April 8, 2020
Reliance Ecommerce Vs Amazon & Flipkart INDIA (2019) ✅ Reliance Entering e-commerce

Reliance Ecommerce Vs Amazon & Flipkart INDIA (2019) ✅ Reliance Entering e-commerce

Subscribe AMAZING MARKETER Channel and hit the BELL icon to watch latest videos Hello AMAZERS !! As we all are aware that Indian Ecommerce Industry is about to change drastically from 1st Feb 2019 due to new ecommerce policy. Which we have already discussed. To know everything about new ecommerce policy, refer the link provided in description. Like I said in earlier videos this policy is designed to benefit home grown ecommerce players and, one & only homegrown player is “RELIANCE” So basically, battle for indian consumer is not anymore all american affair. After Flipkart acquistion, the race that is about to happen between Flipkart & Amazon billionaire Mukesh Ambani has joined in. Now the contender of the race has been replaced and now the race is between Reliance & Amazon. Now everyone want to see who will emerge as a winner in this battle or race. Myself Sorabh, you are watching AMAZING MARKETER. Let’s Learn Something AMAZING Today!! Recently, Mukesh Ambani has announced a four-legged hybrid online-offline business model to connect 30 million small retailers to consumers. How? The first pillar is to connect local shopkeepers or local shops to Reliance Retail Ltd. In India, there is almost 10,000 Reliance stores. In the first leg, small retailers will be facilitated with billing, inventory management, and tax facility at lower prices. So, the ultimate motto of first pillar is to expand Reliance Retail and to grow its network. Second Pillar of this hybrid online-offline model is Reliance Telecom, which we all are well aware of “JIO “. There are 500 million internet users in India Out of them, almost 200 million users lives in rural areas. And, we all sellers know that Indian Ecommerce industry is dominated by urban middle class. Reliance will definitely en-cash its 280 million digital subscribers of JIO and will try to implement this hybrid online-offline model in rural areas. The third pillar of this strategy or hybrid online-offline model is Videos Indians are watching almost 5 Billions hours of videos on their JIO mobile phone and fiber broadband. So, definitely Reliance will try to promote it’s private brand “AJIO” and will promote this hybrid business model by running ads. Thus, it is very easy for Reliance to enter in this market and creating dominance for itself. The fourth pillar is Policies The ability of Mukesh Ambani to influence policies and mold it as per his will can’t be underestimated. The race which is always between Walmart & Amazon Mukesh Ambani suddenly jumps into it. He entered in this race as a strong contender or strong competitor. Now, we all can understand that the person who can influence or mold the policies and consequently changes can’t be ignored by Flipkart or by Amazon. The recent example of influencing the policies is the new ecommerce policy going to be implemented from February 01, 2019. And, Amazon & Flipkart are going to bear huge losses due to this. So, in this battle, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon has his one hand tied at the back can still beat Ambani or Reliance with his experience or quantum of money. But, one thing is for sure that he will get bruised too. So, let’s see what’s future hold for all us in Indian Ecommerce industry as a seller, as a consumer, as a customer We will see at the later stage what’s going to benefit us or what’s not once the policy gets implemented in February. I hope good things happen to all of us. So this is it in this video. If you like the video, do LIKE & SHARE. Now you can become an “AMAZER” too by joining Amazing Marketer Telegram Channel or by SUBSCRIBING this Youtube Channel. Finally, KEEP SELLING, KEEP SMILING

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  2. Very well,I have own warehouse in Tamil nadu at neyveli 16000 s.feet.how can I get warehousing dealerships?

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