March 30, 2020
[REVEALED] How To Find UNTAPPED Winning Products For FREE In Seconds 2019 | Spy On Your Competitors

[REVEALED] How To Find UNTAPPED Winning Products For FREE In Seconds 2019 | Spy On Your Competitors

Everyone in today’s video. We’re going into a new product research method for free that can help you absolutely crush it. Let’s go Hi everyone, and welcome to today’s video my name is Rikki haze and welcome to the channel if you haven’t already make sure that you subscribe to my channel for more weekly videos Hit that like button And comment down below crush it to go the chance to win a 30 make or been having polls from the students that have been Jumping in and winning the competitions and been loving it. They’ve been getting real results as Well, so today anyway, let’s get into today’s topic, which is just a simple one Which is Shopify exchange, okay Now if we have a look here I’ve just got shot by exchange open and I was having a look just prior to starting to record this video Now for those who don’t know what Shopify exchange is It’s actually a place to sell your Shopify store. Okay, a lot of people spin stores Okay, and that’s how they actually make money. It’s it’s a legitimate form of business and it presents an opportunity for us to spy on successful stores and Find a lot of ideas on how we can make a good store mimic sort of what they’ve done and the best part with the Shopify exchange is the Categories as you can see here, we have multiple categories Most fall into the drop shipping. Okay, most people are buying and selling drop shipping or over low stores It’s the same thing. Like I’m sure if I am ticked at that it would make little to no difference Pretty much the exact same The reason people do this obviously is for money obviously as well. Most of them are not very profitable. Okay, so Don’t don’t think that that this is meaning that these stores are all profitable It’s not you can also look at categories Now I just go in general in this sense You can choose as many like you got Beauty as well for dropshipping that’s good pets toys sports Fashion apparel is one people do but I’m dubious electronics Automotive Home and furniture food and drink Okay, so let’s anyway, this is gonna rapidly increase the amount of stores. Yeah, first thing you notice is This is a feat. There’s a number of featured stores These are stores paying to actually have their store featured this person is asking and absolutely ludicrous amount of money. I Was no way in my life even think of buying that If you ever see this and you wonder I that must mean they’re profitable they must be doing big numbers. No, ok They’re doing a hundred thousand average a month. Don’t get me wrong. That’s good But if they’re doing a hundred and three profit, okay, that’s a lie, because for starters you have product expense So product expense always takes up about 20 percent of your profit so that is blatantly lying if we have a look here we Can you can have a closer look at the store and you can start to get an idea what I’m trying to teach you here? Is the the methods of what makes a store tick how to make the store how to get ideas from your competitors? So you can see that they’re getting quite a lot of traffic They have a lot of inventory and we can see the reason that they’re selling it Okay, they haven’t even made a million in revenue. They found a winning product and Then it’s died That’s continuing to die guaranteed and I could sell my store for a million dollars this person is ridiculous the fact they even paid for this is laughable in the least You can tell that they’re not very there on the lowest Shopify plane if they’re really scaling really serious There would be at least on the middle tier plant So they’re definitely lying and you can see that they’re just doing place for kids Okay, so I definitely would have just had a trending product, but we can use this store for a bit of research This is what’s cool. So if we go to elite life shop, we can see what makes their store tick again You can get ideas. This looks like de boo. I haven’t looked at this store minimal. Sorry minimal theme and they’ve had a winning prac which by the looks of it is the That one maybe I don’t know but let’s have a look. Let’s see if we could solve my best of assuming we can Okay, here we go that a lie laser brush. I’ve never seen this and this was a trending item as well You can see this is a general store that has done some serious numbers About 600,000 but you can see that it is dipping Okay, and it’s likely that they’re not making a huge amount right now, and they’re trying to spin it off You can see that it’s this looks to be their winning product. Okay, so you can do research. So here’s a winning product I’ve personally never seen this product before In my life and Based on the description. It’s likely that yes that this is their main winning product okay, and Again, if we have a look obviously at similarweb always recommend have it. Look at similar web and we can see that it was to US and Canada you can see most of the social direct Direct would have been like through probably Google Ads just a simple campaign there But you can see that this is their winning product and it’s died out. Welcome to the life of drop shipping Alright, but do you get the idea? Okay They apparently got 12,000 in inventory. I don’t know but you can read So the store was scale to almost half a million dollars a month in revenue with a staggering 60% profit margin Okay, because clearly if this is their winning private which I suspect it is this is just again an untapped product that you’ve never seen before Okay, so just some stupid hairbrush anyway And I have unfortunately decided to sell this store to put capital into once-in-a-lifetime real estate opportunity Okay, so you can get a bit of an idea. It’s actually kind of funny some of the ones you’ll read 60% profit margin is a lie for those sitting there wondering as well and guarantee you at this store You won’t be getting 60% and that’s purely based off the revenue the revenues going down Facebook ads will become more expensive the person scaled it in a month. There will be a ton of competitors, but Sorry, I got a cold but you get the idea all right moving on let’s whoops, sorry Let’s go back. So you sort of get the idea. This is a pretty easy plant research method. It’s hundred percent free again It’s just the Shopify exchange We’ve got this other one so you can see As a general bit of advice. I don’t ever recommend buying a store unless it was a Patented actual brand I would not even consider it if it’s drop shipping. I’d rather just go out myself and And try it Wow Well anyway, so You can see that again. These people made a one product store around this other Stupid IOC so stupid anyway, but you can see that they’re selling a lot of creams Trending items, you know women’s women’s women’s women’s women’s there we go So you can see again that they’re trying to sell this for a couple of cave and it’s not even worth it But you get the idea. I’m not going to go into much on this one. It’s a crap store Let’s have a look and let’s scroll down. So We can see you’re going to get a number of private listings they’re trying to hide it now you can see this is a bit more of one that Actually has some realistic figures okay about twenty percent less than twenty percent margin and that’s the reality, but I still wouldn’t buy Even then there you go like a three million dollar store. So Apparently this store has done an absolutely ludicrous Where did I click the right one? So you got to see some stores as well that? Actual 12-month revenue over six million and eight hundred K profit from June the 1st to the 19th Through the other Shopify stores, so they They’ve done a huge amount of revenue anyway Over two and a half mil. You can see that they the stores been around for a period of time It was a winning product Here’s another massive winning product in July and then you know, it’s it’s scoured up and going back down, but you get the idea you Can see again most people just using Facebook heads Are trying to actually do proper shipping, okay? And you get the idea, but if we have a closer look at their store, which sorry we can’t in this case my bed Anyway, we’ll move on I Wanted to show you a few stores. So you get a bit of the idea You can filter this. However you want but I wanted to give you a bit of an idea like why would I buy a Store that is doing less than 20k with 5k 25 percent less than 25 percent asking for $100,000. I have no idea how people justify these prices. I Would pay max of five thousand dollars, okay But again Some of you get this I’d you’re gonna get a lot of the ideas of what the general types of stores are now Afghanistan This one alright, so the average monthly revenue is ten thousand with a bout of three thirty percent margin now that is Something that I would say is somewhat accurate. However, this isn’t much Now whether or not this has been a listening for a while. I have no idea you’re gonna get a bit of an idea about their profit and loss they’ve even got a profit and loss statement and Then this is definitely a drop shipping store, so the average sales is about Ten came up. So if we have a closer look at this store Let’s see what their actual store does sell I didn’t read. Okay, so women’s fashion Unless you’re selling jewelry and sunglasses and stuff. I do not recommend ever selling women’s fashion I mean the amount of people that get into selling fashion is Ridiculous without any actual understanding of how it works. Okay So when I look at this You should also understand as part of your product research that they will be getting a lot of returns now I don’t know what this says exactly Yeah, okay They’re not accounting for the I suspect they’re trying to sell this because of returns their actual profit is decreasing Okay, so have a look at this. This is an average from six months ago nearly and that’s not Viable I want recent data. So 1500 in a month is not good. Okay, you can see that their Approximate product and then that that’s just everything is costing them a lot. And I don’t think it’s there actually including all their expenses Honestly if you have a look at this this is another little pro tip Shopify cost videos. Yes. Only loquat can cost $30 at scale, but you gotta have more than overload I even put MailChimp down as nothing and a virtual assistant down There’s nothing unless they were doing it all themselves and I have no other apps Which is a bit of a liar and bit of a stretch if you’re not using some form of apps on your store Which they’re actually not then okay it works but Don’t buy this store. Okay, don’t buy it Don’t buy it All right. So let’s move on. Okay, here we go. We’ve got another sort of Brahmi So again lying about their actual profit for starters, but let’s have a look at their store Because we care no you don’t all right. So if we have a look here it was an air Parable cooling bra. Okay. All right. So anyway This looks to be there. We’re now based on the fact that’s on their home page And we have a closer look See their traffic. All right, their traffic has gone up and absolutely insane amount. So here we go This is something I’ve never I’ve never would have expected to see and most of its to United States Yep, most of its in United States and most of it is via Facebook Okay, so you can see that this is by far their winning product. Let’s have a look I suspect we’re gonna be able to see their win. Yep. There we go And they made multiple listings. I’m not going to go into why but here we go. We’ve I’ve just found you guys a winning product now I Don’t know if they’re doing this they’re split testing a Free plus shipping offer against a paid felt where they’re trying to do post purchase upsells. I don’t know, but I’m not seeing any Indication of okay, so let’s choose a color cup size right now Pretty sure, this is the turbo theme. Yeah, so they are using apps just hasn’t picked it up. They’re using that’s recut All right, let’s keep going You can’t Proceed to check it out We can usually tell if they’re running post purchase upsells by the checkout, which they’re not okay, so At least not on this one. Anyway, maybe I have added the wrong item to cat All right so anyway You get the idea? With all of this we can see that this is actually I just found you a few untapped products that never seen before here We go. We’ve got a lot of sales lower ticket there would be very low ticket the instrument of influences or what? I’m not sure You can see this is relatively new. They are using OCU So they were likely doing a free plus shipping offer of some sense So they are definitely using OCU so their profit loss statement a bit of a lie Everything’s pretty much process through OCU and you can see that in this month okay, so you can actually see they’ve had a massive dip, but maybe maybe that’s actually because Simple the web has an updated but there you go. You’ve got this new new product that you can mark it so Entrepreneur college graduate been doing e-commerce for almost a year cool story anyway So this is how you can and I would not buy this for $36,000 ridiculous It’s either that Sometimes similar web is inaccurate It could be not but either way This is how you can find on tap products hundred percent for free get a lot of ideas on stores as you can store to See most of them are pretty much lying, but that’s the way that the drop shipping industry works People are just blatant liars About this okay if you see like average Why would I buy a store with an average profit of eighty three dollars for five thousand dollars? I mean sit there and laugh with me right? It’s just ridiculous well Like you would literally be better off getting that $5,000 and getting like a mentor or a couple of courses or just actually going out and splurging yourself Like I haven’t known other people tell me if they want. I should go buy a course I might know I mean so go buy a store and just sort of know and you get to pick up on all this data good conversion, right and It’s actually saying what their winning product is so a faith revived case, here we go So this is well. There we go. I’ve just found yeah Is is trending I’ve seen these a lot. I think I had this on one of my videos in fact Did it what did it have Open faith Faith provide case I can’t Read that anyway, so if we have a look here at this, I think this is their winning product However, again, it’s baatar. Wait. What was it this one? Anyway, it doesn’t matter This is definitely trending stuff That’s doing really well. I do not recommend selling these items if you don’t know I have actual quality of Clothing because you’re going a guaranteed get returns and a lot of unhappy customers and that’s probably part of the reason this person is selling it is That they’re probably getting a ton of returns and unhappy customers. So This is not good okay, not good at all. So Make sure you always read these you can get a good idea as well by reading a number of these What the pitfalls are with drop shipping and what you can do better nearly all the time. They’re doing absolute crap Absolute crap for their customers. I mean the the Christianity niche is obviously I imagine this is to us. I can’t even tell that most of this traffic would be to United States obviously because Christianity is massive there I’ve seen a number of stores do very well in the United States obviously for that reason Because there are just I mean like a number of your Americans right diehard Religion fans and that’s just how it is so There’s a there’s a niche idea for you that you can look into and and get ideas. So you’re gonna get niche ideas You’re gonna get general store ideas. You’re gonna see what people are doing. Okay. Now most of these stores are not overcomplicated Are they like you’re seeing that they’re all pretty basic using like a Brooklyn? Minimal de boo theme really doesn’t matter all with very basic principles As long as the product is what they’re after then people are going to buy especially obviously if you are on trends So you’re gonna get a lot of really high quality ideas doing this. I look at this every now and again to get ideas on my competitors as many of you know, I’m going into the baby niche and I’ve been in doing it for a while now and I’m scaling it up But I’m trying to look at what competitors are doing, and this is one great way to do it Too because you’re going to find a lot of stores. You’ll never see on Facebook a number of them were using Facebook Ads, of course But there was a number of them as well that don’t use Facebook Ads Now there was one that I found I’ve forgotten what category it was in So I’m let me find it for you I just want to leave it on this last note Yeah, here we go This here is a store asking for a very explicit value of one hundred and eighty five thousand dollars They’re actually making seven thousand dollars profit now I don’t know why they would sell it unless they just have other things going on in their life. I don’t know This is an actual patented product. This is a store. I would consider buying if I was in the market to buy a store alright Because we can actually see that this is a legit brand. This is legitimately a brand and it’s growing Made by a woman. This is the actual pattern here And you can see that this is her store All right, so you can see good conversion right little low return customer rate But you can see that she’s I’m assuming this person could have done a lot more if they actually knew marketing of it better But the thing that they know is their product and we have a look at this and this is a very heavy Branded store to give you an idea of what a real brand store looks like this is all centered around this maternity back You know, I don’t really get a person they’ve been anyway But if we have a look at their similar web, all right We can see they’re giving again quite a lot of traffic there if we have a look here, it’s what I mean So two United States is most of it Most of it is from referrals. Okay, they’re doing affiliate marketing referral So anyway, you can see here that this is an established brand. This is how they’re really making money This is how you can really make money they’ve spent in the time to patent their products to actually get them as proper products to help mothers in a very passionate niche, of course as well as a very large nation and There you go. That’s this is what you should be aiming for. So now you should have Just think of it like this you can find stores easily get an idea of trending products. I found a couple of unsaturated products I’ve never seen before. I’m sure a number of you have never seen them I legitimately have not seen them ever before I found those add them into like a list of folder a folder of Stores, you might look at – comma feed. There you go. You’ve got heaps of ideas To find a lot of stores. There are just on Facebook that are getting direct marketing from Affiliates or SEO? Okay and and blogs that can make a lot of money concludes today’s video on how to Find stores quickly and easily as a new product research method a hundred percent for free Link is down below in the description to take you to the Shopify exchange If you did like today’s video and all the value or presented to you, make sure you hit that like button Make sure you subscribe for more weekly value and comment down below crush it. Let’s go the chance to win Announced in the next video today’s winner is announced in the description down below So make sure you check there as well as in the pin comments and just hit me up If you are the winner where we just have to verify that you make sure you well. We don’t want people taking advantage of that Just wanted to say as well. I’ve updated the description down below. So you should see it’s pretty different Trying to revamp it. Make it a bit better so I’m really trying to amplify the experience for you guys plenty of links down there for all the free stuff for you to go out And absolutely crush it in 2019. So once again, thank you for watching today. Have a lovely day. Take care and good. Bye

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