March 28, 2020
[REVEALED] Sell These 3 UNSATURATED $100,000 WINNING Products TODAY | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

[REVEALED] Sell These 3 UNSATURATED $100,000 WINNING Products TODAY | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

everyone today’s video I’m gonna be
revealing another three unsaturated hundred thousand winning products that
you’re gonna absolutely love let’s get straight into it the first one is this
leather repair cream this is a fantastic product let’s have a closer look at the
product itself just make sure the minimum volume so you can see that it’s
got quite a lot of engagement not a huge amount as yet with a lot of opportunity
here this is a great item the best part that I liked about it was that it works
on multiple surfaces can’t see many comments don’t get worried by that but
you can see how effective it is okay the only thing I would advise just be
careful is you know it’s not showing normal is to just be julius of if the
price actually works out well so just going to sample yourself here’s the
store link let’s have a look at the store that’s selling it selling it for
$30 and you can easily try and sell multiple of these okay they’re trying to
do bundles which is good they’ve got an effective learning page with plenty of
products we have a closer look at their site they’re definitely doing some good
numbers you can see look at that there we go in the last month they’ve
gone from 20 to 300 thousand so this store has definitely a winning product
and I am pretty sure from when I looked into it that it was this one correct
so I’ve sorted by the best selling and it’s definitely this prize n winning
product there you go that’s a hundred thousand dollar product right there
in fact just on the basis of it getting three hundred thousand website visitors
at let’s say a five percent conversion rate that’s a lot of sales I kind of
calculated that right now but you get the point it’s fifteen thousand orders
at thirty dollars so you can calculate it the I’ll express link there I found
this fire sale sauce I’d sell it also $29.99 really work on bundles bundles
and bulk order discounts – big five Universal item marketed to men and women
this is definitely an item for both genders I can’t
comfortably distinguished which is better because a lot of people men I’m
gonna use it for their cars couches all of that the women will buy it for their
husbands partners whatever and that as well so pretty hard one to distinguish
this so start with men and women only the interests are home living magazines
TV shows furniture brands car brent car magazines car TV shows furniture
magazines famous interior designers famous car races famous car TV hosts
like another jeremy clarkson into DIY home hardware those are the interest you
need placements everything but desktop for cold traffic again always take up
desktop unless you find that you’re older you
have an old audience always take out this top but most of the time you know
just letting the data tell you that i’ll be purely just showing the seats before
and after exactly like this image ok the image is good but you need a video like
let’s say before and then it slides across to after the exact same one you
know and and show someone using it like in that video really just have it at
home that’s one of those videos that you would see on early morning commercial TV
ads okay there and late night morning news whatever late morning whatever so
use that as your pretext if you’re unsure about that i would seriously
recommend you stay up till like 3 o’clock in most countries stay after
like three in the morning turn on the TV what some of these stupid infomercials
and you’ll get the idea that’s a proven formula all you do is show the old way
that people do it in gray the better way how it’s going to save them time effort
money customer testimonials and just repeat that process and that
psychologically is going to help them buy okay so i know people don’t want to
but seriously watching TV infomercial ads is one of the best ways to learn how
to make facebook ads you’re going to find nearly there using the exact same
formula for successful ads so again i would scale this using bulk order
discounts people are going to buy multiple and also
sell this with something else so maybe a car seat cover maybe there’s also an
item that removes scratches from cars or something else that’s going to remove
scratches and polishes something okay look at a bundle and if we have a look
at what they’re doing there this product they were bundling it with whatever that
does it’s like to take off mirrors or something okay
so glass repair kit exact same thing exactly worst thing that’s so absolutely
perfect there you go I would just put custom
packaging for this and really just try and brand it’s just very small actual
item realistically it’s just like some stuff like that so you can put your
packaging around it and make a high converting landing page around it this
is the type of thing where if you make a high converting landing page like Jim
pages or super fiber doesn’t matter but Jim pages is fine then this will be a
great winning track so this is definitely an unsaturated product
haven’t seen it much I’m starting to see it a bit more but you can see from this
store they’re absolutely crushing it this is their winning product you’re
welcome let’s move on number two is this bugs leave I’ve started to see it is
trimmed up a bit as well and again I found this one in this case by bigspy
for those wondering I use multiple tools so I like to diversify and have a look
in to see what I can find all right multiple tools let’s have a
look at what the actual practice all right so see how they always start
with you know what their what their problem is okay and then introduce the
product okay show the benefits of the product okay and then basically show how
it’s going to help in their daily lifestyle you can see it’s the exact
same format every time the what their problem is introducing the product what
the benefits of your product is the sort of you know you can use gray screens you
always use captions but you can see how this is a great easy portable item
people are saying it’s a bit cheap which it is because it’s like a dollar on
Aliexpress but you can sell it for 20 bucks okay so it’s got a pretty decent
margin hence why $19.99 would be good and definitely do bulk order discounts
because people are likely to buy multiple these for their kids family
loved ones whatever so really is really trying to hammer home the average order
value and try and also do a bundle with that other mosquitoe item that’s like
sits on you know that trending one that we’ve all sort of seen perfect perfect
bundle alright you’ve got a portable one to use out and about and you’ve got one
for at home absolutely makes perfect sense to do that sell at $19.99 I found
this one by a big spy mark the big five it’s a universal item or any country in
summer so for instance Australia we’re in winter right now we’re not going to
have mosquitoes so we’re not really going to buy it unless it’s literally
summers around the corner type of thing right so Bateman you people seem to
forget that different products have comes and go in different seasons so
understanding that is important so all you need to do is understand that
America’s still in summer it’s ending in summer soon you know look at other
countries that may be coming into summer even if you want to go outside of that
just as long as it’s warm weather obviously that’s generally when the
mosquitoes come here protip men and women I do suspect it’s going to mean
women that mainly buy this just as a gut feeling however I can’t fully
distinguish this however so we’re gonna leave it as men and women um
what interests summer barbecues outdoor living gardening magazines gardening TV
shows home hardware shows DIY DIY magazines
camping camping brands camping magazines you get the idea anything pertaining to
something outside someone you know like it could be even a summer clothing brand
it could be people that are into the pool people that are into the ocean it
all correlates to the the real purpose of this product is when someone’s
outside they’re not going to use it when they’re inside are they people get
really confused with interests they look at it too granular that it has to 100%
correlate that’s not how Facebook works you just have to give it the right
goalpost that’s what I’m trying to teach people all the time the goalpost so
where is this product going to be used how is it going to be used well we know
it’s going to be used the outside and we know it’s going to discover around
someone’s risk so we don’t need to worry about the risk we just know that it’s an
outside item so we just need to market it in a sense I’m using interests that
pertain to the outdoors in some fashion again all-to-all placements but desktop
aiding Plus because it’s 20 bucks they can afford it and then gonna buy it for
their kids family and themselves because a lot of them love camping going on
trips and all that it’s a really really good item for them market is being
outside now you don’t need to worry about being bitten anymore by mosquitoes
as someone myself that gets bitten by mosquitoes a lot during summer this is a
great item that solves a problem it’s poor little sits around my wrist it’s
comfortable all right and it can stop me getting mosquito bites and I don’t need
to you know put on specific cream or or whatever to stop that I just put on this
so it’s less work same result all right and it can be cheaper because obviously
you have to buy the creams mark time something that it’s an amazing bracelet
and you can easily go outside without anything to worry about being bitten so
everything around this is just about you want to focus on the ease the people
getting bitten then you want to focus on how putting this on is so super easy
it’s lightweight you won’t even know it’s there and it’s gonna stop the
mosquitoes like if you could make it created mosquitoes about to come to you
and it’s like you’ve got a Dragonball Z thing around you that’s like a barrier
it’s gonna hit the barrier and you know fob off type thing simple
as that people resonate with that because I
don’t want to be bitten and how I’d scale this again we need to increase
average order value ball called a discount and average order value through
bundle already explained that pretty easy honestly I’m just giving you
everything I would bring this just in a box okay but this is it’s a watch
basically it’s a wristwatch anyway but put it like when you think of anything
that’s like a wrist related item like a wristwatch it’s always comes in those
nice fashionable little boxes so if you get in a nice little fashionable box
with it and again you can get custom imagery if you’re really building a
landing page winning product then there you go you’ve really hammered home that
brand unboxing videos as I’ve said many times are fantastic ways of getting
people to convert really builds a lot of trust so be sure to keep that in mind
don’t worry I am planning to make a video on more on landing pages it has
many huge amount of interest so it hasn’t been a prize alright so you might
make sure this is a premie experience as I said I’ve read a few comments saying
people that people are saying the product needs to be average so I would
actually try and get a private supply if you are interested private supply again
you shoot me up an Instagram a few people have I’m not gonna respond
instantly I have a life so get over it item number three is this is a massive
seller this is the one that I really think has huge potential and that’s a
they call it a derma pedak wrong let’s have a look this is an item in a
different language that I found I’m like wow this is really really cool look at
this you can already start to see like the huge benefits of it it’s going to
help people it helps people massively with their posture from their foot up
there’s someone myself that has a severe case of flat feet this is a great item
to help me further with my posture okay now this is in I believe this is in
French so excuse me if I’m wrong not being offensive to anyone you can
they’ve really shown the benefits this product really easy it’s a universal one
item works on anyone’s feet it’s flexible you can see how well this is
really trying to align your body so you can
walk easily don’t get knee pain and we have a look at the comments I mean I
know they’re in different language but if we translate them I’ll receive it
seven days and I believe it is the best investment of my life and we see plenty
of those that people are around just absolutely loving this item and this is
being 100% marketed to France and how I know that if we have a look at similar
web right these the whole things in French I’m just going to leave it in
French now whether or not this is an actual branded product but there’s
likely to be one on Aliexpress so just make sure you keep that in mind but if
we have a look here pretty sure this was yeah here we go so they’re doing pretty
well too and this is a one product sauce this is
their their product all right now they’ve set up a really good landing
page you can see they’ve been featured on some things they’ve been using
they’ve been selling it’s multiple countries now I don’t know maybe they
have just made this really nice box to make it look authentic I have no idea
but this is definitely a one product drop shipping store by looks of it that
is absolutely crushing it now let’s see just to prove my point a bit more I
don’t know they do I’m not a prank so I tell a lie I got a computer with another
store but we can see that this is a best sign so it is sort of a bit of a brand
type thing but they’re selling multiple of these so it does look like this is
some form of dropshipping slash brand so great idea for this product you can
really really see how this can do some great stuff for you I haven’t seen this
product anyway and how did I find that sour sauce yeah that’s right
yes our sauce I just saw it there as a product and I decided to investigate and
I found this ad in my quest is cool so $19 per set again really want to try and
increase the average order value unless I don’t get yeah
so I hear this on 419 and that should be that’s in French French dollars as well
this should be in u.s. so you at least want to
this for $19.99 I found the product there people are likely only to buy one
because yeah that they might bite the family so again
bulk order discounts but you really want to have a bundle easy bundles is other
posture items back posture item core posture that the one where you bend your
knees item that’s trending up right now plenty of ideas
okay plenty of ideas just anything posture related is your bundle item
Michaels Big Five its universal item everyone has gets sore feet or posture
issues especially as people start to get older I have bad knees sore knees at the
moment because of gym my own fault Jen that would be two women I generally see
this is mainly gonna be women but don’t keep men out of the equation because men
men have you know as many aching points as any female so what interests shoe
brands shoes health magazines health TV shows Gym brands again as someone that
goes to my knees are actually somewhat so I got to see a physio famous gym
trainers running jogging fitness yoga Pilates athletics Olympics I can see
that this is based on the video related to people that are into fitness people
that are into other activities why would really an office worker need
this item there is a desk there sitting down you want to focus on people that
are doing some form of activity involving walking slash running okay and
that’s where those come from okay very very simple always think of that I’m
really trying to teach you the principles of this everything but
desktop twenty five and up you can go aiding and up but again it’s not until
people hit twenty five generally that our body starts to create I guess and
you know we get more sore muscles and various things like that alright so I
would start this in our twenty dollars at a higher age because I’ve just to see
that it’s going to be older people that are gonna buy this item more as opposed
to a younger person who has a more revitalized and active body the
marketing angle would be just corrected body posture everything you want to do
around this is correcting your body posture like what
they did in that video where you got bad back posture and there you’ve got
amazing posture is really gonna help in all elements of life and because people
can wear it over socks and stuff it’s great for adding so this is interest
going out events like formal events parties weddings all of that because
people get sore feet and taking muscle so focus on that really resonate with
what their life is and people will buy from you sorry
how would I scale this again I’ve pretty much said that already it’s a pretty
generic item but you can do what they’ve done with like in a box type thing so
again that’s what I mean like the boxes really work well and you know if you
have a look at it that looks like a legitimate product you would see in an
actual store wouldn’t you there’s just hanging on the shelf there they’ve
really gone to that degree it’s a fantastic item and it’s really gonna
build that trust a single image okay they’ve got a good video if we have a
look here no no I’m said sure most of traffic yeah
there we go is from social and they’re getting direct so people just coming
back and buying from all or something again as simple as that now I should add
to this as well for those wondering I’m pretty sure this is just the Brooklyn
theme or success theme I bet it’s a as you can see it’s not this ludicrous
theme it’s a pretty basic theme all right guys there’s nothing much more to
it so you don’t need to worry about the perfect theme for this but I would make
a custom landing page on this so those are the three products that can help you
get a hundred thousand dollars with one of these products okay guys
I spent the time to put all this together if you did like it make sure
that you subscribe make sure you hit that like button make sure you comment
down below crush it to go and the chance to win a 30-minute call with myself if
we go to the next slide congratulations I don’t actually think I
updated this but I think I did do deeper and I believe you’re today’s winner
again I think I’ve had you as a winner in past so if you if that’s correct just
message again I just choose it random so congratulations if you do want
tools on how to do product research quicker and easier
you got your tools there so I’ll saw a strop point
I forgot to say include big spy big spy calm don’t forget to join my facebook
mastermind group plenty of people in there over 10,000 people and we help
each other okay it’s 1% free there’s no reason not to join you get a lot of
value for absolutely nothing and then just check out my playlists on again how
to market your products now that you know how to find them why they’re a
winning product we I need to teach you how to actually mark them and those are
all YouTube playlists that you can sit down in by double sizes what learn and
start scaling your business to the next level if you do want again my private
supplier because I get people ask me this just hit me up an Instagram I’m not
gonna respond instantly but I will get to you and also a great graphic designer
alright guys so I’m just to help you guys out they’re really nice people they
help me out so I help them back they tell I work and I think that’s the best
way to live so once again thank you so much for watching today I hope you have
a lovely day I hope you take care and good bye

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