April 1, 2020

94 thoughts on “REAL $$$ Making Dropship Store vs. A FAILING Store (Dropshipping Store Examples & Review)

  1. Knowing that most of the traffic from social ads come from mobile devices, it's weird to attack the website via desktop. Those white spaces would go nicely into order when viewed via mobile.

  2. Great advice but is it me or does Facebook block every new website that you create a facebook page for, the validation process takes a very long time by that time a trend could've finished

  3. You need a Nawr! Nawrr!! Nawrrr!! soundboard button that you can push whenever someone didn't listen to your advice. Nice vid as usual.

  4. I’ve been watching your vid like everyday. It’s very good. I want to join your dropping shipping club. But first I’ll need a good laptop n internet. Watching your reviews has taught me things I’ve been missing. Wish I’d saw this b4. Expect me soon 🙋🏽‍♀️

  5. I think they should put her on Netflix. She could do a show just giving feedback to online stores. Id watch that

  6. Hi senior, Can i start this setup even with my 9 – 6 job? not only start but run it also after establishing successfully and with my 9 – 6 job? So once i get handsome earnings I may leave job then?

  7. the funny part is where he says I believe that i have satisfied the criteria. LOL
    no buddy, NO you have not, there is 1001 things wrong with this website. its too much to list so im not even gonna bother as im tired of newbies asking for help when there is soooo many good free content on youtube on how to make a good shopify website and product description

  8. Hello Sarah, can you tell me, how important is to have a Shopify store, someone said it is best to just list products on Amazon because of the free traffic?

  9. Why when I try and search your shopify store Brewed Treats there are only advertisements for shopify and not a real shopify store.

  10. Hey so I’ve been doing some product research and I found a product I believe could be a winner (Solves a problem (to an extent), wow factor, good margins but I can still undercut competitors etc.). The issue I have is that I just found the product myself and I cant find any data of other stores using this product (or one very similar). I do however believe I could make a great ad for this product. Is it worth spending money to test?

  11. Also I love your channel and have been watching for years and have always wanted to do this but couldnt even take out a loan because I "have too much student debt".

  12. Also I started a shirt product line but haven't gotten sales because I can't afford advertising so I'm going to try doing Youtube and advertising there for free.

  13. Both shops do not even have an imprint or the important information about customs duties. For me, this is neither legitimate nor legal. Admittedly I don't know the laws applicable to web shops in the US or Australia. In Germany such shops would be illegal without information about the owner.

  14. Ever tried using the new Shopify app called silkroad it’s basically an alternative to Ali express it’s definitely got faster shipping unless you want to pay $49 a month for it though it has automatic fulfillment

  15. You're right about the whole schmeel! Even his theme is missing the point. Thank you for your wit and honesty. I plan on doing better!

  16. You are such an intelligent beautiful soul. I'm old enough and then some to be your mother and know from what I see that you have got a special gift. I've watched many videos from various people the last year and a half and I have to say this, yours are tops. Your teaching style USD great and maybe you'll need the reason I can finally give one of the business ventures online a try. I'm old school so a lot of this is overwhelming at times. So on that note could you suggest one business over another for someone like me? That would save me so much stress and time as a mom and active grandmom (AKA Mimi) 😀 Thank you for your consideration and time. Also thank you for all your free video advice which I'm still devouring.

  17. watching your videos about dropshiping nice work…i have a question what if a customer ask you about aliexpress products where are these made of? is it ok to say them these are made in china or any other suitable answer there? to tell them hope you will give me a logical answer thankss in advance

  18. I started watching your videos because you are very pretty. I got hooked by your combination of smarts and inner beauty with your physical beauty. Now if you could just learn to be a little more enthusiastic… Sending much love & good vibes your way.

  19. Hi Sarah. I just recently started my own store. Could you please have a look at it? Let me know what do you think. I appreciate it, Thank you.

  20. Could you please review my store?

    I've spent around $50 on facebook ads and despite getting video views on my ad, I didnt get a single ATC. Please, feel free to rip on anything you'd like — I need to learn

  21. Dude just got some real life help for free to make his store better moving forward! Hopefully hell take this video and learn. Good job!

  22. Sarah,
    Thank you so very much for all of your wisdom. I have followed you for a few months now, realizing my very naive understanding of e-commerce. I've created what I thought was s beautiful child's store, and I have learned many reasons my store has not been successful. I will be making the changes that seemingly slipped through my first check. I really appreciate your straightforward information. All the Best, Milissa

  23. I have a question, if I have products that are similar should I write unique descriptions for each of them or could I reuse some descriptions?

  24. what jon should do is look for an instagram page like his with a bigger follwing that has active users / lots of likes compared to followers and ask for a 24h ad or smthn not really expensive like fb ads and works plus targets people that would like this type of stuff

  25. he shouldve started the insta page long before he started the shop
    like if he had 20k followers or more he could easily sell some

  26. honestly dont know why the norse thing doesnt get the product and take pictures for themselves they could probably get better pictures
    but w/e lol

  27. Im sooo sorry but you say "No" so -cute to me! ♥️ I guess if you heard me say some words in my New York accent you'd say something too lol ♥️

  28. looks like he put the advice to use! just checked out his store and it looks a lot better, he also has over 11k followers on insta now. hope he's getting some sales!

  29. ho god what would we do when everybody knows about AliExpress! shouldn't we just not talk about it? a customer might be watching

  30. I agree. There's something about having been forced to diagram sentences in the old days that makes a person sensitive to awkward and damaged structure. Also, seeing so much sales copy of varying lengths back in the day does that, too. I'm quite jaded, but I have still bought stuff occasionally just because I appreciated the copy, even though I only marginally wanted the product.

    The theme attached to the tactics you describe is: "draw them in and keep them." It's how you develop and grow the subscriber/follower base you mention. The greatest example of how to do this by far is Youtube. And here we are watching your video — drawn in. Making comments — drawn in. Reading comments — drawn in. Oh, look at that list on the right — drawn in. Drawn in for hours. A store can be quite similar. That's part of the humor in ancient sayings such as "shop until you drop" and "retail therapy." Drawn in and kept until they felt better and dropped.

  31. my site is: oldskoolbangers.org , I just made it and I'm somewhat clueless so if anyone has advice let me know. it would be appreciated

  32. HEY! I'm in NZ as well, but shipping from Alibaba is so expensive! Am I missing a way around or something? Thanks 🙂

  33. Well, got fired from my job (don't work well with people that irritate me) so, got plenty of time to invest. Here I come internet!!!!

  34. 4:40 do these number have any value when we have no idea how much it was boosted? Like… if you boost something with a milion dollars, sure it will get a few thousand engagements… how do we know? Did it get 18k just from sitting on their page randomly? how many people were already engaged with their page? How much was it boosted? how many influencers were hired to promote it? ETC ETC. ???

  35. Would you recommend targeting the 🇺🇸 United States after Donald trump increased taxes for the China 🇨🇳 products?

  36. I really enjoyed this video. Great insight. Don't ever be afraid to be harsh and truthful. We all need a reality check sometimes.

  37. I would love to see a follow up video on this. I hope he followed your advice, made changes, and contacted you about the improvement (🤞) from your suggestions.

  38. Hi Sarah, have any of your subscribers had issues with Instagram reach? I've been using relevant hashtags but it's only been teaching about 5 people! I don't know how to fix it without paying for ads

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