April 10, 2020
Reduce post-production time of ecommerce photography

Reduce post-production time of ecommerce photography

Hi I’m Erik Valind, here to talk about
how broncolor strobes can help your ecommerce studio from start to finish.
One of the biggest ways that broncolor saves time is when it comes to
editing, specifically by not having to manually adjust every picture due to
varying light output and inaccurate color cast. Just from looking at the
grid view over here, we can see the accurate exposure of each shot. This
means I don’t have to worry even when shooting quickly. So let’s jump in and
take a look at the time savings that come from shooting with broncolor. On
the left we can already see that there are no missed frames coming from broncolor. Each frame means a wasted moment and takes time calling those out. As you
go from picture to picture. There is also less to change. On the right, there’s an
inconsistency with output and color temperature. This means more time for a
retoucher. Let’s see how much time we can save with the right lighting equipment.
With the other brand, we have to create masks on the face and dress to get
highlight and shadow levels, back to where we want them to be. Then, we have to paint in a color
adjustment layer to make up for the uneven color temperature of the other
brands lights. Finally, we have to mask out the background to get to 100% white.
On the broncolor side, we are already done. Outside of this sped up version,
this is a savings of 10 minutes. Imagine how many more photos we could edit if
these time-consuming changes didn’t have to be made with the other brand. When
thinking about lighting, it’s important to know that you have the right
equipment that will help throughout the entire production process. Investing in
lights that will perform at the highest level and save time across their
lifetime will help your ecommerce studio continue to succeed. Say you only save one minute per image,
if you’re editing a hundred images a day, that’s over an hour
and a half saved. This can be extrapolated to fit any e-commerce setup
and the results were the same broncolor saves time from shooting to

5 thoughts on “Reduce post-production time of ecommerce photography

  1. Hey Erik, how did you get pure white background without spilling light over the models' edges? Is it a large studio and great distance from the wall or some other sorcery? 😀

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