April 6, 2020
[REVEALED] Easiest FREE Way To Find UNSATURATED Winning Products Using Google 2019

[REVEALED] Easiest FREE Way To Find UNSATURATED Winning Products Using Google 2019

hi everyone in today’s video we’re gonna
go into how to easily do poetry search on Google to find winning products you
can mark it on Google on Facebook and just new ideas in general so let’s get
straight into it so it’s really not many steps to this it’s a pretty easy
straightforward strategy I pretty much come up with this so you just need a
Google ad account in order to do this it’s free just make one go through their
steps really really easy yeah as a general tip I do recommend that you have
an understanding of the different types of keywords a lot of people don’t seem
to take much interest in the different types of keywords but if you are serious
about Google well knowing that Google is a search engine you should really start
to learn how keywords work I have videos on this there’s other videos on YouTube
go and watch them this in my course as well that’s another story so I’ve gone
through a video as well on coma feed calm and so I recommend you know if you
already have a number of websites use coma feed calm this is really easy to do
okay so use coma fee if you especially for large websites I’m just gonna copy
and paste the URL into google keyword finder to find their site keywords and
other keyword ideas as I said it works best for web sites that are larger web
sites in terms of search volume and there’s not much benefit in single
product stores unless you’re after keywords from that
store specifically if you’re running search campaign or something along those
lines okay this is also important I should add that this can actually help
with interest targeting if you’re doing Facebook ads and you’re after new
interests you can find some unique ideas using this method okay so I’m just going
to show you how this all sort of works right now okay so I’m in my
course my course at account I chose this one because when you have spent a little
bit of money well not even a little bit I think it’s like fifty a hundred
dollars or something you actually start to see this data because by default most
your own accounts won’t have this I don’t know exactly why that is but
that’s just the way it is okay so keep that in mind if your interface is
different if I so how I did this was I just went into the keyword planner here
keywords and you can go start with a website so if we put in www crepe just
to start with one that’s easy for everyone to follow because most people
know blue Krait we’re going to see the stats of blue Krait and by default it
does it over the last 12 months which is definitely fine
however again if you want to try and find more trending products your best
bet is to do the last three months at least three months for Google I mean
because you want to Google takes a lot longer for it to index data okay we can
see that we’re on then already in the middle of August but it doesn’t really
count August okay so you you want to keep that
in in mind all right and so you can see that their total search volume and stuff
like that they’re getting you know consistently high figures and so this
can be a fantastic indicator so there’s like plenty of websites that are getting
a large amount of traffic this will work very well for general stores as well so
obviously this being a general store works very well you preferably as I said
here one of fine ones but at least a hundred monthly search volume and so you
got the volume in us okay so this is us and I’m sorry I pawned me it’s it to
Australia by default so always change the United States
because obviously that’s where most countries are getting most traffic just
to keep consistent you can change the search networking stuff that the not
really much benefit in that it’s just gonna blow out the average monthly
search volume so straight away you can see here a number of these aren’t doing
well and not really needed so here we got this beer pong hat okay beer pong
hat here we go there’s a funny item there’s a winning item for you right
there I just feel I’m won in five seconds
beer pong table I think we already know about those but this is the any of these
products that show up here or any of these certain they must either be
running Google Ads or they’ve got SEO that’s going to a product page somewhere
along right now at me being here in Australia I’d probably don’t see it as much I
don’t know how Alibaba you know their specific strategy but you can see that
this is it here this is a funny item I’m especially in the United States still
being in summer people love to drink and that people drink all year round but
there you go you’ve got this funny item centered around drinking plenty of
quality images and you can obviously market this on on Google as well you
just need multiple keywords you can see that the CPC is very low that’s not very
accurate I’ve found that it’s something really handy to know so that’s one one
example okay straight away we can you know your eyes are diverted to this self
stirring mark now I know what this one is because we’ve seen this one plenty of
times but you know this is a trending item that you can see that you can in
addition to this by doing this you can find plenty of YouTube channels that are
doing dropship related items so funky lighting TV you’re going to find so if
you go to the videos tab you’ll find a number of channels that you can that
over here we go hugo shop i’m sure a number of snow that’s another general
store that are uploading it amazing stuff here we go so this can also help
you to find stores on YouTube really easy that you
can subscribe to follow whatever and try and get video creatives and ideas from
there as well really that simple so again I just keep going through all
these if you have a stuck you can just anything with at least a hundred search
volume is worth your time let’s go all okay so I think I’ve seen this actually
but in any way so you can see this is a lower ticket item it’s funny and again
people would like that you know it’s pretty unique but also at the same time
for everyone because it most people want to do Facebook ads you know you can see
a clear type of people you get a market you’re not going to market this to
people who like chairs fYI you get a market this to people that like cats
because everyone has a chair okay you gonna market this to people that have
like cats simple as that so let’s move on and so you can see meowingtons I’m
pretty sure this is me is meowingtons or am I getting confused with an actual
brain no this is yeah here we go so that they’re actually ranking higher for this
keyword here we go and we’ve just found a store that is a brand store sent
around cats are very passionate nice selling it for 15 bucks and if we have a
look here there were 220,000 search volume up they’ve got a pretty high
bounce rate anyway about you can see here that they’re getting SEO from this
and I obviously I have no idea if these are actual legitimate reviews or
whatever that’s meta but this is a cool item cat poor cheer socks I don’t know
if any of you have seen it but whatever there you go
and that’s how you can find products like this and they’re not marketing it
might potentially I don’t know but you can get plenty of ideas from this you
can find stores you can find YouTube channels if we again have a look at a
YouTube channel let’s see what we can find quality grab that sounds like a
general store gonna need my volume and there we go we now have a creative and
they are a dinner definitely a general store and this is
their creative not optimized for YouTube at all but clearly optimize 100% for
Facebook you can tell just by their creative but then you can go to their
Channel and you can see other items that they have potentially marketed we can
see what can we see here we can see this was from eleven months ago this was from
a year ago so let’s have a look at this one ultra
thick car cleaning Tower I’ve never seen this item there we go so that’s cool
for people to clean their cars with and you can see that it’s had a few thousand
views so to some degree it’s been organic or whatever this store has been
around for a while okay and that’s that’s that’s how you can be product
research using Google just using simple keyword planner like this is something
that poor socks is a bit too broad this what I mean by understanding that that
certain keywords don’t relate like poor socks what does that mean it’s not
something specific fake man but here we go let’s see what jokes we can find from
this not a prank there we go so apparently it really is a thing to
actually buy fake mere buttons and whatever I’m not talking about that I’m
not getting in trouble moving on floating drink holder for pool there we
go there’s an obvious one floating drink holder so you get plenty of ideas and
you just use these stores now if I use let’s just to show you because I’m sure
people are gonna have questions me yeah we can calm
so let’s and this works for general and niche gate so cat bowtie okay so clearly
something to do with cat bowties is something that people seem to want to
buy it is pretty cute anyway so you can get plenty of ideas from this it has a
lot of search volume it is a bit broad so I’d say probably I’d skip over it but
again you’ve got the same keyword there cat printing clothing
close to broad cat clothing for cat lovers No
so this is where at times you have to a cat design clothing though cat clothing
for adults you want it fruit tart cat bed here we go so that’s the type of
keywords that we’re after because it’s very specific here we go so this is
pretty adorable and you can see how they’ve ranked really high for this this
is definitely a winning product for them 100% based on the amount of reviews you
can definitely see this as a winning item I don’t know what those reviews so
you can see that this item has done well for them they ranking pretty high in
Google it’s ranking top of Google with a 1,300 search volume okay now this is
still Australia I should add because obviously my dns I sorted my IP in that
obviously into Australia but yeah 1300 search volume and you’ve also got ideas
for keywords to run for rank keywords maybe an effort on my DNS on to have a
look a bit you can definitely try and rank for this and it’s very low
competition again is here in Australia based on this but here we go you’ve
found a product that you can now market to a very passionate niche we know it’s
done well and sorry I’m just gonna go back to this site sorry and just show
you so let’s have a look at my own terms I believe it’s been around for a period
of time they’re selling what if we can see no facebook trending it’s an actual
thing but anyway you can see it’s actually still pretty high up here like
the vanilla these people have done quite a bit of marketing but you can see it’s
high up there so that’s definitely got them quite a number of sales this item
based purely just on the amount of reviews you can tell all right and then
as you get higher you usually see a lot of reviews so here’s other winning items
as well alright so planning of ideas just by simply using this free tool and
I can go through it all day long again cat art bin there’s another one
I’m very cat ear headband is another one so whether it’s a general
store a niche store doesn’t really matter as I said it doesn’t work for one
practice tool because you only have one product so what you see is what you get
right so unless you wanted to try and get keyword ideas there’s no real
benefit in this but you can see how by just doing this copying it into Google
then looking at YouTube looking at channels finding channels in a matter of
seconds subscribing to those channels and then getting other ideas from their
channels for the creatives you can look at their landing pages because most of
the time they if they’re smart they’ll have it in their actual landing page
sorry in their youtube description and here we go here’s their store I’ve never
personally seen this one okay they don’t have a huge where search volume right
now but you can see that somewhere along the line this done well for them they’ve
spent quite a period time on it and there’s a store that we can now add so
quality grab calm let’s see if in Google we what we can try and find some quality
grab calm good results so only one awkward dog water bottle there we go okay all right so we’ve seen this item
but they’re ranking for it so this is to some degree of winning island form and
again just looking here we can see that this is just in the last few months if
you want to look further back be my guest but I’m trying to teach you how to
find wedding products now because everyone wants to have winning products
that are trending right now is used to sell so that’s pretty much the strategy
to be honest not a huge to me out more to it other than that so I hope that has
been helpful for you and that concludes today’s strategy on how to find winning
products on Google quickly and easily and how you can do it as well in really
no time at all today’s winner will be announced in the
description and pinned items I haven’t chosen the person yet time of recording
this was too early if you did like today’s video be sure to subscribe hit
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actual help then comment down below alright
and the winner will be announced in the next video if you want a product
research tool so you don’t have to do it this way
I recommend sale sauce a lot of people ask me I just recommend sale sauce I use
it that’s fine there’s also drop point site that’s a cheaper alternative or you
can just do the strategy that I’ve just told you here the choice is yours you
make sure to subscribe to my channel join my facebook group okay guys I help
people in their and others ask questions and help each other it’s a great group I
provide and with plenty of updates and exclusives in that group it’s free to
join so there’s no reason to not join if you want more product reviews go watch
those videos and give them very deep insights into that like not giving you a
hundred winning products but instead giving you a few winning products and
teaching you how to actually market them alright I know that people want instant
gratification that it doesn’t work that easy
especially in 2019 so you have to take the time to educate yourself if you want
a product cheat sheet there’s that as well yours just download it don’t care
if you want to learn more about Google which I would recommend everyone to do
is watch my playlist there it’s 100% free people neglect how powerful Google
is and they don’t use it properly I’ve made that mistake a hundred times and I
continue to but trust me Google is guaranteed I just honestly can see that
over the next 2-3 years as Facebook become so incredibly difficult for the
average Joe Blow absolutely sure you there’s going to be a flood of people
doing Google we’re already starting to see people doing shopping ok because
that’s for you know that’s easy it’s noobish but what’s gonna start
happening next is shop search a lot more search campaigns and YouTube and people
have been asking me about that a lot so I provide it however a lot of people
seem to not really care always those videos don’t seem to have much interest
I’ll keep doing them anyway but it does get kind of frustrating
again if you want to learn about Facebook ads watch it there I can’t ever
guarantee that it’s up to date or whatever um I don’t love Facebook ads
anymore I much prefer Google if you did enjoy today’s video on this tell me down
below as well if you want other videos tell me down below like Google a lot of
people been asking about Google so I’m gonna do them it’s just a matter of when
and yes I’m in a bit of a bad mood if again a few people have passed on my
private supplier as I said customer quality and satisfaction is really
important especially in 2019 just hit me up on Instagram if you do want that I’ll
send it through via Skype I’m not going to talk to you there I’m just gonna send
it through and we can talk I also have a great graphic designer who’s a very nice
guy who goes over and above if you want a good graphic designer you have to pay
for it okay you know just compare it to most of the people in your country so
like from us how expensive a graphic designer is compared to like the one
that I have which is like 10 bucks an hour nothing okay and again follow me on
Instagram ricky-ricky haze IG to get up close and personal with me truthfully
though and then post much personal crap it’s not my forte but follow me on
Instagram anyway thumbs up so thanks for watching have a good day take care and

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