April 10, 2020
Salesforce Sales Cloud Overview Demo

Salesforce Sales Cloud Overview Demo

(upbeat music)Let’s sell.Let’s sell the way we want and connect to our customers how they want, with Sales Cloud. Let’s sell smarter and faster, from anywhere. Make that Einstein smarter and Lightning faster, on one unified AI-powered platform, which also happens to be the worlds #1 CRM platform used by the fastest growing sales teams around, letting them sell smarter from lead to cash to loyalty, because intelligence is built right into the sales process automatically capturing data to gather insights like top leads, next steps and suggested actions. A platform that fits the way that you work, accelerating productivity from inside your inbox to out in the field, different kind of field but sure there to, because the platform powers you from anywhere. A platform that personalizes the customer experience by providing a 360 degree view of your customer. So sales, marketing and service are aligned at every stage from lead to engagement, to upsell, to yes. We just landed a whale. And it’s all built on the trusted and secure Salesforce platform where clicks are as powerful as code easily customizing every sales process, so you can integrate and connect anything, yes anything! Even that. In fact it’s so advanced you’ll know in advance that it will continue to advance, releasing the latest advancements three times a year.Woah!And you can easily plug in thousands of trustedpre-built sales apps and components from the Salesforce app exchange, helping you close more deals anytime, anywhere. Yep still there. Visit Trailhead to get started, and learn how to sell smarter, faster and the way you want from anywhere with Sales Cloud. Blaze your trail with Salesforce.

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