you want whatever the offer is need to click the link and that
link is going to drive them to the offer squeeze page. Okay well talk about the
office for you space in just a second let’s go through the rest of these real
quick cuz they’re all going to go to the offer squeeze page next is your website
so after you’ve created your YouTube video on the home page I think it’s
really good to have that YouTube video embedded on your website with text all
around and it says if you want whatever the offer is 10%, let’s just use
10% off for the rest of this video just so I don’t say whatever your offer is
all the time if you want 10% off your first hair appointment, and by the way that
one works really well for us at our salon on maybe it won’t for yours but it it’s
always work to get people in the door so if you want the 10% off voucher then
just click the link right below this video on your but that’s embedded on
your website. Facebook ads so same thing if a lot of people are on Facebook a lot of
people check Facebook multiple times a day if you want to get in front of
people in your city you can actually target your ad so that it appears in
front of them it says if you want 10% often click the link that link goes
to the squeeze page same thing with Google ads this is search ads which can
be kind of expensive to rank organically to drive traffic to your website can be
usually somewhere between two and five dollars per click it’s kind of expensive
so you have to consider that. The lifetime value of a client’s probably
thousands of dollars though so this is probably worth your money but here’s the
thing Google ads whether it be intent ads which means you’ve always you’ve
been to web sites where you’re just kind of surfing and you notice that there’s
ads on that website for products or services that you visited in the past
this is kind of a tricky little thing that Google can do with with cookies
that are deposited on your computer’s browser but basically what you want to
do here is you want to follow people around the internet with your offer and
that’s the way that you can do that with intent ads and remarketing ads and also
video ads. So after you’ve created a YouTube video you’ll also do video ads
in YouTube and that’s all done through Google ads manager so so those are the
three it’s gonna be intent ads remarketing ads and video ads to drive
traffic to your squeeze page again you’ll say hey you want the 10% off
click the button and that’ll take all of these will take people to your squeeze
page now what is the squeeze page a squeeze page is a simple page on your on
your on your website or it could just be I use leadpages so it’s actually a third
party that I use now and I’ll put a link down the description if you want to
check out leadpages but leave the landing page from the squeeze page is
gonna be a simple page that just has text on it and a video or just text and
simply gonna say if you want the 10% off then fill out your name in your email
and when you click the submit button we will send you an email with a voucher
for 10% off your hair appointment and it’s good to do this in video too so
maybe create a little 10-second video embed the video on your squeeze page –
that says the same thing hey if you’d like to receive the 10% off all you have
to do is just fill up your name and email and we’ll send you a voucher to
your email inbox for the 10% off so that’s what the squeeze page is a
squeeze page is we give you something in exchange for your
name in your email. If you want to add phone number to that that’s fine I think
that the more you require of a new client the less likely they are to
convert so I like to just use name and email and and go from there because it
usually you know usually it usually is enough so once they filled out the
squeeze page and then click Submit automatically we and this is all like I
said this is all done automatically through software we send them an email
with the offer with a voucher that says here’s your ten percent off voucher they
can take a screenshot with their phone or they can print it out and take it in
when they when they come in for their appointment so that happens
automatically when they click the submit button on the squeeze page. Also what
happens automatically is it redirects them to a Thank You page
now the thank-you page is gonna also have a video on it maybe 10 15 seconds
long and text that both say thanks for your interest in the 10% off voucher
we’re sending that to your email inbox but before you go check your email I
want to give you the opportunity to schedule your appointment online and
there’s a button right there that says click here to schedule online or online
scheduling or whatever schedule your appointment so let me stop real quick if
you don’t have online scheduling you need it 100% like this whole thing the
beauty of it is it’s automated if you don’t have an automated way for some of
you scheduled appointments then then the whole thing kind of breaks down right
here and you’ll still get new clients if you provide a phone number but you want
to automate as much as possible so you can do your job
especially if you’re an independent contractor that has to return phone
calls all the time like how great would this be if you just do this and people
schedule themselves you don’t talk to them once until they’re actually in your
chair that’s the beauty of this system so if you don’t have online
scheduling you need it if your salon or independent contractor either way you
need online scheduling and if you don’t have it also provide a link down in the
description that will give you a free 30 day trial to Rosy Salon software which
has online scheduling and I we love it that’s the salon software that we use so
so yeah if you don’t have it yet then try out this funnel for 30 days
use Rosie the free 30 day trial link that I have it down the description and
just try this out and see if it works and if it does then like you’re golden
now here’s the thing I found that once people get to this point in the funnel
about 70% of them actually schedule online and you’re done like the whole
process is done you got a new client congratulations. about 30% of them don’t
forever reason I don’t know maybe they don’t like using online scheduling may
you know they got a phone call and I got distracted or whatever who knows what
the reason is but about 70% of them do for the 30% that don’t you want to wait
about an hour cuz you already got their contact information the contact
information is now at your disposal if you notice they did schedule online
within an hour or two or you decide whatever is appropriate don’t do it
immediately because maybe they need some time
just schedule their appointment online they’re still thinking about it and they
just haven’t got to that you know I mean they’re to go make themselves a sandwich
or something like that so give them some time but if they aren’t scheduled you
know within an hour or two hours or a day you decide what’s appropriate then
you want to follow up with another email that says hey I noticed that you you
signed up for the 10% off voucher but I didn’t see you on a schedule if you’d
like to schedule an appointment go ahead and click this button to schedule online
again so give them another opportunity to schedule online or give us a phone
call at and leave your phone number and that’s what the follow-up email is so
hopefully you can get the remaining 30% or a percentage of the 30% that didn’t
schedule online and actually get some new clients this way as well but once
you get to this point you’ve already got their contact information and if they’ve
given you their contact information the chances are pretty good they really want
your offer and they want like they’re they’re a hot lead they want your
service they want to get their hair done. So that is the salon marketing funnel
I’ve also created an infographic that I want to get to you and at the bottom of
the infographic is a hyperlink that will take you to the next video on this
training at the beginning of this video I mentioned that my goal for you is to
be able to build your clientele in six months or less and I’ve created a
30-minute video that is called six tools to build your clientele in six months or
less it’s a workshop that goes over some of this stuff that I’ve talked about
YouTube video and website Facebook ads and Google Ads and there
actually six tools that are going to help you get more people into your
funnel and have a successful funnel I’m going to go a lot more in-depth than
what I’ve done in this video so if you want access to that all you have to do
is just click the button in the description to download the infographic
like I said there’s a hyperlink at the bottom of the infographic once you
download it and that will get you to the next video in this training so if this
video has been helpful to you give me a thumbs up any questions some of those in
the comment section below click the link below to get the infographic and make
today extraordinary!

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