April 4, 2020
Real Estate Sales Funnels [Part 1] – Top Converting Sales Funnels For Your Real Estate Business

Real Estate Sales Funnels [Part 1] – Top Converting Sales Funnels For Your Real Estate Business

What’s up you guys? Jason Wardrop here in today’s video i’m gonna talk about real estate sales funnels right now this is gonna Be the first, one i’m gonna show. You guys and then on friday i’m gonna actually show You, guys, another funnel that works amazingly, well now you might be thinking like Jason, what is funnel like, what is a sales funnel, what is all this talk? About all this now the terminology, funnel sales funnel has become a lot More popular in the last couple of years but it’s A term that like honestly has been around, like the online marketing digital marketing world for a long time it’s basically like you’re, funneling people through A process right so if you think, about like an, ad on facebook right a lot of people see that Ad and let’s say there’s a thousand people to see that, ad but Maybe only 40% click so then you have you know 400 people they go through and they’ll actually Visit the page like, let’s say this is the pays a visit and then of the four hundred only Maybe let’s say twenty percent actually clicked and an opt-in to become a lead So, what is that forty percent so i have been eighty people so you get eighty leads right and then of the eighty You’re! only
Gonna have so many they’re actually gonna convert into a sale and kind of go through the next process so that’s kind of what it Looks, like right so you, want to go through and attract a lot of people Get into, your website from your website you wanna, be able to generate leads and then from those leads you
Want to be able to follow up Set appointments and then eventually close Deals right so that’s kind of what the the concept funnel it comes from it’s just like that funnel effect Right like funneling down like you look in the kitchen and we’re even like When you’re working in the yard and trying to like funnel something into like the oil into your your lawnmower or something like that that Is basically what we’re doing here, okay so i just want to show. You guys This first one today and then as i mentioned on friday i’m gonna be showing you guys another one which is these have Both worked extremely Well and it’s a way to automate a lot of the follow-up process the appointment setting process and i just want to show You, guys, how to actually go through, and make this happen so i want to first show You, guys, the actual funnel, okay the real estate sales funnel and then i want to show. You guys, how Simple it is to go through and set this up okay so first of all like we’re not going to start the add stage i’ve got tons and tons of On my channel here about different real estate ads if you guys want those just comment down below And i’ll hook you guys with actually, what i’ll do, is i’ll just link a Length of video so you might real estate my best real estate facebook Ads up here in the top right so once they go through and click on those ads they’re Gonna come to a landing page right not not your website it just doesn’t convert that Well you’re, gonna come to a landing page right here so this is gonna be the first, like page of this funnel, okay so What they’re, gonna, do here is then come in and they’re, gonna click schedule your showing they opt in to become a lead they’re Gonna put in some test info just right here to show You, guys, example they hit submit, okay, so now, like obviously only a certain, percentage are gonna go through and submit right but then they
Come become a lead in our database right and now the next step is we want to go through and get them to Connect with, us kay and ideally we’d like to do that on autopilot so look at This guy’s, what, we do here is we say hey the schedule it so at This, point, they, become ally we’ve got their, name phone number email address that have, synced into our crm And we’ve got the automated, email text marketing follow-up all in place Now, what we can, do is say you say, hey to schedule an appointment Immediately call or you can, even put in there like text immediately call or text me at. Your phone number Right cuz, like if somebody’s gonna opt-in. And their be gonna become a lead, and they’re gonna call or text you right, away That is a super? holly
That like that is someone you want to be working with now guys i get it all like a lot of guys are probably thinking About, well jason like there’s only, gonna be a few people that actually, do that like hardly anyone’s gonna Do that yes you might only get one person that does the out of a Hundred, okay, but that’s better than the not inviting any of them to do it right so like that one person you you Want to give that them that option right and then for the majority of people They, might be like, well i gotta talk with, my spouse, my significant other i got to think About or whatever it might be so you can, say hey or click the button, below Discuss your story so they come over here they click schedule your showing And this will take them to an appointment scheduling app that we’ve got right here it says hey 20 minute meeting and then you can Pick, what day of the week, and what times of days you were available so like let’s say you know You’ve got i’ve got monday through thursday you can, do monday wednesday friday you could, do you, say thursday saturday you could Do whatever times of whatever times the week that you’re available and whatever time of day like, let’s say you have a Full-time job you can, make it so your appointments are only in the evening and in the weekend so like let’s say on wednesday At 10:00 a.m.. Case you can see my, whole afternoons Booked hit confirm they put in their name email address phone number hit scheduled event that’ll automatically sync with Your, calendar it’ll sync with, their calendar you know send appointment reminders to both of you, okay, so that’s pretty cool Right so i want to show. You guys just how To, make this, whole process happen So, let’s just go back to this page right here so if we come over here to the arsalan kg Software this is the landing page Crm lead generation, software for real estate agents that makes it extremely simple to do, ok? And i’m gonna add a. Link to a. Free 7-day trial just right below This video so you guys can, jump in follow My, exact, strategies that i’m using in this video and you, guys can Get this all set up right so what we’re gonna do you can See the landing pages like i showed you guys a little bit earlier right here we’re just gonna click on create Another website and this will take us into this landing page option, where we can go through you can See if we got a listing, we can, go through and choose listings sellers open house So like we’ve got all, these different options if your mortgage and we’ve even got several other landing page templates as, well and then Also lead forms but we’re not talking About that right here in this video so let’s just say you have a listing right and even if you Don’t have a listing look, there’s all these other options, byerly’s no listing sellers all this, stuff but Let’s just come in here we’ll choose the listing right here Which will kick us into the website builder they’ve got okay? Which will Allow us to edit the images the texts the videos everything you customize it to you and your business right now the cool thing is is There’s art the headline the sub headline a call to action It’s already in here and it’s already been tested with tens of thousands of dollars of paid advertising So you just know it’s gonna convert you, don’t have to mess around with like What the headline is gonna say what the call-to-action is gonna say all you need to do is maybe change out the background image To, be the image of your listing, so we’re just, gonna change this out really quick, we’ll just click choose, new image And i’m just gonna do this fairly quickly you got an image gallery right here we’ve got my, images we can Upload an image and let’s just say are already pre uploaded images i’m just gonna say this is the listen we’re Gonna, use okay so if you crop, edit rotate do whatever you, want we’re just Gonna, click use this image and then you can over here on the left hand side you can See you can out you can edit out. Any of the the text or whatever this going on but now remember, how after they opted in and They, went through and they said. Hey you know to schedule a call, with me you know put that information in right So that is called a thank you page so that is the next step of this real estate sales funnel Okay, so all you got to do, is make, some super, easy just like chrome how You got the different tabs up here you’ve got the tabs right here so you just hit banks right here And we’re just, gonna hit publish just to save it for right now So website same post and once you get published it’s not going Like out there so so many people are gonna see it it’s totally fine if it’s not completely ready so now We’re just gonna kick click to edit this section Once again i want to i want to keep the image the exact Same one so whatever image you put on the landing page of your listing we’re Just, gonna put that right there okay, we’ll say, use this image right there so you can see it updated, okay then, we could Say, hey instead of say just saying thanks, we can, say hey To, schedule an immediate appointment call slash text meet at and Then your phone number right So let’s put in eight eight eight five five five one two three four and they say or come down here and say or schedule a and appointment below Okay, so now remember. How. We had that button all we got to do is come over here and click show Link, boom and we got this little link, that shows up right here and now We want to link out to our calendar so this is calendly guys so calendly calm ca le and dly calm it’s a hundred percent free very nice and easy to use so we we went through and used calendly, okay, and then i just put in My once because i’ve signed up already, and i’ve just it syncs with your
google calendar six if your outlook it syncs to twitter calendar you system you use So we’re just going to come in here use this url To put in as the link right here and we’ll say Click to schedule an appointment, okay? That’s all you got to, do then we’re? Just gonna hit publish and Now it’s his website saved and published so now, we’ll come back out here, and we’ll just click exit All right now i just want to show you, guys
We’ve literally set that same process up in a matter of like 60 seconds right so we’ve got this One right here we’ll click on this this is the one, we just created Okay, so it now says, hey, view the thirty six photos now And we’ll click view 36 photos now and for those you guys wondering like, well we’re not giving Them the photos on the thank you page i’ll show You, guys, how to do that here in just a second so we’ll say view 36 photos now. They put in their name i’ll put jason test Phone number hit submit, okay, so now it’s the same exact process hey to schedule an appointment Or it’s scheduled in a media appointment i guess i that kind of butcher that anyway call or text me at Your phone or schedule an appointment below They, click right here it goes to kalinin appointment scheduling app it goes through the same process they choose a, day they, choose a time confirm Name email phone number Schedule event it automatically goes on your calendar and the cool thing is is this is all on a complete autopilot You set it up once and then you get leave notifications from the arsalan kg system when new leads come in and then you Can have an automated email and text marketing follow Up with this sales funnel go through right select, we come over here, we click on follow ups this is the lane Page we just created right so we click on follow ups and this is where you can see this email template That’s already, pre-built in here this is where you’re, gonna give them the address of the home the, asking price and you can Link out to the photos, okay, so it’s gonna auto populate with Their name whatever they put on the landing page right there and then we can Even come in here and say hey creates you know a new text message so, we can, say, new text message and remind them to schedule Your call or schedule your appointment right and then we link out to This, page right here okay, we link out to this page so We basically we’re throwing in this link and so as soon as they opt-in, become a lead, they’re getting, that, email with everything, we promised Then they’re, also getting a text reminder saying, hey, by the way you should schedule a call of us and we just hit publish Oh, we got to name it right here let’s put a, name right there Published, and we’ve got this email going out immediately, we got the text messages going out immediately and this arsalan kgs System will actually send you a text and email notification letting you know That eligius, was generated through your sales funnel and so that you can. Just go through and follow Up them, and it’ll have all the contact information the lead will drop into the crm Right here where you’ve got their, name their email their phone number what campaign, they came from you can, add tags you can Add notes you can come in here and edit out anything or you know Record things you can, add a note you can See, which emails are obviously this is just a demo email so it’s test in gmail so that’s, why it’s saying dropped But you can, add tags gonna email send emails you can Add tasks or anything like that and it’s all set up and done for you right so anyway guys that is a really killer Sequence as far as this real estate sales funnel to go through and implement into your business so as i mentioned guys if you Guys, want to go through, and try just following, along with. This video and creating this exact Landing page or this exact sales, funnel i’ll create a 7-day trial link to the arsalan kd system down below in the description and It’s a really nice way to have your appointments Automatically set up on your calendar and it sends appointment reminders to both you and the New leads so that nobody forgets about the appointment so you, don’t get stood up and because i mean that’s the thing like? you can schedule appointments But a lot of times you get no-shows but sending out those reminders and all that stuff it helps with everything so Anyway, guys if you, guys thought that this was helpful go ahead give it a Thumbs up drop a comment down, below, let me know Your thoughts of different things that you’ve tried out with your business as far as real estate sales funnel, and also if you guys are branding here makes you guys, subscribe to the channel We launched new videos every single week how to generate more leads make more money and grow Your business right so thanks so much for watching guys with, that said i will see you all

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  2. You said you would have a link to your best ad copy? Not seeing it.

  3. Jason,
    Could I potentially use a facebook lead form to collect information, then drop a message in FB messenger with manychat, and then connect it to arsenal for further follow ups? I have been seeing people having success getting opt ins keeping people on facebook.

  4. What about funnels for flippers looking for properties to flip?

    A targeted ads for ppl who are facing foreclosure, or distressed properties?

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