April 5, 2020
Retoque fotográfico para bodegón publicitario – Curso online de Karina Meza

Retoque fotográfico para bodegón publicitario – Curso online de Karina Meza

Hi, I’m Karina Meza, I’m a photographer
and digital retoucher. Throughout my career,
I’ve worked with photographers, publishing agencies,
magazines and in retail, with names like Falabella,
Replay, Paris, Wom and Own. I studied photography,
but when I did my internship I found that digital retouching
was much more fulfilling than even taking pictures. It’s important to know
that digital retouching isn’t for correcting
poorly executed photos, rather, it should always be done
on a good photo. The goal of my work is to rescue
the visual potential of a good image using volume,
textures, color and lighting to enhance
the photographer’s vision. In this Domestika course, you’ll learn about product retouching
in Photoshop. We’ll work specifically with
beauty products and for a broader understanding
of this process we’ll make two versions: one for advertising
and another creative one. First, I’ll explain
why it’s important to know what you want to get out of retouching
and the goal. We’ll learn the relationship between the camera settings,
the program and printing. We’ll look for visual inspiration
to get the right look and feel to help us to connect with the photo. We’ll develop our picture and go over the program’s tools, including techniques
for an organized workflow. We’ll learn to reconstruct the logo to reinforce
the advertising brand’s identity. Plus, I’ll teach you
to work with highlights to correct and enhance the image. I’ll teach you to adjust
the color and focus settings. I’ll show you how to make both editorial and creative versions
of the photo. This way, you get an image that reflects
your style for your portfolio. Finally,
I’ll show you how to export files based on their destination. For this course,
you need basic notions of Photoshop, and optionally, a graphic tablet so that you can use pencil tools. This course is for
photographers, designers or anyone else who wants to learn a more specific technique
for product retouching. Discover photo retouching techniques and shape your own visual editorial. Photo Retouching
for Advertising Still Lifes A course by Karina Meza
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