April 9, 2020
Reviewing Your Dropshipping Stores | Shopify 2020 Tutorial

Reviewing Your Dropshipping Stores | Shopify 2020 Tutorial

(soft music) – Yo, what is going on everybody? It’s your boy Mohamed Camara. And welcome back to the channel. You already know what it is. In this video we’re gonna do
some store reviews, alright. So I did like a live call last week, and on that live call I told everybody to send me some stores to my email. And I got a few emails from you guys so we’re gonna go through them. I’m gonna go and personally
check you guys’ stores, your homepage, I’m gonna
check the product page, and I’m gonna give an ultimate rating and give some suggestions on
how you can get it better, and what I think would
work for your conversions. But before we get into that, I do wanna give a quick shout
out to my man Tony Rivera. He was the giveaway
winner on our last video for a 30-minute phone call. So if you want a chance to
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whatever you wanna put. So, again, that’s Shopify Store Reviews, plus whatever comment you have down below, go ahead and comment that. You’ll automatically be entered into the giveaway for next week, and hopefully you can win that too. But let’s get right into this video man, I got this, I got my laptop open here, we got some emails to look at. So, I won’t be able to
cover everybody obviously, but I’ll try to get through
as much as possible. Let’s go with this one, Bottles On Go by Essence. So I’m gonna open this, and mainly I’m gonna open
this in a mobile view, and that’s really all
I care about right now, just because 99% of your traffic is really gonna come from mobile. So as we look at this in a mobile view, you gotta think about your
customer’s experience, and that’s really all that matters. And right off the bat, my first impression on this homepage is I don’t even know what the product is. What are we selling here? So I should be able to visually see whatever the product is and know what I’m getting into especially if I’m coming
off of social media and have no idea what
your brand is whatsoever. Another thing I notice is there’s no menu items here, you had no menu. Essence, it’s like, it looks like this store was put together fairly quickly. I see the product down here but you have to scroll below the fold a few times just to get to the product. So I suggest you move this section up, put this section above these
little testimonials here. And you probably wanna make it the very first thing that people see. Also choose a background image
right here for your banner to make it very evident
what the product is. I should be able to visually see what the product is gonna be before I even know what I’m getting into. But let’s go check out your product page. So I see you got a lot of
images here right off the bat. If you reduce these images down to let’s say just four images, and remove this second layer, it’ll move the rest of the page up and that’ll bring this Add to Cart button higher in the page. The whole point is to make
these buttons visible, right, because they can’t purchase
unless they click this button. So make this button very visible. You wanna do that by just
choosing a few photos. Okay, less is more on e-commerce. Less is more nowadays. You don’t wanna confuse your customers. Think about their journey all the time. And once you do that, you’re gonna have this
a little bit higher. I see you don’t have any reviews yet, so go ahead and add some reviews. If not, you’re probably hurting yourself and doing more damage by having a empty, zero stars collage here. But also touch up on
your description, man. I mean it doesn’t look like this store is built to sell at all. You got some lazy gibs on the bottom, they’re not even centered correctly, and there’s no customer reviews down here. So this is kind of a, this is just a pointless
store at this point. I’m gonna go to your checkout real quick to see what that looks like. But I really have no suggestions for you other than put some
meat on the bones here. You got a bare store. It’s pretty naked. I didn’t even know what it was selling. Even at this point I don’t
know what that thing does. And I didn’t even have
a proper description to be able to tell what it does. So overall I would rate this
store like a three out of 10. I wouldn’t see myself
shopping here anytime. Let’s go down here. Okay, so we have, he gave us some warning
just to their store, but let’s look at the store first. And this is my first time seeing
these emails as well guys, so I don’t know any of these stores, I don’t know what I’m
getting into right now. But this store right
here looks pretty good. My first impression
is, okay, I see a lock. I know that it’s something, it’s a finger print lock, very clear and visible. So good job so far making it very visible what we’re getting into. So this is a good job. Before I even scroll down, I wanna point out that
this person is using, they’re using a discount code
in their announcement bar, and that’s a pretty good idea, but you don’t wanna make the
discount complicated too. Again think about the customer’s journey. Are they really gonna sit there
and type in LIMITEDDISCOUNT? So limit your discount codes to about four or five characters top. I really suggest you do that. It’s just gonna take away from some, you’re gonna see your sales
go up just from doing that. It’s gonna be a lot simpler to go and purchase this product. But I like what you got going on here. You got a hero shot of the product. This looks really, really
good and clean right here. I love the color scheme, very
bold and nothing too tacky. Check the variants real quick. The variants are very plain too, plain and simple, and I like that. Only two variants so
there’s less confusion. And as you can see they’re
marking this price down. They’re giving it that
perceived, that perceived value, but don’t, again, don’t confuse the customer with the prices. You got today, you got in the title here saying today promotional for 32.99, but then it’s showing 52.99, then it’s showing 67.99. So there’s just a lot of prices floating around for one product. If you’re doing a promotion, don’t put that into the title here. This is not Amazon, okay. I’m just gonna keep scrolling down here. But we see some safe and simple to use, you got some selling points here, so great job on these. I’m not gonna get too into detail on your actual copywriting and everything, but it really is gonna come down to the reasons why people buy. And if you don’t know
anything about copywriting, descriptions are what sell nowadays, you have to get really good at writing descriptions that are made to sell. Don’t just sit and list out
features of your product like, oh, it locks, it’s
gonna keep your stuff safe. It’s not that. You have to type people’s
emotions into it. And to help you guys out,
I’ll go ahead and include a little download in the description area. It’s gonna be called 16
Reasons Why People Buy. And I basically found
like 16 psychological and emotional reasons that
drive people to make purchases, and it’s all listed in
that download below. So go check that out in the description. It’s gonna help you out
with your copywriting and writing descriptions and your ad copy and things like that. But this is a really,
really well-done store. I really like this layout
this person’s got going on. Let’s look at the menu here. Very, very clean, simple
menu items, reviews, everything the customer needs
to know about this product. So let’s go to the actual product page. Very consistent, you got some
organized descriptions here. This is what I like to see. And it makes it very, very
evident how to get support. Yeah, this is a beautiful store. It’s probably the best store I’ve seen in, well, today so far. It’s the second store but it’s the best one I’ve seen so far. And I really, really like it. I would see myself buying
something off of this store. So this store gets a
nine out of 10 for me. But let’s go on to our next store. We got you, boom! So we got Pompey here. Let’s check out his store. And it looks like right off the bat my first impression is wearable tech, okay, so I’m thinking some gadgets, probably some cool watches
that I’m gonna get into here. This bar right off the bat I’m feeling like it’s
a little bit too large. You might wanna reduce your logo size so that moves the rest of
the page up a little bit. I like this. I like the announcement bar because you’re making it relevant. You’re saying all items in December, for those watching, we
are in December right now, we’re getting ready to wrap up. So this is a good idea. You wanna keep things relevant to the time and the shopping season or whatever people are going through. So whether it’s Valentine’s Day, whether it’s Father’s Day, Earth Day, whatever the occasion may be, you wanna cater your store’s message so that it feels that much more relevant. And you’re usually gonna see that that’s gonna help you
drive your conversions up. But let’s scroll down
below to the fold here. It looks like we have three main products. Yeah, we have three main products, a little short description here. We got a banner here at the
bottom which is not bad. This is a good idea. I mean I would love to see
some more reviews here. I would love to see some more credibility, why should I shop with you. There’s plenty of ways where
I can get tech watches. So just thinking from a
customer’s standpoint, why should I shop any one of
these instead of another one? And what I would do even is
narrow this down to just one. I think this one would be more consistent to show as like the main product, and then you can use these
as upsells in the background. You wanna make less
decisions for the customer, right, as much as possible. So by doing a one-product store which is why they’re so effective, you can just focus on having
this one product here, and then let’s say you
wanna add an upsell, or after a person purchases, you can send them an automatic email which I’ll talk about in another video, and you can have them
suggest at other products and things like that, and that’s where you’ll be
able to introduce these. But I think we could
stick with one product and really go in on why should
somebody buy with you, okay. You could probably include that in this. You can replace this little description and really emphasize on why buy from us. I also don’t see anywhere I can get help. So let’s take a look at your menu. You got some pretty
simple menu items here. I think you could do a lot better and make sure to actually
connect it to your products. So that’s one thing you got
to fix like immediately. I would get some more background images. This looks kinda generic. Also change the title over here, Wearable Tech and Style, Connect, Protect, Enjoy Vouge. It’s a little bit too scrambly, a little bit of a mouthful for me, and I’m not really sure what
your point is with that. Have a reason. If you’re gonna use words, have a reason, otherwise visually pleasing
things get the job done. Let’s go to the actual product page. I’m not sure if I mentioned
anything about the menu, but make sure you add
some relevant items here. You wanna have an order tracking page that shows that people
are buying from your store if people have a order tracking
page that they can go to. You wanna make sure you
have, the shipping is good, you wanna have your maybe an
About Us or Why Buy from Us. You wanna have all the actual products connected to the menu items. So when I go, I actually
can see the product and not end up on a dead page, okay. But take a look at this right here. I like this up until
this point right here, I like everything going on, just now we have too many decisions for the customers once again. You wanna limit these things. And I can’t even select
a different option here, so you’re better off just deleting this variant from your products. You could go into your product
settings on your store, and you can go down and
you’ll see the options, it will say edit options, and you can just delete
any of these variants and that will eliminate
some of these tasks for your customers here. And then you have black,
oh, this is crazy. This is crazy right here. Look at this. You have, I’m not even gonna count, but this looks like more than 20 different variant options
for your customers. And I’m not sure about
any of you watching this, but I would not sit here and
scroll through any of this even if I love this watch. I’m not gonna sit and
scroll through what kind of, what’s the difference ’cause
then now I’m comparing army green to luminous green, which one is luminous green? That’s just way too many options. So go and stick with like four to five variants top on the variant side and make the decision
simple for your customers. See who’s, what’s the top five
colors that people are buying and just limit it to those colors, okay. Simple is better, less is more. You’re gonna see a lot more conversions, because when people
hesitate to make a decision, they’re already out of
the buying mood, okay. I would go in on the
description a little bit more. You can use the app
called Description Tabs where it’ll organize your
descriptions for you. You can make like a actual description where you’re selling the
product using those words and using that downloadable checklist that I left for you in the description. And you can also add a spec side where you go into the
actual technical details, and then you can create a shipping tab sort of like the previous
store that we saw. I would rate this store right here. And I’m not sure if I
rated the last store, but I would rate that last
store a nine out of 10 honestly. It was a very, very well-done store. This one right here I would
rate a seven out of 10. It’s a little bit undone
but the layout is clean. It does okay so far. But let’s get into
another store real quick. I’m going to go with David
here who got some stats here. He made 3.2k and made an
additional $630 in December. So let’s take a look
at this person’s store. It’s called Take Risks and
Progress I believe, yeah, TRAP. Alright, my first impression
is, okay, this is clean, but what am I buying? That’s my question right now. Take Risks and Progress. If I didn’t even scroll right now, what am I getting into? This is the mindset you need to have. You need to be in your customer’s shoes. Now I’m gonna scroll down real quick. And, okay, we got some Instagram posts. It looks like a very personal brand, but then now the whole team
just switched up for me. It went from TRAP to yoga
and yoga bags and yoga pants. So I would just define your
message a little bit more. Again it’s okay to remove some products if it means that it’s gonna make more of an emphasis on your brand, because the emphasis is really why people are gonna come and shop
with you in the first place. So, focus on maybe the backpacks
and the apparel real quick because the yoga is kinda throwing me off. It’s throwing me off, I’m not gonna lie. I’d make these banners smaller especially because it’s not do, like this image is just
not relevant at all. You see how it’s just taking
up space on your website. Let me check your menu real quick. We got a good sorted menu. Perfect, this is how a menu
should look, very organized. Order Lookup. I’ll probably add another tab here with reviews or something like that. You got a blog which is very good. Okay, so I like that. Make sure you guys are using blogs because that can help with your website getting ranked on Google, and that’s free traffic at that point. Let’s scroll down here. I wanna see, okay, you might wanna
clean this up a little bit. You might wanna spread them out and have it stacked horizontally
rather than vertically. Again you wanna push
everything on the page a little bit upwards so
that there’s less scroll. I know people love to scroll on Instagram and things like that, but in the store you
wanna make it very long or medium scroll but precise. It should take no more
than like 10 scrolls to get to the bottom of the page, but it should be more than
like three or five scrolls with your finger at the same time. So, but this is good to
have a number over here. So that’s very good. That’s gonna increase trust and get people to shop with you. I’ll go over how to get a 1-800 number for your Shopify store in a future video. But I like this so far. The trust is there. I feel like there’s a very
personal connection to the brand. I feel like if I needed help, I can definitely get
in touch with someone. But let’s go into the
actual clothing real quick. So I’m going, hold on. So I’m going to click
on this yoga bag here. We got some social pins. That’s great for sharing and all that. I would do a little bit more
with your announcement bar, Free US Shipping, Happy
Holidays is kinda bland. It’s kinda like, ah, you know. I wanna give you all a
discount but I’m kinda lazy to think of a proper discount to give you. So I would fix this up. Think of a good offer. You wanna make your offer attractive. Make it irresistible. That way they have to shop with you. But I don’t see myself being able to get any of your other clothing anywhere else. This I can see myself getting from Amazon which is why I suggest focusing on that, focus on your main product line. That book bag, I really like that one. That one was swaggy, right? You got this, this here is kinda generic. I can get this anywhere. But we got a few things to look at here. We got a description. It’s kinda all over though. I don’t know where to start. I’m a little bit overwhelmed by this. I’m a little bit overwhelmed
by the description. You only got 12 reviews here. But this bar right here you
might wanna remove this. I don’t think this is
doing anybody any good going into 2020 with their Shopify stores. People are very familiar with these. They’re not accurate. They’re not trustworthy or anything. And it might even turn some people off when it comes to shopping from your store. But split test this, okay. I’m putting out suggestions here, but I suggest you go and
split test these on your own, and come to your own conclusions. But the product page is not bad. It’s honestly not bad. You just need to fix up this
description a little bit. And now I’d make the review section a little bit more chunkier, and I think you would do well. Again fix this up. There’s a lot of dead
space in between here. You wanna consolidate things. But this is not, I would rate this a seven out of 10. I’d rate this store a seven out of 10. It’s is not bad. Honestly it gets a six
out of 10 for adding this. If you didn’t have this,
it’d be a seven out of 10. But this is a little corny. Let’s get rid of that. Now I’m gonna add this
to the cart real quick. Let’s go and see what
your checkout looks like. So we’re in the checkout area over here. Alright, so I’m gonna
knock off some more points. This is gonna be a five out of 10. And the reason why is if you’re gonna pull
something like this off, like this custom coding here, it can work but it has
to be executed well. And if it’s gonna be staggered like this and pushing this button down below, then you’re losing points for that, right? Another thing is this right here. This is very common. It’s a very known tactic
in dropshipping stores. And you might have a
great dropshipping store, but if other people
have had bad experiences with your competitors’ dropshipping stores and they’re using this too, they’re gonna automatically associate that experience with your store, and you don’t want that. So try to be as different
from your competition as possible when possible. And I would just remove this just because it’s not, it’s not really serving a purpose. I love the urgency. I would just reword this, and I would make the background
blend more with your theme, like make this a white
background with black text, and it would just be clean and seamless. But overall, five out of
10 for that store, man. So we got HealthNSlay
over here by Seydina. So I’m gonna check this. Alright, what’s you guys’ first impressions right off the bat? Now you see what I’m getting at. I hope you guys can see the trends, right? The colors are a little all over the place right off the bat. There’s the red. You got this blue. You got the black logo. And then you have this
banner here with white text. So get a consistent kinda theme going. I would just stick with black and white. When in doubt, go with black and white. I’m gonna go off topic a little bit, but let’s go to these top brands over here for example like adidas. We’re gonna go to Fashion Nova, right? And if you look at these brands, these are billion dollar
companies that just, they keep things simple. They keep things simple. Like the focus is their product. Yes, we know they’re a brand, but you want people to enter your store and have to put a price on your brand. You want them to value your brand higher than what it actually is. And the simplest way to do that is to have a solid theme
and a consistent vibe, consistent theme going
on throughout your store. And you could do that by just
keeping everything black. Okay, when in doubt, just
go with a black header, go with a black logo,
go with a black footer. It’s gonna make everything
very consistent and solid, and it’s gonna make your brand be as perceived as a high value, okay. We’ll go to Fashion Nova real quick because Fashion Nova is hosted
on the Shopify platform. So take a look at what they can do. And they could do the
glitters and the colors. They could do that because their brand is built off of glamor, right? But let’s scroll down
and take a look at some, it’s just a black
footer, okay, very clean. It’s gonna make it simple. The focus is the products ultimately. People aren’t coming to your store because they like the
design of your store. So as much effort as you’re putting into customizing things on your store, they don’t care. They care about the products on there. So just wanted to point
that out real quick, but let’s get back to Health & Beauty. I would tighten up this logo a little bit. This bar is a little bit too big and is pushing the rest of the page down. I would get more consistent
colors on your offer. I do like the offer. It’s very specific, use CODE 20OFF for 20% off all purchases over $20. It’s a little bit, it’s too confusing. Just leave it as use
CODE $20OFF for 20% off, and then make sure that you
configure the actual coupon to only apply when the
order value is over 20. That’s really how you’re gonna get the most out of using
this announcement bar. This, be careful with things like this, ’cause it can be a bad user
experience for people sometimes. And this is also a different
color going on here. So if you’re gonna do it,
make sure you do it right by making it consistent with your brand. Now let’s take a look at
some of the products here. It’s a fitness kind of vibe, so having multiple
products doesn’t hurt you. I would kinda play around with
the fonts a little bit too. Again you got lime green going on here, you got the light blue,
you got red, you got black. So the colors, you just gotta
fix up your colors a bit. And get a more relevant banner. You can order a gig on Fiverr and send them any of your product images and they’ll make a nice banner out of it. So it’s gonna emphasize
your products a little more. And I suggest any of you go
do that on Fiverr right now. Just type in e-commerce
banner, website banner, you’re gonna find a
list of people out there that could go ahead and do this for you. And it’s gonna help your brand, it’s gonna help drive conversions, and you’re gonna have a
very relevant photo to show instead of just a generic image. And this product is very, very saturated so just remove this. It’s probably doing you more
harm by having it there. But let’s go and take a look at, I like the homepage though. It has a good mixture of content. There’s the collections,
there’s the About Us, there’s a few products here
from the beauty collection, there’s a few products here
from the fitness collection. But let’s take a look at
the product page itself. Okay, the colors are looking, again, you, it looks like you just had a field day playing around with the colors here. But put some effort into your
descriptions like I said. You could check what I had to
say about the previous stores when it comes to the descriptions. Check out the download
in the description area. It’s gonna help you a lot. I like the reviews. Maybe try to find a
different format, whatever, a little consolidated so it
doesn’t take forever to scroll to get to the bottom
of the page once again. These colors are just
throwing me off though. And again the variants, XG07,
that’s not necessary, okay. So edit these so that
it’s actually making sense to the customer when they’re reading it. You have to assume they know nothing about your product every single time. So change up your colors, change up the variants, add a description here. Let’s take a look at your menu. You got a good menu, you got a Contact Us. I don’t see anywhere where I
could track my order though. Okay, and I’ll probably
consolidate your collections to just fitness and health, alright. You can put the beauty and the
makeup inside the same thing. You can put health and
fitness inside the same menu. And then add like an
About Us and add a reason why people should shop
from you once again. Okay, so overall I’d give this store, ah, I’d give this store a five out of 10. I’d give this a five out of 10. You could do a lot better. I just don’t see myself
shopping from there. That’s the one question you
need to be asking yourself is when you come into your store, imagine you had no idea
what your store is, what it was selling, anything like that, do you see yourself
shopping from your store? And if the answer is uh,
maybe, then that means no. You need to go and keep
it clean, keep it simple. The best store that we’ve seen so far is gonna be that second
store that we looked at. And you could actually go back and model after that store. But I’m gonna take a look at this one last store here, Lovelace Pets. So we got Lovelace Pets here. Buy two pairs of glasses, get $10 off. Okay, so that’s a good deal. Make sure it’s an automatic coupon so it’s automatically applied to the cart. I do like this. Right off the bat I can
tell it’s glasses, right? So the cats or the pets
are wearing glasses. You have a nice hero shot of the image, very clean high def image. You see how this is clean and black. The colors are consistent. There’s the red, yeah. But it’s black, it’s black here, right? It’s very solid and it makes the things that need to pop like the title, it makes those pop, and that’s why I mean by
having a consistent color. Now we’re getting into the
setup of the store here. It has a good breakdown
of the selling points. I would include those 16
reasons why people buy inside these selling points. So I would add those wherever you see fit when it comes to like the selling points and things like that. But let’s go ahead and actually
check out the product page because this looks like
a very well-done store. And if you see right here, it explains a little
of we’re here to help, but this is also like why people should buy from them, right? So it’s very descriptive. I like what’s going on so far. Let’s go and check out the product page. So on the product page here, as we could see very clean. When we come down, if we reduce this logo, it’s gonna push everything up once again. But I do like the reviews,
very clean color here. And part of having a consistent black and white just smooth theme is that it’s gonna bring out these colors. So even subconsciously when the customers scroll into the page, they might not be actually
looking for the star reviews, but seeing it there in their subconscious is gonna make them feel like the product is trusted, it’s trustworthy, and that’s great. I would even do like a compare that price for this right here. I’d mark it up like 24.99 or something and then show that it’s on sale. And then on top of this deal right here, if that’s a automatic coupon, they’re really gonna feel like they’re getting some value
out of this purchase. So I like what we got going on so far. If we take a look at the variants, we got a few here. I’d even try and reduce this a little bit. I’d try and go for, you see
this dark one right here, I’d probably make that one black or even make it more descriptive so that people know what it is. And the dynamic checkout button is something that you’re gonna
have to test on your own. I know there’s some people that say, no, remove it from your store or. It depends. Everybody’s store, everybody’s product
and niche is different. For me on my seven-figure stores, I definitely enable the
dynamic checkout button. I see that my conversion rates go up. But you’re gonna have to test that, okay. Go one week and see what your
conversion rate is with it on, and go another week and see what your conversion rate is with it off. And you have to make
that decision yourself. So I’m not gonna go ahead and tell you what to do to your store. It comes down to you
being savvy enough to know if it’s increasing or actually
decreasing your conversions. If it’s helping, keep it. If it’s not, then remove it. But I do like the sorting
of the description here. The same offer is stated again obviously in this bold red down here so you can’t miss this offer. And you got it sorted, the specs, you got the shipping, you
got the guarantees going on. So this is a very well-done store. We even have the store reviews down here. So this is an example of a store that’s built to sell right off the bat. I don’t even have a pet
but if I did have a pet and I was interested in these products, this is the store that
I would buy from, right? And another thing I wanna note here is this sticky Add to Cart. Okay, this is a app if you’re up here and you see the Add to
Cart button, it won’t show, but as soon as the Add to
Cart button disappears, this is gonna pop up to replace it, because again people cannot
check out on your store if they have not added to cart, so one way to increase your
checkouts and people buying is to have a sticky Add
to Cart here, alright. And that’s automatically gonna
increase your conversions. That’s just the way it works, alright. And I do like this store so far and I’m gonna rate this
right now at 10 out of 10. This is probably the best store
that we’ve seen here today just because of how simple, not only just the theme and the design, but also the product is very relevant. Those images on the homepage spoke to me right when I came to the website. And it’s just clean and very well-done. I’d see myself shopping
here but that’s just me. What do you guys think? Comment down below, let me know. If you liked the content of this video, if you learned something or a thing or two about just your theme design and how to get more
conversions in this video, feel free to leave a
like, a comment below, and of course subscribe
to the channel, alright. I drop videos like this like at least once every
week or every other week or something like that. The bottom line is your store is really your ultimate selling machine. It sells for you 24/7 so
you wanna put some effort to making sure that the
descriptions have been catered to. Millions of people are
gonna be reading this if you really scaled it, right? We wanna make sure you have consistent theme and a color design. Don’t be some wacky and don’t
go crazy with the colors just because you’re having fun with it. That’s not why your customers are there. They’re there to have a
smooth buying experience. And hopefully you can
make some money, right? So make it easier for them, not just having fun with it on your side. Business is business. But go ahead and implement
some of those things. Let me know how it goes for you guys. I’ll leave a video right
here for you to check out. You might like that too. If not, I’ll see you in the next video. But thanks for tuning
in, thanks for watching. I appreciate all the love and support in getting this channel past
the 20k-subscriber mark. Thank you so much, but yeah,
I’ll see you on the next video. Peace. (soft music)

88 thoughts on “Reviewing Your Dropshipping Stores | Shopify 2020 Tutorial

  1. Sorry I couldn't review all the stores. I'll do another one of these in the future💪
    Here's that cheatsheet I was talking about► http://bit.ly/16reasonstobuy

  2. Shopify Store Reviews + Hope to get my parents out of debt through dropshipping, hoping for the best… also happy holidays to you and your family man!! Much Love

  3. If I have charge sales tax on your store do you have to pay profit tax and sales tax when you pay the taxes or just pay the sales tax and you get to keep all the profit?

  4. Shopify store reviews + I really need to talk with you!… After reading and reading and taking notes and making posters of components like “Product Research Tools” “Dropshipping Companies” “ Store Apps”… “Facebook Ad notes”..creating my store header to change from the Christmas theme (that I didn’t get a chance to use due to family distractions) to a New Year general store theme…straightening out the messy content from vendors on my product pages…etc.

    I sure hope my name gets pulled. I need to get some sales DAY 1 and RUNNING…I’m on a mission…and I want to grow to be able to participate in your Group and later as a Facilitator!!!
    I’m preparing for social media traffic…especially after hearing that cost per click is lower when you have more likes/shares/engagements…

    This is a loooooooot of work, but it is fun!

  5. I’m glad you mentioned the variance differences because I had a product page like that and it irritated me…so I figured customers would feel the same way and reduced the variances.

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  8. How do you feel about a dark background, so it would be easier on the customers eyes? On a psychological standpoint, would that be cool or keep it bright?

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    Mo please I want u to review my store for me please sir and thank u for doin all this videos for us. I really learned a lot from u chief. Only god will keep blessing u my brother 🙏🏾. Can u please review my store please bro 🙏🏾

  12. I respect what you’re doing out here. From Brooklyn myself, born & raised. Hope to have my own successful. dropshipping store

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