April 9, 2020
Real Estate Tips: Leaving a Legacy in your Career & Life (True Story) | #FBFriday 124

Real Estate Tips: Leaving a Legacy in your Career & Life (True Story) | #FBFriday 124

Hey, guys. Welcome back. This is
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I appreciate you being here. Let’s roll the intro. Hey, guys. Welcome. Welcome.
Today is Facebook Friday. We show you guys how to grow your business,
how to do more with technology and just how to do some awesome things with
what’s available in today’s marketplace. Want to have to go work for a company. I want to do my own thing and have my
own potential and have my own flexibility of doing that thing. And if you don’t live by
your calendar, you don’t have a life. So focus on the calendar and live by it. Hey, guys, welcome back. Thanks
for joining us again. Every single Friday morning, yesterday, we have an
awesome, awesome show lined up for you guys. We’re talking about the legacy that you
leave behind as a business owner and more importantly, as a real estate agent. So many of you guys have
such an influence on your community. You speak to thousands of
individuals every single month. You are the the hub, the wheel of real
estate and everything that goes on around it, even in your community. So before we get into the
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Back to the show, guys. So for somebody who’s been in real estate now
for over a decade and who’s love this business inside and out and just lives and
breathes real estate all the time, it’s something that I’m thinking
about all the time. Is the legacy thing behind. Right. The great real estate
agents of our past. Some of them go out
and you forget about them. But for a lot of them, they’re kind of
like rookie cards on baseball or really, I never collected baseball cards, but I’m just thinking
about like these guys who’ve been around forever that, you know, their stats,
you know where they are. We some big players in our area and they’re
never forgotten some of the big guys who got into real estate a long time ago. But you have that same impact and not
that you’re trying to be remembered for vanity numbers or how many houses you sold or, you
know, how many millions of dollars that you made. But more of the impact that you guys had
as a business owner for us when we had a real estate team, one of our big things was
to be able to provide a service that nobody else offered, nobody else, at
least for a while. There was a couple of copycats that came in
later, but for a while nobody was doing the business we did. Nobody
staged homes for free. Nobody did matter poor back then. Nobody had massive open houses like we did
in neighborhoods where you get over 100 people to an open house. And one night we just
did these incredible things as real estate agents and it was a lot of fun, but more so
than that was the impact that we had on our community. Right. We were showing home how
homeowners could sell their home for more money then than they could have with any other
real estate agent or they could have on their own. And that’s the impact that we had. In addition to that, we would give a
lot of our profit away to other organizations. We would help families in need. During the Christmas time of the year, at
least right now, I remember helping bring gifts by families who were in need. We’d help rebuild homes
and Habitat for Humanity. We do great things. And again, this isn’t a show
about what amazing things I did. But more importantly, the impact that
you guys have on your community. So as an influential person and as an
influencer online, both digitally and offline in your community, maybe you’re part of a chamber
of commerce and you’re part of a b.n.. I am a part of a
local organization that you guys support. You have an ability to do
and create some great things. I’ve known real estate agents who are part
of music organizations and they run the local opera and music organizations in their community
because they have such a drive and insulin’s music and they love it so much. And that has such an impact on
their community of the fine arts. There’s other agents that I know who are
huge in construction and they volunteer their time and their efforts. And a lot of the money that they
make to helping people build homes and creating opportunities for less privileged people to have places
to sleep and live and eat at night. Right. Anyway, there’s there’s all sorts
of agents who are doing great things. I think the thing that I would implore you
to do is figure out what you’re passionate about as a business owner. You’re
obviously passionate about your business. You love selling homes. You love making money. You
love helping your community. I’ve seen homeowners buy their dream home and sell
a home and make that process easier as a transition to their new property. But what else are you excited about? Are you interested in helping people
get back on their feet? Are you helping people, you know, maybe find
a job that they may be struggling with? Is it helping kids get educated? Is it maybe helping other countries get fresh
water and food into their communities and the medicine that they need? I know a lot of people volunteer for I
think it’s called Pencils of Promise when they come in and they help rebuild schools so
that these communities can teach their kids on how to read and how to write and how to
farm and help their community as they grow up. Right. Maybe it’s packaged
meals for hungry individuals. Now, that’s one thing that I was really
excited about when I attended Tony Robbins events was that he gave back. It was a huge amount of money every year
to helping people who were hungry find food. I think every year he’d given enough money
away with all his organizations and all the contributions from a lot of. Students think they were able to feed like
one hundred and fifty million people every single year or so anyway, there’s some of
these great individuals who help out fine with those things that you’re passionate about. Find a way to distribute some
of your income to the US. Well, there 1 percent or maybe it’s 10
percent, or maybe it’s just your time. Maybe you go volunteer somewhere for
a weekend or every weekend. Maybe you go teach somebody how
to do math better, right? Maybe your grade at third grade math and
even go volunteer at one of these tutoring places and help kids who
are struggling with math. Maybe it’s helping again. You know, kids get into college and applying
to college or being able to afford college or find ways to get scholarships
for college, whatever it is. Find out what you’re passionate about
and find ways to give. I think that when we give in our
businesses, we have an opportunity to grow. And again, not to say, hey, we’re giving. Look at us. But more so by you giving
up your time, you’re telling your energy and everything. I’ve been blessed in this life
to help somebody else that doesn’t benefit you. You’ve created a great thing. And in doing so, in in
giving, you will get back. Right. The community will recognize it. There’s obviously a lot of people who
volunteer anonymously as a John Doe. And that’s awesome because they can
give without having the recognition. And you don’t have to go that route. You obviously can get your plaque on a bench or
on a tile or name a sports craft you or whatever it is, but just being able
to get back to your community. I think that’s what this time
of year is all about. Right. We just had things, too,
in a couple weeks ago. We’re rolling into December. It’s a great time to give back. It’s a great time to think about your community
and the impact that you have as a business line. So find ways to do
that, whatever your passion about it. For me, it’s just helping people. I think that’s the most important
thing that I would want. And then the other side of things is
the influence that you have as a leader. Right? You have a channel for us. We have a Facebook channel. We have a YouTube
channel, an Instagram channel. We have this platform to
communicate with our audience. And the more people that we help communicate
with and share knowledge with, the more people that are going to come back. So as you think about your community and the
content that you put out there, whether it’s on your YouTube channel, on your Facebook page
or whatever platform that you choose to go big on and create that environment on, think
about the contribution that you can get back. One of the things that we talk about
in here is creating content that helps your followers in their journey. Right. Whether they’re trying to
buy or sell a home. What can you do to provide that
education and help others along the way? So one of the things that you think about
as a homeowner, there’s a lot of mechanical systems that happen in the house right now. There’s water heaters, there’s HPC
systems, there’s roofs, there’s electrical. There’s all sorts of things going on
inside the walls of a house. If you brought your palm on your HPC
guy, your electrician, your roofer, all these people over and interview them and said, okay. So I actually use my guys because I know
their names right now, because we’re working on a house. I’ve got a plumber name. But Bud the Plumber, right, talks to us
today about water heaters and about maintenance on water heaters. And, you know, why is a
tankless water heater better than a tank water heater? Because it saves you any money. Is it going to bring you any results? Right. So by doing this, you’re teaching
your potential clients or teaching your community about the easiness of homeownership
and the maintenance options that happen with homeownership and how to take care of their
home better so they can have a happy life. And now in this situation where I’m
interviewing Buttar Palmer, I’m able to help but get more business because by Budd’s speaking
up and being an expert in everything that he does, he’s going to get calls. He’s going to get business. And people are
going to want to work with him. Right. Same goes with the electricians and goes
as solar and HPC and all those guys. If I bring them in and talk to them
about their business and how it helps the homeowner when they upgrade some of these services or
take care of some of their services or O’Mahoney easier because of some of their
services, it’s going to help the community. It’s going to help the local
business owners that I’m working with. It’s win, win, win for everybody. And of course, it’s going to make you
look better because you’re bringing in experts who can help the homeowners
own their home better. So think about the content that you create. Think about these soapboxes, if you will, that
you have to stand on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, all these big platforms and think about,
you know, how can you reach more people? How can you create content that
really resonates with your audience, that helps them achieve things that
they’re looking to do? I know at least in my neighborhood, we live
in a neighborhood with a bunch of 30 plus year old homes. There’s all sorts
of stuff that is coming up. People are getting new roofs.
People are upgrading the solar. And our last community will have as like
every other week, someone get a new water heater. There’s just new
things are happening, right? There’s drought resistant plants. There’s a shortage of water. There’s different uses of electricity. There’s people buying electric vehicles like Tesla’s
that they need more power in their homes. There’s all sorts of things that people are
trying to do to improve their life, to own a better home. If you can help them in
that process, you’ve given back at some way or another. So think about these things in your
business and how you can share your knowledge, share your wealth, share your
talents, your abilities and everything that you’ve been blessed with and
get back to your community. That’s my message for you
today. Really pretty simple. Just get back. Find a way to
share who you are with your community. And I think even more importantly, share some
of your income that you’re producing with those who need it. Give back
to those who need it. And I wouldn’t say like every time we pull up
to a light, you don’t give five bucks to somebody because those people
aren’t super honest. I’ve seen some those guys get
arrested for kind of swindling people. We’ll find an organization who can help, you
know, whether it’s the Red Cross or Rise Against Hunger or one of these communities that
you can help people where the money goes to help the individual, you know,
and they’re able to feed people. For an awesome amount of money, I mean, we
did this event a few few weeks ago. We did. Packing meals
for Rise Against Hunger. And I think it was like 20 something cents
per meal that was able to be prepared. So it’s it’s really affordable. And you could feed a lot of people when
you come together as an organization like that, rather than just giving out 20
bucks here or there to people. So find some that your passion about giving
your time make this season of giving an awesome opportunity for you and find some that
your passion about it to do that. And anyway, that’s my message, Trey. Hopefully this resonates with you guys. And we will see you
next week on Facebook Friday. Remember, like subscribe if you
haven’t done so already. And we’ll see you guys next week.

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