April 3, 2020
Real Estate Agent Tips: Figure it out on your Own or Hire a Coach? | #AskErikHammond 37

Real Estate Agent Tips: Figure it out on your Own or Hire a Coach? | #AskErikHammond 37

Are there tangible appointments
setup from it? No, because there’s no call to
action at the end of it. Is there a dollar figure that we’re able
to receive from doing that because of paid promotions yet? No, there isn’t. It’s just a way for me to
reach my audience in another way. 80 percent of your income is made
on 20 percent of your result. To try to increase that 20, 20 percent results
to maybe 30 percent next quarter and maybe 40 percent the next quarter because it’s going to
allow you to do more and more things. Understanding your past business and what you’ve
done this year and maybe this market’s different than it was last year. Hi, guys. Welcome back. And again, happy Monday. Hopefully your November is going fantastic. You’re enjoying the season. And as
we wrap up twenty twenty. You’ve got your twenty. We’re
not wrapping up twenty twenty. We haven’t even started it yet. Hopefully you’re twenty twenty goals set out. You’ve lined your vision and your goals
and everything that you’re trying to accomplish and you’re gonna make next year
the most fantastic year ever. Guys, today I want to talk to you about
the subject of figuring things out on your own. And you know, do I hire a coach? Do I go the other direction? We’re gonna get into that. Let’s
get into today’s top four questions. Number one is, how much business
has your weekly vlog brought you? If you don’t know yet, we’re on
episode like 40 ish of our vlog. We’ve been doing it for the last 40 weeks. It’s I wanted to do a daily blog,
but man, blogging daily is such a challenge. It’s so hard to edit the video. It’s hard to create down which content. Sometimes you’re just like buried head
down looking at your computer. You don’t even have time
to come up and breathe. So vlogging daily can be a challenge. Some of you are like, I
don’t have any interest in blogging. That has no interest in me. That’s OK. I can appreciate that, too. What we’ve decided to do is every week just
kind of document the life of myself, show what I’m doing, what I’m working on, how I’m
helping our clients, some of the things that we’re overcoming in our business and kind of give
you an update from time to time of some of the projects that we have coming up. So the big question is, have I seen a
financial gain from blogging now for after 40 weeks? I would say the answer is no. And here’s why. It is super
hard to track the R-N.Y. Of a blog. Meaning that we put out tons of
content, write each show is what each blog is, anywhere from seven to 15 minutes long, kind of
pinned on the week and what I have going on there. Some of it’s really educational, some
of it’s more just, hey, you know what? As a business owner, here’s
what I’m going through. Here’s what I’m learning. Here’s the books that
I’m reading in the podcast that I’m consuming, all that great stuff. And are there tangible
appointment’s setup from it? No, because there’s no call to
action at the end of it. Is there a dollar figure that we’re
able to receive from doing that? Because a paid promotion get. No, there isn’t. It’s just a way for
me to reach my audience in another way. And if you’ve been paying attention to the
content around here, you realize that staying in front of your your clients week
after week after week is super important. And for me, it’s just another form of
video content that you guys will enjoy consuming. We have educational shows like this
were actually answer your questions. We have our Facebook Friday show where
we cover in-depth one specific topic. We have daily shows where we put into
our podcasts, where we talk about specific things that I’m learning. And all these things are
more educated about helping you achieve new things and try new projects and develop new
software that you probably are looking to get into. The blog is just another way of
standard for any guys in approaching my audience. Week after week after week. And it’s great. The problem is, is
there is no trackable are a lie. And I don’t think there ever will be. If you even look at some of the big
influencers out there on YouTube who have millions of followers. Besides being monetized on their
YouTube channel and getting paid previews, really it’s hard to determine what the
actual Aaliyah’s of an episode, right. So do you do it? Do you not do it? It’s really up to you. You don’t have to create a blog. I know, though, that by putting yourself out
there, by letting yourself be exposed, your audience being able to see who you are,
how you do things, the personality of your business, how you work with certain clients,
you’re going to attract more business by default. Right. Look at any of the big influencers
on Ishi TV or really any beach right now. The millionaire listing guys, they get
tons of business just because they put themselves out there on these TV shows for
a bunch of episodes during the year. They’ve actually gone to the point. If you look at like Ryan’s, they’re hard. I think his name is he has a show on
Bravo where they do, you know, probably like 20 or 30 episodes throughout the year. And then they take a season off because
during the downtime, they just don’t record. He actually went to the effort
of creating his own blog. So he has a show on
Bravo with millions of viewers. A camera crew follows him
around all season long. And then at the end of it, he’ll keep
doing his own vlog that he has on YouTube. And he has hundreds of thousands
of views on that as well. So that’s the impact that it can have. And what it does is it allows him
to get in front of more people. People see his success. They see what he’s working on, and it
allows him more opportunities to sell more real estate. The same can be true with you. You know, get yourself out there, show your
clients how you work, what you do, the challenges that come across. You’re going to win more deals because people
will see what you go through, the calmness that you have, the ability
to handle tough situations. And what an amazing agent you are. Right. If you try to hide behind something or
nobody ever really knows what it is you do, they won’t trust you by putting yourself out
there and seeing that you’re human, that you’re relatable, that you’ve got this personality that
people want to talk to, you going to make getting business easier. So you haven’t considered a walk? I would try it. It’s not one of those things where
you try it for a week or a month or even a year and determine that Arwa is there. It can be hard to track, but after time. While you’re going to get the explosion, people be
like, you know, when I saw you on that blog, I love that one episode where
you did this and that happens. That’s the reason I hired you.
That’s going to happen someday. Our blog is consumed all over the United
States and some people in Australia and Africa. And I appreciate you guys
watching that as well. Not Africa, Australia and
England and England. We have viewers all over the world and
I appreciate you guys performing along and just enjoying the journey and seeing
what I’m going through. I realize that, you know, the
entrepreneur, your life isn’t unique anymore. It used to be kind of this small group of
people who were willing to venture out and do their own thing. And I read somewhere that day
is just last week that something like five hundred thousand businesses are started at home,
like home based businesses are started every single month. And we all know that
the success rate of these small businesses is nothing. But that means that there’s a
lot of wannabe entrepreneurs out there. There’s a lot of people who are wanting to
start their own business, do their own thing, you know, make some side money, just
figure things out on their own. And as an entrepreneur now for over a
decade and somebody has ran several my own businesses, it’s fun to share these experiences with
you and just kind of bring you along in the day to day effort. So that’s kind
of what a blog can do for you. And I would encourage you to look into
that and see how you can do it. Obviously, Paul, my cell phone here, most of your
blog can be recorded with a cell phone. That’s where ninety five percent
of our content is recorded. Everyone’s while we applaud an extra camera and
do some cool B-roll shots or we actually have a drone on order,
which I’m super excited for. So that’s going to be coming
into our our weekly blogs. But for the most part, just pull your phone. Right. Hold it like this. You got a tripod right there. You can record it. Film some stuff. Just document the journey. That’s the point. And share what it
is that you’re doing with your audience. Jeff, so it’s question number one. Number two, as far as preparation goes for
your live streaming show, that would be this one right here if I were to create my own Ask
Eric Show, how much time do you need to be prepared for that? OK. Well, obviously, I’ve got some printed notes. Can’t touch it. I’ve got a team
that supports me behind the scenes. Right. So we’ve got these questions coming from
you guys every once in a while out. Adam, the question that we get from our other
audience or just from people that talk to us live in person or some of these
questions actually come from some of our clients, which is really cool. And other times there’s just
questions that I feel like need to be answered that you guys aren’t asking and we’ll throw
those in there from time to time as well. So we’ve got time to prepare and
get the questions up and cued up. Sometimes they’re in order. Sometimes they’re just kind of shuffled up. We’ve got to do that. We’ve
got to create the thumb now. We’ve got to get the images ready for our show,
create stories to meet up to the show to teach you guys that are not teaching us, but
to tell you guys that the shows come in. So there is quite a bit of effort. I would say anywhere from an hour to
two hours goes into preparing for the show. Usually I’ll go through
the questions beforehand. I would say most of the time there’s once in a
blue moon I will just not be ready for it. And after print out the questions right
before the show and go live. Those are kind of fun because you
just never know what’s going to come. But for the most part, I
try to read through the questions. I try to be prepared so that I
can give you guys an awesome answer. I love kind of off the cuff interview
type questions, too, because you really get your heart and soul into it. But for
most time, I prepare for the questions. If I have to bring a book in to it or
show you guys something or talk to us about a specific story. I’ll try to prepare for that. And then after the course. Right. So after this is all done, this show is
being streamed right now, like to Facebook, which is awesome. It’s also being recorded to our computer
so that we can take that down and chop it up into shorter videos. We can distribute it amongst
our other social media platforms. This actually becomes a podcast. You maybe listen podcast right now. So there’s a whole bunch of
different things that it can create. But leading up to the show, quite a bit
of time post-production, quite a bit of time. But in the end, it’s worth it. Here’s why. From this one show, this
is one episode that we create. We can actually put the same exact content
out on YouTube, which is show or episode episode content. Piece number two,
because we’re answering for questions. I can divide this up into four smaller videos
that can be posted on YouTube and on Facebook and on Instagram. So that’s 12 more pieces of content
and now we’re up to 14 pieces. It becomes a podcast so that we can
track your now fifteen pieces of content. It can become a written blog. So I could take each of these questions and
create a own written blog for each of these questions or one of its own. So that’s 20 pieces of content. Now it keeps going further, but you see
the vantage of doing a show like this. I can create one episode, takes 30 minutes of
my life to actually create this or maybe fifteen or twenty depending on
how long we get. And I can divide it out
into all sorts of different things. So if you’re on the fence of do I create a
live show, you know, should I be doing a Q&A show? Should I be
talking about something else? I put my effort into a blog. I would say if you’re just getting started with
video or even live video, the Q&A is the best one. You’re gonna learn how to speak. You’re going to learn where your audience
is looking for a addressing their questions that they have. You’re able to give
them content that they’re actually looking for. There’s a whole whole video I can do about
how to ask your clients questions and how to find out what their problems are so that
you can deliver content that they’re looking for. That’s how we address the questions. Right. We go out, we ask
you guys what you’re looking for. Find out the things that you’re struggling with,
how we can help you get over these. Locks in your own business and
deliver that type of content. So you’re on the fence
about doing a Q&A show. Hundred percent hands-down do it. Try it. Figure out how you’re gonna do it. Honestly, if you just want to setup
your phone, hit the go lie button. Make sure that you recorded off. You’re done when you’re done with the video. It says, you know, do you want to
download this video or stay with your camera? Yes. You have to hire a whole marketing team to
divide it up and figure that out in the future. Do that as well. The point is this start somewhere. Do something. Create the content that
your audience is looking for. And it’s going to help get you in front
of them on a more regular basis because they’re gonna be searching for that content. Right. Somebody in the future is going to
say, should I be doing a blog? Right. Should I spend the
time to make a blog? And if they go back to my last question
that we just answered for the last several minutes, it’s it’s going to help them. Right. And it’s gonna bring that much closer to
wanting to work on me or hopefully at least consuming more of our content. So that’s the goal, right? Get content out
there from, you know, your audience going to help them come closer to
wanting to work with you. Ok. Question number Mich. Make sure you address all that machine. Yes, I would say prepare time. About three ish hours total when it comes
to preparing, doing and then putting the content out there on the post
side of it as well. Three hours per week. Okay. But you can also hire help. It’s hard to come back to it. You can hire help for that. Go
to work or five hours like that. You can find super talented people to
help you with post-production type of stuff. OK. Question number three. What if my personality on social
media scares my potential clients away? I like Elon. OK. So many
people try to be somebody else. I saw a post from grant card on
the other day and it talked about you. You might just be you don’t
try to imitate somebody else. Don’t try to act like them. Don’t try to create content like them. Just be you. I will admit that this whole
show and this whole element of everything that we’re doing stems from Gary vs Show called Ask Gary
Me and I’m not Gary V, I’m not in a cool New York office like he has. I have to make my own version of it. Right. Like I could have a fake set behind me
here and I could have the same kind of scenario where he’s got, you know, different
people ask him questions and things like that. But I created my own version. This is me. This is who I
am literally here by myself doing this. And it’s awesome that I can create
this with basically free technology, which is available to all you guys. And I wanted to be able to do that because
I want you guys to have no limitations as well. I want you to be able to
say, look, Eric down on his own. He’s got a camera setup,
he’s got a laptop here. He’s got this plastic table
that he bought from Costco. Like it’s an option for me. It’s an option for you. You can do this, too. There’s no really re-occurring costs here besides
having to have a camera and you probably have a laptop. So this is simple
to do, but really it comes down to. Sorry, the question was about scary
and my potential clients away. You’ve got to be you, right. People want to work with you. If you’re faking this front and trying to
be somebody you’re not on social media and you’re trying to like portray this image in your
own Q&A show and then people meet you in real life and you’re like, oh, my gosh. deslonde, who I signed up to work with. This is what I thought. I’ll
tell you a quick story. When we bought our first house
in Utah, it’s been eleven years. It’s been 11 years, I
think ten or eleven years. Who got our first house 10 years ago. And we were working with the selling agent. Right. We had our own agent coming into it. And we’re working with the seller agent. And he had this billboard
all around town, like everywhere. We bought a short sale and
he was the short sale specialist. And I saw this billboard of money looking
like twenty seven and maybe 30 years old somewhere in there. And I was
like, oh, this guy’s cool. Like, I can relate to him. I’m the same age. And he had like spiky hair and he’s
all like looking cool in the billboard. And I’m like, all right, like we
can deal with this and broader age. And then like, you know, we
want to be with you. We can structure the best deal. I think there was like 15 or
16 other offers on this house. I got a smokin deal on this thing. Took us six months to buy it. We had to like wait for
read buddy to, like, drop out. The bank was taking forever, but we
ended up getting it, which was cool. But I finally met the listing agent and he
turned out to be like forty 50 years old, right. Like way older than his picture looked
in like his picture was taken probably 15 years before this. And that’s fine. But you got to update your
pictures from time to time. You got to look like who you are. And so the
guy that I met in person was not the guy on the billboard. And kind of through
issues like, who are you? You like what you trying to do?
You know, and it just is weird. So be you. You you are you you have your
own personality and your own Kurt quirks. You have your own ability to to translate
things properly, to tell the story, to relate to your clients. Don’t try to be somebody else
and try to act like another agent to find their success. Don’t try to put on your own. Are somebody else’s persona put on your own? Figure out your own voice. Figure out your own niche. Figure out
your own way of doing things. If you want to, you know, mimic a Q&A
show like this and have that, that’s fine. But have your own personality to talk. It’s fast or slow as you want to bring
somebody else in here and interview them if you want to have crazy stuff going
on, if you want to. People are gonna be attracted to you. And if you’re gonna offend people in your content
and you know, people want to work with you because of that, that’s fine. Because that’s you. You’re
gonna offend people anyway. So figure out how to be you. And people will be attracted to it. So that’s my message, really. Whether it’s on social media or whether it’s
in real life or anywhere that you’re going to be, just be as much as you can because
the people that like you are going to want to work with you and the people that, you
know, enjoy your personality and your demeanor and everything else that you are going to want to
work with you and those that don’t won’t. And that’s OK. You got to
work with those that love you. OK. Question number four, this
is the awesome finale here. Would you pay for a course or use all
the free info on YouTube to learn about Facebook dark posts? Well, the question is,
is what’s the Facebook dark pools? Because a lot of guys know that when you
create a post on social media, you have the option to basically type in on your newsfeed and
send it out there for the world to see. Right. Everybody sees it. When you create an
ad, you can either take one of these existing posts and promote it and put some money
behind it so that a new audience can see it. You determine who the audience is. Right. But what you also the opportunity is create
a new post that only exists as an ad and not as a natural
organic post on your feed. So that’s what a dark force means. It’s dark because nobody on your
timeline can see that post. Kind of a weird way of kind of I’m not
sure why that came up in a dark post. But basically, if you have an ad and you created
it in the ad platform, it won’t be seen organically on your newsfeed. So like this. So, for example, when we’re done
with this show, we have a five dollar per day budget that goes to where
it to reach new audiences. Right. Anybody that’s willing to consume this content,
I want to put more content in front of us. So we start with an easy ad. This is not a dark post. I don’t know what the opposite of the dark
post is, but this is basically a post that’s being posted right now to our Facebook page. And at the end of it, it’ll become an app. So it’s available on our newsfeed
and it’s available as an ad.. However, if I was going to run an ad,
let’s say, to offer you, for example, Facebook ad simply like we designed an ad template that
helps you guys create your own Facebook app. Right. And we made a post. We have all the tax
and everything that supports it. When you click on it, you can download a
free Facebook template so that you can create your own app. That post is
not available on a timeline anywhere. You will never see it unless
the ad is shown to you. So that’s what a dark post is. So the question is about this. Do you pay somebody to teach
you how to do this or. And this is assuming that you want to do
it for yourself, not hire somebody to do you want to pay someone to help you learn how to do
it like a coach or a class like a udemy type, of course. Or do you just
watch a bunch of YouTube videos? Here’s the deal. Time is you’re
probably your most valuable asset. You can never buy back more time. Everybody has the same amount of
time per day per month. Some of us have a lot
less time in life, right? Some of us alowed to be 100. Some of us won’t make it past 20. So everybody has a different time. But per day we all have 24 hours. And how we use that time is important. Do you want to pay somebody and
learn how to do it really quick? Have a course. It’s like
boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Here’s how you do it. Maybe you can figure
the thing out in an hour and you’re done. And now you know antidumping forever or do
you spend a couple weeks watching a whole bunch of YouTube videos? Might be a couple of years old. Facebook might have been dated. May change it all the time. And how the ad platform works. Do you have bits and pieces of how to
do it through a bunch of YouTube videos? Or do you just pay to have it done right? We offer both. We have tons of free content
on YouTube showing you how to do stuff. And we also have paid courses
like pay in 30 minutes. You’re going to learn exactly what to
do here and it’s gonna be done. We also have like 20, 30 hour courses that
teaches you a whole bunch of stuff like start to finish. If you were to take like, for example,
one of our courses is 20 hours, if you take a 20 hour course and by it I think
we sell it for like two hundred dollars or two forty nine or some like that. Pretty reasonable. When you think about how much time is involved in
that course, or if you had to go find all that content on YouTube, teach it yourself,
you’d probably spend the next six months trying to learn everything that’s available. So for $249, let’s just
assume that’s the price. Six months of your life trying to figure out
a two hundred forty nine dollar item or do you just take the course, do yourself. Really? It’s up to you
and what your times worth. If you’ve got all the time in the world
you want to go search on YouTube, that’s fine. No offense there because you’ve got lots
of great videos free to watch. But if you’re like, look, I
got to figure this out. I need this video or this ad or this thing up
now I’ve got it figured out by the end of the week. You probably want to pay somebody
to teach you how to do it. You weren’t taking udemy course. You want to take one of our courses. You want someone who
knows what they’re doing. Who’s had experience? Who can give you the results you’re
looking for and just get it done. Your time is super valuable. Now you’re talking about like a ten thousand
dollar chorus or a twenty thousand mark horse. You got away the options because
somebody has one even make twenty thousand dollars in real estate this year. Some of you are brand new and you’re
like, look, I’m just bootstrapping this thing. I’ve got to figure out as
much as I possibly can. We’re just talking about
social media right now. But let’s talk about
real estate coaching, right. What can a real estate coach do for you? Like a Tom Cruise type of a coach or Mike
Perry or a brand Ruffini or a Grant Cardone type of coach or any other coach out there? I’m a coach myself. Right. Like, what is it
that you’re looking to accomplish? When I first got into real estate two months
before I even got my real estate license, I decided to hire a coach because I wanted to
shave off that learning curve as fast as I can. I knew that for the most part, most
people just drift along for a while and then they get a couple more in a
couple more and then it takes off. 1 to shorten that curve so
that I can have success sooner. So I went out and I hired a coach. She was 500 hours a month, which to me was a
ton of money when I was not able to even make money selling real estate. Back in the day and I pay them and
I paid them quite a bit of money. And I hired this coach for several years. Right. And it grew me into
the success that I am today. And I appreciate that. He pushed me. He held me accountable. He helped me set massive goals. He helped me get to the level that
I wanted to and on my own. I probably could have pushed myself and I
would have motivated myself and I would have been able to figure it
out on my own eventually. But I knew that that time
period with take a lot longer. So as Tony Robbins says, when people can
compress decades into days, you find success a lot faster. Right. By signing up for one of our courses or
from one of our consulting packages, you’re going to compress the last decade of my knowledge
and my ability into a few days. And I can show you exactly what works now
rather than taking the next decade to try to figure it out. So you got to decide, am I
willing to spend a decade to try to learn something that could probably take the next few
weeks or months to figure out from a coach or consultant or a course? Or do I write that check and just go with
it today and maximize my business and make the move to where I’m going to go? I’m not
trying to sell you on consulting or coaching. If you want to sign up, great. I’m sure you can figure that out. If you want to check out some of our
courses, go to Teach US University The Orange back to US University Econ and we’ve got a dozen
or more cautious on there to teach you pretty much everything you need to
know about social media marketing. Or you can try to figure it out on your own. And that’s OK. We do a
ton of free courses run here. We do a lot of these little hourlong classes. We’ve got Facebook groups with whom, I don’t know,
70, 80, 90 hours of free content on there that you can consume and watch and pull
the pieces of things that are going to be valuable to you out of there. You just got to decide what’s in it for you. For me, I know that I need
somebody who’s going to hold me accountable. I’m willing to pay that check because by me
read a check, it holds me more accountable, buy me pain. I’m gonna want to learn faster by me
being willing to part with my money. It allows me to get results in
the time frame that I’m looking for. And there is a lot of stuff
that I’m willing to learn for free. For example, I’m wanting to learn how to
weld right now because there are some things that I wanted to do to our camp trailer. And for the last week and a half, I’ve been
watching videos on how to weld the big MiG welder because I wanna get better at it. I’m not willing to go out and hire a
welding coach because I just don’t need it. I want to figure it out
on my own and that’s OK. But for business, like I’m all in. I’m trying to get results as fast as they can
pay for the things that I need to happen right now. And I hope that you
check your business the same way. It isn’t business. It is an investment. There’s things that has to happen right
now for you guys to find success. If it’s a hobby, you probably can just kind
of wing it figured out on your own. That’s half the fun of having a
hobby is figuring out on your own. For example, I can see the window right now. I have a 52 year old books I can
bus that I’ve owned for twelve, eleven, twelve years. Some like that. I’ve rebuilt the
engine, I’ve rebuilt the transmission. I’ve rebuilt, rebuilt all the brakes,
changed them from drums to disgrace. I’ve rewired it, done body work on it. I haven’t had anybody show me how to do. This is just stuff that I
figured out on my own. But it’s a lot of fun because
it doesn’t have to happen today, right? The success of my car doesn’t
equal the success in my business. It’s just something fun for me. So for you, if you’re going to treat this
like a business, I would treat it like a business hire consultant, hire a coach, pay if
the courses that you’re looking for and get the results today that you.
So anyway, that’s my message. I feel like this has been a great one. Again, if you’re on the fence, I’ve just figured
out on my own or do I hire somebody, maybe try it out. Right. Our consulting
packages start monthly sign-up for months. The goes if it’s not
working for you, you’re out. That’s OK. We have a few people that coaching is
not for them to come here for 30, 60 days and they’re out because we just
decide not to work together anymore. Maybe there’s a course you can take from us
that will help get you to the level that you’re looking for and allow you
to afford our consulting as well. So you decide what you’re gonna do. Either way, keep submit your questions, keep
getting your answers, keep coming back. Keep learning how to sell more real estate
and dominate the market that you’re in. And quick plug if you haven’t joined our
free Facebook group called Real Estate Strategy Secrets. That’s what’s called keep forget
the name real estate strategy secrets. Check it out on Facebook. Join. Today, we do a free, hourlong class every
single week on how to use marketing in your business, how to use digital
marketing and expand your business. Go check that out and we will see you
next week on the Ask Air Show, I guess.

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