March 30, 2020
Quuu Promote How-To on AppSumo

Quuu Promote How-To on AppSumo

Bloggers, let me know if this sounds familiar. You’ve written darn good copy that’s both
interesting and entertaining, crafted a click-worthy title, and selected the perfect image… only
for engagement to stop after a few likes. Not cool, man. That’s why I’m stoked to tell you about
a tool that will supercharge your content promotion by using real people and businesses
— NOT bots — to engage new readers. Learn how you can say goodbye to the ol’
publish and hope method in today’s product showcase. Hey, Sumolings! It’s your girl Vanessa from AppSumo, and
today I want to show you how to use Quuu Promote, a tool that gets your content onto the feeds
of influencers and businesses who genuinely want to share and discuss your content with
their followers. And what’s more is Quuu Promote isn’t
limited to specific industries—they promote content across 500 interest categories, so
your blog gets in front of your target audience, no matter the niche. It could not be easier getting started with
Quuu Promote. Just login and hit Promote a Post on your
dashboard. Next, you’ll copy and paste the URL of the
blog post, and the program will grab the image, title, and description. Now here’s where I have to hit pause real
quick. Let’s talk post guidelines. Quuu Promote is upfront about what they will
and will not post in their Guidelines for Exclusion. Bottom line: Don’t curse, don’t be a bully
or a salesman, and use good grammar. Or is it “well grammar”? *wink* Side-note: Quuu Promote only works
with English content. Once you’re confident your content fits
the bill, you can select the interest category. Quuu Promote allows you to submit a post to
one category to ensure it’s shared with the most relevant audience possible. When you submit future posts, Quuu Promote
encourages you to spread your content across a variety of categories, so you are continually
attracting new viewers and growing your audience. It’s like they say: Variety is the spice
of life! Next up, you’ll write the text for the Twitter,
Facebook, and LinkedIn posts. Keep in mind: This isn’t being shared by
you or your business, so you probably want to steer clear of the words “I” and “We.” Quuu Promote offers up a few other pointers
for getting more shares, like incorporating a question or an interesting quote or statistic. You can also add hashtags and usernames to
your tweets for more engagement 🙂 . And voila! You’re ready to submit your content for
approval. Quuu Promote gives you a heads up on the current
wait time and the number of credits you have to spend. It’s pretty basic math: 1 credit equals
1 promotion, and each promotion runs for 30 days. When you hit submit, you’ll wind up back
at your dashboard. Here you’ll see your post and its status;
you can also use your dash to track clicks and shares. In the tabs on the left hand menu, Quuu Promote
organizes your posts by status, like In Review, Active, and Expired. Speaking of expired: When your promotion ends,
you have two options, either to re-promote or delete. If you go with the former, you’ll have the
opportunity to make edits or submit as is It’s that easy! Optimize your promotion strategy and get real
people to engage with other real people by using Quuu Promote.

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  1. Can you recommend a similar website for content in other languages? I’d like to promote my German tech blog articles this way.

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