April 10, 2020
Reselling Basics – Selling on eBay

Reselling Basics – Selling on eBay

Hey resellers,
I’m your BULQ guide Colleen, and in this video, we’ll talk about tips on selling
your merchandise on eBay. Online channels are a great way to reach customers and
sell your items. Today, we’ve brought on reselling expert Omar to talk about his
tips for selling on eBay. Thanks for joining us today, Omar!
Thanks, Colleen. Happy to be here. So Omar, eBay’s been around for a long time.
What can you tell us? So, eBay is one of the most established
marketplaces on the Internet. It used to be a space mostly for auctions, but fixed
price listings have become more common in the past few years. Sellers go on and
list items, customers bid on items or purchase them, and the seller handles
fulfillment. Can you explain a bit about what fulfillment means for a reseller? Selling through eBay requires you to fulfill orders yourself. That includes storage, shipping, and returns. The first thing to consider is storage, that means finding or paying for a place to store your goods while you wait for a sale. The more you’re selling or the larger the items, the more important it will be to
have a good storage space. When listing your items, eBay allows you to provide
your own photographs and descriptions. While this can be time-consuming,
eBay gives you a lot of flexibility to optimize, customize, and target your
listings for maximum sales. That sounds like a great opportunity to sell more
directly to a niche market. Exactly! So, what do we need to know about fees and payments? Well, eBay lets you make 50 listings per calendar month for free, which is great for people who are just getting started. After that, listings are 30 cents a piece. eBay also takes 10% of the final sale, up to $750. There are additional fees if you want to upgrade your listing. eBay also offers
subscription tools for high-volume sellers, which may be something to
consider once sales take off. For payment, eBay takes PayPal and credit cards from
buyers, which means faster turnaround for sales. However, it’s the sellers’ responsibility
to manage payments, reminders, and invoices. Got it. Now, are there any
important regulations that sellers need to be aware of when using eBay? Actually, eBay has fewer and less strict rules for getting started with reselling compared
to other channels, such as Amazon. This means you can get started quickly with
fewer restrictions. As a seller, you’re in charge of the entire fulfillment process, so it is more time consuming. But, you have the flexibility to set your
own parameters on return policies and restocking fees. Awesome! That sounds
like a great option, especially for people who are new to reselling. Thanks again for joining me today, Omar, and for sharing your tips with us. It was my pleasure. eBay is just one of many channels you
can use to start reselling and reach a large customer base. If you’re just
getting started, the best thing to do is just go for it and get your online
business up and running. Let us know your tips in the comments below. If you want
to learn more about selling on eBay, check out the link to our full blog post
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catch you on the next one.

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