April 4, 2020

100 thoughts on “Quiet the Doubters: Keap

  1. Literally I have tears, real tears, so many doubters, it hurts so much some days to hear the people you care about constantly attack you, but I will not be broken, I will endure, and even though many a person I care for has abandoned me, I will never abandon my dreams, I will never give up! Thank you for this add, it really touched my heart. Thank you.

  2. This ad is a hit! This hit home. I literally deal with this everyday. Your marketing team, consultant, ad partner is amazing! Keep it up. I look forward to seeing what your company is about.

  3. Terrible ad. Not a single person in this ad supports their friend or loved one — they just pile on with criticism and skepticism. God forbid you connect the dots between running your own business and the availability of software that meets the needs of startups in a kind, supportive way. Maybe the voices could be advisory and consultative, "I was where you are now, and Keap got me here and the successful company I run today." Instead, you went with, "When your company fails and you become a disgrace/laughingstock, you can sleep on my couch."

  4. The ad was really powerful/emotional – totally had my attention with the stories and music – until it left me hanging at the end by not actually telling me how Keap was going to solve the problems faced by biz owners. No indication what Keap even does. And then I went to keap.com, and it again isn't extremely clear what Keap will do to solve those problems; instead, there's a choose your own adventure set of links to one site or another.

    I only comment because this is wayyyyy too powerful an ad not to finish it well, and convert those whose attention you grabbed!


  6. Guys… this ad rocks. Doing work at midnight on a Saturday night… and this ad pops up. Brilliant. Can't tell you how many times I heard "Maybe it's time to get a real job" from 2004-2007, and again from 2011-2013. Really great ad.

  7. Great great ad. Just really well done, a lot of people need to see this regardless of a service being sold.

  8. I almost cried. It actually gave me motivation after being up almost 16 hours on this business- to keep going.
    Not going to use them yet, but perhaps in the future.
    Great job creative team.

    For any small business owners doubting yourself.
    You have enough external forces doing that.

    People around you will try to bring you down.
    People closest to you will not understand you.
    Don't look for others to pat you on your back and say good job, keep going- they won't.

    Have a solid reason to do anything.
    Have a greater purpose.
    Have hope.
    And most of all,
    Have love.

  9. 97 percent of small businesses fail within the first three years. Those are facts courtesy of Daniel Kahneman (2011). You don't like deep scholarly labor but instead act on a 1 minute, edited, spliced and sensationalized sentimental clip? Go ahead, be a sucker. You're just extra accounts "Accounts Receivable" on a banks balance sheet.

  10. Good. Grief. You guys absolutely killed it with this video. I'm signing up and trying it- and I'm a marketer. Well done. Love it!

  11. Best ad of our time! To who ever scripted this ad, 1st time ever..a "Just Do It" campaign on youtube… looking fwd to meeting you in a few years…

  12. I immediately shared this ad with my entire team (Small video production startup). This ad is a masterclass in understanding your target market's fears and hopes – and then telling them a story about themselves. Bravo!

  13. As someone who's currently in this situation, ThANK YOU! Everytime this shows up on my YT I feel like it's a reminder to not give up!

  14. For every person that tells you, explains how to run your business, there is one who will help you to not slit your wrists. I am elsewhere, but this spot touched my core. Someone, somewhere, understands why I am up at 4am on an hour sleep. It's never about passion for project for me, it's always this innate feeling that the world will be better thanks to my effort.

  15. Heyyy. Just checking in. To talk smugly on your answering machine… Seriously all these people leaving messages are A-Holes.

  16. This might be the first time I actively searched for an ad that I was served so that I could watch it again. Great creative.

  17. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥I'M FIRED UP!! WHERE'S THE BRICK WALL I NEED TO RUN THROUGH!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Geez, I totally needed to see this ad today. I'm doing well, but still have so many doubters. It's funny that close friends and even family are your biggest critics when running your own business. I will succeed no matter what.

  19. This is my life completely; I've heard every comment in this video. I thank God I trust Him more than I trust People. Thank you! The video is excellent.

  20. I was making pancakes for my daughter when this ad played between songs I was playing. While we use something different for our photography business and this app may not be necessary, just hearing the words as I was spraying PAM on the pan made me stop and listen. I had to come back to the computer to see what it was… I am so glad that I got to hear it. Even told the wife to listen. Good job marketing team.

  21. Definitely searched this ad out again here on youtube! Crazily enough it is a confluence of the music and message that gripped! I'm entering year 9 in Music City and great things have happened! I've been close to signing a deal…hasn't happened yet but God is Faithful! He Will come through! I won't give up!

    Thanks for the encouragement Keap!

    "With God All Things Are Possible!"-Yeshua

  22. I am Britt Green, and I am pleased:

    Commercials like this Keap commercial keep we going, keep me striving, keep me driving, onward, forward, upward to that newfound horizon, a horizon replete with contemplation and ideation and origination—a wonderful creation born by that of human imagination.

  23. This literally brought me to tears. I don’t know who you are, but “keap” pushing. It’ll be worth it. So many people have doubted and questioned what I want to do. I am currently executing and pushing to reach those goals and dreams I have. If you’d like to know more about my story give us a follow on Instagram @butter_dough

  24. I love Infusionsoft which is now Keap. They've gone way out of their way for me, are super supportive and this app is, when compared to a car, like a Porsche. Other apps are like a Chevy or Ford. (And I come from a Ford family, love Fords, Chevy's look great but they just don't handle like a Porsche!) I can attest that Keap wants our success as a small business. If you haven't checked them out, I highly recommend them!

  25. I'm going through this right now as I type. It's hard to keep going, to stave off depression, to face my biggest fear. The fear that I'm trading my life, my passion for traveling the world, to pursue an idea for the mere hope of better years ahead than the ones behind me. I could surrender to my fears today, I could stop and sell what I have and return to my simple life, and travel humbly as long as I can, but I am determined. I am committed. And this ad made me watch to save it, subscribe, and rewatch it for later. I'll explore their service soon.

  26. Not every day an ad about business services makes you tear up…. awesome work! So relatable for anyone who's tried working for themselves!

  27. Who ever directed the ad is someone who's been through hell and ate dirt with us entrepreneurs. Fucking proud of you and your company.

  28. I did not skip this ad and I am glad! Got me right in the feels. Came here to find out the agency that did the work and send kudos to them. Couldn't find info. But great job! It feels as if YT could read the mood. Brilliant stuff.

  29. your ad is too good. it's the only one I don't skip before 30 seconds. Must be costing you a fortune- sorry (not sorry)

  30. We’re glad this video resonated with you. Every small business has a story of doubt or person who doubted them. We want to hear your story! Share your moment of doubt, moment of triumph or how you overcame doubters using #KeapNoDoubt on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn to share your story with a community of small businesses that understand. Learn more: https://keap.com/no-doubt?ls=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=qtd&utm_term=weregladthisvideo&utm_content=190618

  31. 1:26 hits home! when you get a sale while you are spending time with friends and family and you dont show any emotions but your day just got 100x better!

  32. We stayed open our 1st year through hardwork and inspiration from so many. 2017 broken leg. 2018 Let go from Job. 2019 Business owner. Much Love Keap! 🙏
    @Safesidetreatments Safesidetreatments.com

  33. The message behind this video is powerful. Let it serve as a reminder that we're chasing after a passion. This passion has no guarantee, but we believe in our hearts that it's the only way for us.

  34. Genius ad that actually talks to the soul of customers. Great slogan too. Gonna make some calls next week for our new ad for an upcoming project

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