April 5, 2020
Repeating Your Message

Repeating Your Message

Repeating your message. Hi I’m Brian Pombo, welcome
back to Brian J. Pombo Live. A real quick concept today and that is
the concept of repeating your message. If you’re doing any form of content
marketing, which if you’re not, you should be okay. Watch some of my other videos on content
marketing over at BrianJPombo.com and you can learn a little bit more
and see how it would fit your business. Because it’s definitely
something you should be doing. Content marketing is taking
content, either video, audio, word content or picture
content and spreading it out
online content that can be consumed. Then somewhere along the line directs
people back to what you’re selling, whatever it may be, whatever, whether you’re literally selling something
or whether you’re selling an idea, a concept, something that
you want people to do. So that’s what content marketing is
and you ought to be taking part in it, on it at least daily
basis in your company, in your organization, whatever you’re
doing, promoting yourself, whatever it be. So that’s content marketing. Now, the idea is if you’re doing
stuff on a daily basis, there might be room for
repetition in there. You might be saying the same
things over and over again, especially if you have a real clear
focused message that you’re trying to get out there. In fact, I’ve probably mentioned this way too many
times about the idea of how you should be repeating yourself. You
should be saying it again. Say it again a different way, but you ought to really
play it again, Sam, and you ought to do it over
and over and over again. The plain fact of the
matter is not enough. People are paying attention
to you at any given time. Let’s say you’re doing video, even if you’re getting thousands of views, these are not the same people
viewing it every single time. Just because you have
thousands and thousands of
subscribers on YouTube does not mean those subscribers are
watching every single video. They just aren’t doing it. Every once in awhile, especially if you have
really engaging content, you will find people that will go through
and watch every one of your videos. But you start doing
videos on a daily basis. People will not have a chance
to catch up. They won’t do it. It won’t happen. Even if they do your, the whole point of doing videos is that, or any form of content is that you’re
encouraging some form of action. If they haven’t taken that action,
then the repetition is needed. You have to repeat it over and over. And I’m not saying say the same
phrase over and over again, but talk about what you want them to do. Talk about the same concepts over
and over again until it sinks in. So for example, every episode
that you can find within these videos of Brian J. Pombo
Live, just about every last one. I’m discussing something specific
that I want the audience to do. For this first year, most of
it’s been about DreamBizChat.com. Have you been to DreamBizChat.com
whether it applies to you or not. Most of the time I focus on talking to
executives and business owners in the self-reliance space. So meaning, you have products or services that help
people to become more self reliant. Now, if you fit that, I always encourage
you to go to DreamBizChat.com and check out the concept of the
dream business transformation. It’s absolutely free if you qualify. So you go to DreamBizChat.com
go check it out. Now, how many people do I
actually have going there? Not as many people is
what view these videos, because they’ve ever gotten there already. They haven’t gone there
and they need to go there. And so I say it over and
over again because these
things are out there forever. That’s the best thing
about internet content. So much of it can be put out there
for people. Waiting is a trap. The search engines are, they have your content sitting out there
waiting for people to type in just the right thing for your information to pop
up and for them to do what you want them to do. But it takes repetition. You got to say the things
over and over and over again. If you’ve been watching these long enough, you’ll know that a lot of the concepts
I talk about over and over and over again, but I use them. I talk about
them in a different way every time. I try to at least try to bring
up new examples where it fits. So hopefully this is helpful to you. Go out and get and get your content
out there and start really getting your message far and wide to people and
encourage people to take the next step. Hey, you have a great night. Get
out there and let the magic happen.

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