April 1, 2020
Quick way to make $3000 in 1 day in eCommerce – J.R. Fisher

Quick way to make $3000 in 1 day in eCommerce – J.R. Fisher

quick way to make what $3,000 in one day
in e-commerce hey you want to make money online but you don’t want just make
money you want to make big money you want to make like three grand in a day
well in this video you’re in luck because I’m gonna show you how I made
over three thousand dollars in a single day and I’m gonna tell you the truth one
day we had over a hundred thousand dollars and you’re gonna learn all about
it in this video right now hey I’m J.R. Fisher and I’ve been
selling online since 2009 that’s a long time right and I’ve sold millions of
dollars of both physical and digital products
matter of fact my branded products are on thousands of websites including
Walmart so I must know something that’s right
so what I do is I share this stuff on this channel with you so you can start
run and grow your online business and get real results now at the end of this
video I’m going to give you a free ecommerce course but it’s worth $97 you
just get it for free all you have to do is click in the description below then
you can grab that course if you’ve already tried to make money online tell
me about it in the comment section below I want to know exactly what you’ve done
the results you got and what problems you have please put that in the comments
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new video so the first thing I want to share with you is that income online is
not even what does that mean well it means if you
make $3,000 a day you say that’s pretty good money so you say $3,000 a day
that’s that’s pretty darn good as a matter of fact maybe I’ll work five days
a week in Emily $15,000 and times four weeks that’s $60,000 I’m gonna make a
month I’m in I want to do this it doesn’t work that way it doesn’t work
that way because you don’t make $3,000 every single day some days you make less
than $3,000 but here’s the cool thing sometimes you make more than 3000 in
this video I’m gonna show you how I got to that stage and now you can too like I
said you could make $3,000 in a day and you can make $100,000 a day and I can
tell you because I’ve done both of those and and somewhere in between all of
those two but the point is it’s not even and you’ve got to get rid of your
employee mentality where you expect a certain amount of pay to come in every
single week or every single two weeks because is not gonna be that way if
you’re selling online it’s just not that would be great if it was and I’ve seen
my income go up based on different products I’ve sold and I’ve also seen it
go down based on seasons when other products I’ve sold so what you have to
do is understand that you can’t have this even income mentality if that
freaks you out you are in the wrong place here’s the truth most jobs matter
of fact most all jobs determine your value and here’s what I mean by that
they’ve decided that that particular job is going to pay X number of dollars now
if you even if you’re on a commission type job and I was in a commission type
job if you start making way more than everybody else does they’re probably
gonna change your commission structure I’ve had that happen to me and what
they’re trying to do is they’re trying to say this particulars or a hundred
thousand or whatever it is they say that job pays that so you could work at them
other than local McDonald’s if you want and you could be the best employee
they’ve ever had at McDonald’s you know running that cash register I mean
they’re not nobody in the company is as good as you there’s just no way as good
as you the people love you and they food fast and you never make mistakes on
the cash register but I can tell you this they’re never gonna pay you $3,000
a day to run that cash register because that’s not what that job pays okay
so let’s break down how I got to $3,000 in a single day I started a food company
so the first thing is I started I just want you to hear the first part I
started and that’s what you got to realize you’ve got to start it’s so so
important that you start this is the thing that this stops everybody and I’ve
talked to people literally from my old job you know for 10 years now who are
still there saying they’re gonna do something they haven’t done it yet the
whole point is it had to start and when I started my food company I didn’t have
any business I thought well I’m gonna make a website and if I make this
website everybody’s gonna come to the website they’re gonna buy the product
and they didn’t they didn’t so I figured I had to take the product to them so I
actually went around the country and I did gun shows I actually loaded up all
this product and u-haul trailers and pulled it into these gun shows and set
it up and I sold it to people one on one because my site wasn’t selling but this
is what it did is it got some people to actually go to my site and buy some of
this stuff and then the next thing I did is actually I thought well if I can sell
this product maybe other websites can sell it too so I approached other
websites it wasn’t easy most of them said no but after time some
of them said yes and they actually put my products on their sites they didn’t
buy the product they just put it on their sites but the cool thing was when
somebody actually bought that product I could ship it out and I could pay them a
commission on that they were happy I was happy and the customer was happy so that
worked out pretty well to do it that way it’s okay so I’m selling this survival
food and that’s pretty cool but who would you buy survival food from you’d
buy it from somebody you trusted who actually knew the subject who had some
credentials so guess what I did who wrote a book that’s right and so on
Amazon you can see it right here here’s the book on Amazon now it was important
to me to write this book because it says I know about survival food I know about
food shortages I know about these things and I do
a lot of research and came out with this book and it sells on Amazon for 1595 now
that’s pretty cool right but here’s the point I don’t sell the
majority of my books on Amazon but the way I have it set it up at Amazon is I
can I can do it two different ways I can actually have them print that book and
send it out to the buyer or I can print up some books have them sent to me and I
can mail them out now why would I do that because I have a mail list of
people who bought survival food from me and guess what people who already bought
survival food from me will buy my book and so that’s what I did so we sell a
lot of books through the sales of our survival food so now we’ve got boats
that are selling food and food that is selling books which is pretty cool
but let’s not stop there when I did my book right we actually went to a funnel
of food so anybody who bought the book when we email them it goes to the next
page and it offers them survival food from the guy they just bought a book
from which is a pretty smart move I think okay can we give them a better
deal of course then when we email those people versus something like Amazon
however that gave us another product to sell and more credibility to sell
survival food now I wrote another book because people wanted to learn how to
sell stuff online I had done that that’s related so the book was how to find
products to sell online now that book sells for five dollars and 60 cents and
that’s a PDF book so it’s not a hardcopy book however people love that book and
as a matter of fact what I did is I put a bump on there and it’s something more
related and that bump when that order form was the audio of that book now
about 80 85 percent of the people actually took the audio bump too so now
I’ve got that product I’m selling and then what I did is I ran ads for this
particular book and after I ran ads for the book I sold the book I sold the
audio it went to another page to continuity now what’s continuity
continuity is where they pay you every single month and why would they do that
because it went to a course that actually taught them how to make money
online it makes sense they just bought a book on how to find products now they’ve
got to figure how to sell his products online so it
goes to my continuity and then after that I did another course it was called
web cash Academy web cash Academy was actually recordings of me doing meetup
groups teaching businesses how to market products their services their business
online so after I had all those videos together I said well this this is a
course in itself so I now sell that and I have people who pay me for that
monthly at a rate of like $27 a month pretty cool and then I did another
course called EECOM Road now e-comm Road teaches you how to set up your own
Shopify store and how to integrate it with Aliexpress and dropship products
because a lot of people wanted to learn how to do that so I’ve got that course
out there and I have people paying me twenty seven dollars a month for that
particular course so then I thought what we need to have another course we need
have a bigger course and that actually had us develop a course called digital
cash Academy that digital cash Academy literally has over a hundred videos that
teaches people the whole process of how to go through setting up running and
growing your online business and that course sells for close to a thousand
dollars and it has software included in it but then I thought well if if they’re
gonna be selling stuff online they’re gonna need to run ads right so I did
another course called Facebook ads University and Facebook ads university
is about 60 some-odd videos and it takes them through all the steps that they
need to run Facebook ads successfully because we had already done that so
you’ve got all those courses but then I thought to myself wow you know if
they’re gonna be doing all these things they’re gonna need to email their new
clients and their customers and the ones that didn’t buy also so we have email
earning system which is another course I have and I want to keep making courses
because people keep buying them and it helps people out so what I’m trying to
show you is my money comes from a lot of areas not to mention the fact that I do
coaching individual coaching and when I first started doing that
was at a lower rate now that it’s much higher I mean when I started I was like
I wonder if somebody will pay me $500 a month for a couple phone calls you know
you know to one our phone calls would somebody pay me $500 a month and they
did and then I went to $1,000 a month and I went to $1,500 a month and I
recently had a client that paid me twenty six hundred dollars an hour to
actually provide information to them and help them in coaching their business so
it could go a long ways and then I thought well I could put all this stuff
together and have a monthly fee so people have access to all these courses
so I started my inner circle which sells for around three hundred ninety seven
dollars a month in addition to that I knew that I needed to get myself out
there a little bit more so what I do I started a YouTube channel like I have
right now like you’re watching this video right now and I’m telling you how
I did these things and I put on a YouTube channel because guess what on a
youtube channel you can monetize it you can actually make money on views but I
can also put my courses below which all this courses I just mentioned if you
look below in the description you can grab one of those courses and we’ll help
you make money online you can also grab my free course I told you about that
it’s $97 but you can get it absolutely free it’s in the description below there
so you know how do you make three thousand dollars a day online if you put
in some effort that’s the first thing I would tell you so I’ll tell you this
don’t put all your eggs in one basket now I’m not saying get scattered and do
every single thing there is out there you know this is a period of like ten
years I’m talking about all these things occurred and more things are gonna occur
because I’m gonna come up with more things and I’m gonna you know create
more things and you can do the same thing too there’s no difference in you
and me I’m not a good typist I’m not the best you know speaker in the world about
the best writer in the world but I do put forth effort and effort always
Trump’s people who don’t do anything you could be the brightest person in the
world you could have the best skills in the world but if you never do anything
it doesn’t matter it’s it’s talent wasted
don’t let that happen to you when you try to decide on if you’re wanting to do
another item or not you don’t want to just quit one items and say well oh my
gosh that didn’t work out I’m gonna move on to something else that didn’t work
out and move to something else my rule of thumb is I want to try to make some
money on what I did so if I have a course whether its web cash Academy a
digital cash Academy or whatever and I can make some money on it then what I
want to do is move on to the next thing I want to do and make some money on that
and keep moving on like that and if you do that you’re gonna have that
protection and you can have that money coming in every single day and literally
every single day I looked at my phone some days I’m disappointed it’s not
enough and some days I’m really surprised there’s a you know thirty two
thousand dollar order or something in there I’m like oh this is great this is
a big day I love it but the point is you’ve got to do all these things you’ve
got to put forth the effort you got to create daily day after day and if you
spend more time creating than you do watching and I see a lot of people do it
a lot of watching on you know on youtube or on Facebook and following people and
all that stuff you’re not gonna make as much money but if you spend more time
creating than you do watching you’re gonna be in good shape
yeah I will tell you this don’t get too many pieces of software I always
recommend and most my videos para kar tra don’t don’t go to that website
though don’t do that I got a link down here it’ll save you a ton of money if
you click on the link you can watch a video about how it works it basically
runs all my businesses and they’re all automated through Kartra and if you use
my link below they’re for Kartra you can actually try it out for one buck
just a dollar dollars cheap right and you’re gonna love it and you’re gonna
stay there I know you will because this is so cool and it’ll help you build your
business now I’m gonna tell you this if you don’t do anything if you say well I
don’t want to wait you know six or twelve months to make money I don’t want
to put in that kind of effort because what if it doesn’t work out then all my
time is wasted and I don’t want to waste my time so what people do instead of
wasting their time trying to run a business you’re trying to create
something they go watch TV yeah happy hour yeah now which one seems more
wasted to you ones a guaranteed waste you know if I watch a bunch of TV shows
that’s guaranteed waste I’m not gonna make money on that if I go to a bar and
hang out at happy hour it’s a guaranteed waste I’m not gonna make any money off
that but if I invest my time in trying to learn something new on developing
something or online there’s probably gonna be a return so don’t worry about
it being a waste of your time your time is gonna pass anyhow six months twelve
months ten years it’s all gonna pass anyhow whether you do anything or not
and if you decide not to try anything you’ve made a decision to definitely
waste your time okay so now you got it you know how I made three grand a day
and I have many days I make more than that and if I put on there how I made a
hundred thousand dollars in a day you probably wouldn’t have clicked on this
video because you’d say there’s no way I can do that and you know what when I
started I would have thought the same thing there’s no way I could do that and
it’s gone up and down since then and it’s been a lot of fun but we still are
moving forward we’re still creating things we’re still coming up with new
things heck I learn new things every single day
it’s so awesome I learned from you guys so put your comments below what have you
tried what have you done what do you need help with put your comments below I
really want to see those comments there don’t forget what you gonna do you get a
subscribe you gotta join the Fisher family that VIP group a wait to get into
the VIP group there’s a belt next to that big subscribe button when you click
it it’s gonna sound just like that identical put it in the comments if it
doesn’t sound like that because I want to know about it should sound just like
that okay and if you turn on all notifications I’ll be able to email you
every single time I do a video which is pretty cool
don’t forget the $97 free e-commerce course is also in the description and
you can grab that absolutely free no credit card required and you can get
started I hope you enjoyed this video I enjoyed doing it for you and I’ll see
you in the next video hey thanks for watching my video don’t
forget to subscribe to my channel and notified every time I do a new video
also click on one of those videos they’re watching on my channel

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