March 28, 2020
Salesforce B2B Commerce Demo

Salesforce B2B Commerce Demo

Speaker 1: Salesforce B2B Commerce lets
you quickly deliver e-commerce websites designed for your business customers. Giving them the personalized,
self-service experience of shopping online with all the functionality
that businesses require. When a business buyer logs in, they enter
an authenticated site with a custom look and feel,
personalized to what they care about. And because it’s connected
to your Salesforce CRM, they can see a custom product set with
negotiated pricing for their account. And they can manage
their own account data. Customers can repeat an order with two
clicks, whether it’s a small purchase, or a complex order with thousands of items. Change quantities if needed and use shipping groups to send to multiple
locations or on different days. [MUSIC] Speaker 1: When they check-out they have a
wide range of payment options like credit card, purchase order, or ACH. Since it’s connected to your Salesforce
CRM data, your account managers or customer service agents can see
commerce & CRM data together. All in one place, across their entire
business, or at the individual account and contact level. And you can implement in weeks, not years. And innovate fast to meet
the changing needs of your customers. Blaze your trail with Salesforce.

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