January 18, 2020
S. Korean traditional markets offer smart shopping experience

S. Korean traditional markets offer smart shopping experience

traditional markets are launching online
stores and receiving mobile payments with a lunar new year holiday
approaching these smart upgrades are made just in time young in a chef slide
on what kind of benefits the changes will bring historian amsa traditional
market in kang dongju district used to be many locals go to place ahead of her
life to get the holiday staple food rice cake but now it is selling its rice
cakes to the entire city thanks to the launch of an online store register at a
special ecommerce site for traditional markets it delivers products ordered
before 1 p.m. in less than 2 hours within the district and within the day
for other parts of the city despite us going online recently the store has
already experienced the benefits in the beginning there were only one or two
orders but now we have more than 10 each day we’ve seen a steady upswing in sales
and I’m expecting a bigger jump in the future this online service is also
welcomed by customers especially during the cold winter season and among busy
workers we just want touch of their finger they can buy fresh products like
vegetables from traditional markets and nearly half the price as in the
supermarket currently 15% of the stores at the market take part in the
e-commerce scheme but the number is expected to rise with the market helping
stores by offering a joint delivery Center while diversifying their sales
platforms traditional markets are also changing their payment system since last
October some stores are taking mobile gift certificates through the online
payment system zero pay they say it was adapted to suit people’s changing
preferences many people come and asked if our shop takes mobile payment we are
expecting this new payment system to boost our future sales more and more
merchants are joining in this smart transformation last year some 2,700
items from 125 markets were registered on the e-commerce site which was up a
staggering 400 percent from the previous year there were some eight hundred
orders through the side last month which is five times as much as six months ago
while this growing trend will continue tribute to revitalizing the local
economy it would also help keep traditions going jung-in arirang news

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